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  1. https://soundcloud.com/stacticofficial/work-in-progress-again-d Check it out You won't regret it!
  2. I'll drop this by for some feedback https://soundcloud.com/stacticofficial/raindrops-wip
  3. Stactic

    Music Orbit (Preview)

    https://pony.fm/tracks/2701-orbit-preview I know the mixing is bad, I just want to drop this by for some feedback.
  4. Stactic

    Music Please delete this topic.

    Me likey. Me wants to keep liking. Keep it up!
  5. Stactic

    Stactic - Wormhole

    Thanks for the info, means a lot too.
  6. Currently working on this right now... Feedback is appreciated! https://soundcloud.com/stacticofficial/preview-of-coming-attractions
  7. Stactic

    Game Fluttershy's F4U Corsair

    Honorable? Yes. Very Honorabru
  8. Not too many, some of them need reworking, but if you click here --> https://soundcloud.com/stacticofficial You will find more.
  9. Because you might dance. Or not. Depends... https://soundcloud.com/stacticofficial/preview-of-coming-attractions
  10. Stactic

    Music Stactic - Wormhole

    So, I finished a song and I think you will like it!
  11. There is more, and even more to come. https://soundcloud.com/stacticofficial Not a professional... I do this for fun.
  12. Thanks, it means a lot to hear you say that.
  13. It's already been a rough year... Luckily I found time to make this. It's not finished, but I decided to share it anyways. Enjoy. https://soundcloud.com/stacticofficial/somethingtokeepyouexcited
  14. I finished a new song for you all to enjoy on during the holidays. Enjoy! ^-^
  15. Hello! This is a work in progress! https://soundcloud.com/stacticofficial/work-in-progress-or-whatever Good bye!
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