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    Obviously, I like ponies.
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    I'd enjoy to make friends, but I'm really shy when it comes to first talking to people..
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  1. M.DerpyJane

    Music Huge Music Drop-Box

    @,@, Hahah, I've heard all of those. Cacklefruit, I've never seen that video before though; his moves were pretty gnarly. Here's some songs I A*, B*. A* -Found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoNYlV07Cf8 B* -Refound and started listening to more recently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KT-r2vHeMM
  2. M.DerpyJane

    Music Huge Music Drop-Box

    Basically I'm looking for new music to listen to, new songs, bands, producers to check out. So, I thought I would turn this into a topic here on the forums; sometimes it gets boring seeking new musical talents alone. Leave comments of anything you think me or anyone skimming the comments, should look up and listen to; or simply leave a link. Don't be obligated to leave any type of music, all is welcome, any kind of genre. Wanna leave links to drill music? Be my guest. Classical? Go for it. Instrumentals? Doesn't matter, do it! Also, feel free to leave more than one song, band title, etc. And let's keep this proper, if you don't necessarily enjoy someone's taste, don't bash it. Constructive criticism is alright, and maybe flat out saying "Doesn't seem to be my kind of music." But please, don't be rude here; everyone has their own preferences.
  3. @@Monotone, Glad you had some sort of enjoyment out of it, I find the music video rather prodigious. Haha. @, Would you look at that.
  4. @, *Shrugs* I mean, at least I tried.
  5. @, *Cough* There's a link. *Cough* Imma just... *Slowly pushes link over to you* Imma just leave this here.. *Whistles*
  6. Well, the title says it all; am I the only one who listens to Big Data? If not, speak up! What's your favourite song? How did you discover Big Data? One of my personal favourites is Dangerous ft. Joywave. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8b4xYbEugo
  7. M.DerpyJane

    Skype, Personal Contact Possibility.

    @@mcpon14, No, I don't have a Twitter But I do have a Facebook..?
  8. Well, here goes nothing; I'm hoping this more personal type project isn't a complete failure. I understand that there is a Skype Exchange thread, but this is more of a self communication call for help. (Foresay.) :okiedokielokie: Here's the thing, I happen to have spontaneous bursts of free time. And recently because of another Topic I've started in Octavia's Hall I've been drawing often during my free time; and not very much else. (When I do encounter spare time.) Since I lack friends from the forums here, and I am most interested in meeting all new bronies/ponies, my arrangement here is that I'm going to leave my Skype username; anyone feel free to add me, I'm a desolate soul, lmao. Skype username: lovemakiejay Don't feel obligated to comment any questions or even leave your Skype username if you (for some reason) can't find me, or if you seem to be too lazy/busy at the moment. My apologies in advance, I tend to be awkward and shy at times. But don't let that stop you; I'll try to not be, I mean I did go through with creating this Topic, right?
  9. @, @@clockwork24,@@Red Cedar,@@Metrofy,@@pinkiepartypie, I am still taking requests and I will get around to drawing your OC's; but it will be awhile since I am doing this in chronological order. Alright, your OC will be humanized and I can add wings, but what would you like to be done with his Cutie Mark?
  10. @@PinkieAlliPie, @@Thunderstreak, @, @@SilverHeart, @@DoubleRainbow_Dash,@, So, I just wanted to apologize for the delay; many things have been spontaneously arising for me at the moment and the only other OC I have finished happens to belong to @@Flash Forward, I'll most likely pick up where I left off starting Friday; thank you so much for your patience.
  11. @@baltoist, Well, this was kind of made to make pony OCs' into humanized Anime looking characters; I can make a vampire Anime character of your OC, if you'd like? Maybe some other time I could do a drawing of your OC as a bat pony, because I've done that before; I might even make that an option through a topic sometime soon after this has ended. (:
  12. The eyes are red, they seem a tad dark, but I think it's because of the camera. Of course, your drawing will be the first I work on tomorrow! c: I haven't started yet, but I considered when drawing it maybe adding blue to the hair to match your OC more, but the rest be in standard pencil, let me know your input. I'll get to yours as well, I'll try to make it epic, no promises though. Yes, in fact I'm looking forward to drawing Mirror Image; such a creative OC. I mean, I can try. Would you want the hood to look Assassin Creed like, or just a bland hood? And my apologies, what kind of armor? Would it be possible for you to find a reference?
  13. Well, I tried. Didn't turn out quite the way I hoped; but I hope you enjoy neverless.
  14. I'll try my best, starting him now. Your OC interests me quite a bit actually, I'd enjoy to draw Scarred Rhythym; what would you request be done?
  15. That's right, I'll draw your OC! For free, you don't have to draw mine, unless wanted. (Which you would have to shoot me a PM for that, my OC is still anonymous to most.) But here's the catch: I will draw your OC humanized, Anime style. It will NOT be in colour (Unless a small fragment is requested to be coloured (Maybe.)) I don't really have a scanner or anything, so it will be kind of a low quality photo. You must request add ons, such as wings, horns, ears, jewelry, clothing articles etc. - If nothing is requested then I'll draw a simple attire, unless I can picture you in something and I think it will look good (You can also request special details, and I'll let you know if it's possible) When I'm finished I'll most likely send it to you in a PM, unless I become lazy and uncaring. They may take some time, but I'll let you know as soon as I start, and as soon as I finish; if there should be any wait at all, you will be informed I haven't decided the date that this will end, but when it is I will edit this post and clarify that it's over, but don't be down, I may do it again if this turns out to be a good experience. Also, I'm much better at drawing females. (Just saying) (Sometimes I'm able to draw men that happen to have longer manes) So, just throwing out apologies now, I'm deeply sorry if your male OC happens to look quite creepy.. Also hands.. Hands are my enemy, I can rarely draw them. No pony from this site has seen my drawing skills, because I'm quite shy about it.. I know that there's much more room to improve, but here's my chance. Here's a piece of my work from the other day. (Not an OC obviously) Pinkie Pie from the episode "Trade Ya!" from season 4.