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    I am your god now, bring me your virgins'.
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    I like to read, write, and draw.
    Skype and Tumblr are things I tend to be on a lot.
    I listen to all kinds of music.
    Obviously, I like ponies.
    Aside from ponies, I like shows like The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Chowder, The IT Crowd, Pokemon, etc. (Animes also)
    I'd enjoy to make friends, but I'm really shy when it comes to first talking to people..
    Humor is something that makes it easier to talk to me, inside jokes are often used.

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    Equestrian Empire Roleplay

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    Earth Pony
  1. ;~; I want season 5 already.

  2. I would say "Don't be scared, I don't bite!" Although in reality, I try not to bite, but sometimes I can't help it! #^-^#

  3. So, I made new OC!~ x3

  4. Happy Birthday! ^^

    1. M.DerpyJane


      Oh, Thank you! - Sorry for the late reply

  5. Hey! Hey! Hey! Happy Birthday!! :D

    1. M.DerpyJane


      Oh my gosh #^-^#

      Thank you!!~ - sorry for replying late o:

  6. I could have sworn that we had a cupcake baking sheet, but I can't seem to find one. ): I don't want to make a cakeee, I had my heart set on surprising my aunts with cupcakes!

    1. Snow Frostflame

      Snow Frostflame

      hmm maybe its hiding somewhere

    2. M.DerpyJane


      Possibru *strokes chin*

  7. Happy Birthday, NeverPony~ ^w^

  8. It seems like today is going to be a lonely prolonged, day..

    1. GuardianFenix


      Maybe not lonely. I'm here for you if you feel lonely. ^_^

      But every time I seem to have a good day, everyone else is having a bad day...

    2. GuardianFenix


      Umm, I mean... you want to be friends? ^_^

    3. M.DerpyJane


      Thank you, for your kindness.

      And I wouldn't go as far as to say that it's a "bad" day.


      But, of course. I enjoy making new acquaintances.

  9. I've came to the conclusion, that.. I Am Birdman.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Snow Frostflame

      Snow Frostflame

      its been awhile since I have talked with ya DerpyJane how have you been?

    3. M.DerpyJane


      I've been well.

      How have you been? x3

    4. Snow Frostflame

      Snow Frostflame

      I have been alright had some problems with some moderators but I'm alright

  10. Happy Birthday! I hope that it's wonderful for you.

  11. M.DerpyJane

    Music Huge Music Drop-Box

    @,@, Hahah, I've heard all of those. Cacklefruit, I've never seen that video before though; his moves were pretty gnarly. Here's some songs I A*, B*. A* -Found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoNYlV07Cf8 B* -Refound and started listening to more recently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KT-r2vHeMM
  12. M.DerpyJane

    Music Huge Music Drop-Box

    Basically I'm looking for new music to listen to, new songs, bands, producers to check out. So, I thought I would turn this into a topic here on the forums; sometimes it gets boring seeking new musical talents alone. Leave comments of anything you think me or anyone skimming the comments, should look up and listen to; or simply leave a link. Don't be obligated to leave any type of music, all is welcome, any kind of genre. Wanna leave links to drill music? Be my guest. Classical? Go for it. Instrumentals? Doesn't matter, do it! Also, feel free to leave more than one song
  13. @@Monotone, Glad you had some sort of enjoyment out of it, I find the music video rather prodigious. Haha. @, Would you look at that.
  14. @, *Cough* There's a link. *Cough* Imma just... *Slowly pushes link over to you* Imma just leave this here.. *Whistles*
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