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  1. Doz2nd


    Better not wake the Serpent, I'm quite fond of the sky as it is.
  2. Doz2nd


    Thanks. The 'Swedish' flag is the same flag that was used by the Vikings whom lived in 'Västergötland' during that time. The Cutiemark is the symbol for "compass" more or less.
  3. Doz2nd


    This was meant to be used in the contest, but to much procrastination happened. Still a work in progress. Hope you like!
  4. Doz2nd

    MBTI and Bronies

    What is your MBTI type? INTJ Who is your favorite pony? Twilight Which pony are you most like? Twilight What type of pony is your ponysona?(If you have one) Unicorn If applicable, how do you contribute to the fandom? I do some Fan-art.
  5. Call me a patriot but the Swedish Stridsvagn 122 is by far the best one among the heavies. (in my opinion)
  6. I had a long hiatus from traditional art so they might not be perfect. and random ↓ Enjoy!
  7. Doz2nd

    Technology How fast is your internet?

    It's still not enough speed.
  8. Doz2nd

    Summer at Sweet Apple Acres

    So I let it be finished now, could probably draw forever if I don't stop here. Anyway, I would like some comments, critique would be fun too.
  9. Doz2nd

    Summer at Sweet Apple Acres

    Barn's done, I might let the rest of the family join in on the fun.
  10. Doz2nd

    Summer at Sweet Apple Acres

    Did some work at the barn. Still a few chores left to do.
  11. Doz2nd

    Summer at Sweet Apple Acres

    updated. Halfway there. Only the barn and some shading left to do.
  12. Doz2nd

    Summer at Sweet Apple Acres

    Thanks! I figured it would be somewhat the same as with sound quality. Higher = more.
  13. It's been some time since I drew a picture with Applejack. So I had to make one. I want to add more but the picture would only get messy then. I might do a follow up on this since... the paper was to small. Is it just me or does that ball steal all the attention?
  14. Doz2nd

    Chibi Midnight OC

    Thanks, go ahead and pinch him. He might be a bit hot though, since he is kind of made of heated bone and flames.
  15. Doz2nd

    Chibi Midnight OC

    Chibi version of an OC of mine. Made on a 1hr timer. Didn't draw the helmet, the head is to big for it. Original art in Spoiler.