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  1. NGL; I kinda want this. The fact that Sombra was even mentioned in something does this little shadow pony fan's heart so much good. <3
  2. If these are actually official, then I do like the designs. That said I'll wait until we see how they can move & such. The still renders from G4 could be hit or miss at times, so I'll withhold final judgement.
  3. Pathfinder of Ash

    Pipp Petals Fan Club

    She cute; very cute. <3 artist: celes-969
  4. Merry Christmas to all mah deer! <3

    And to my lovely @The Wife of Hawks <3

    Commission - Holiday Couple (by Luximus).png

    1. Sparklefan1234


      Merry Christmas, Best Admin Friend Five-ever! :rarityhat:

    2. TomDaBombMLP


      Merry Christmas, my awesome friend! :oneheckofahat:

  5. The only acceptable answer is LUNA! Tho if I am being fair; Princess Skystar is very cute!
  6. That...seems counterintuitive. By that, I could name a pony Blood clot if it's the opposite of an existing alicorn. And that..would make me squeamish as I suffered one and am on blood thinner for the rest of my life. ^^; That said; Decadence is probably the most clever name, BUT not sure if it's the best overall. Probably something like...Black Heart, Dark Heart (haha), or something to that effect.
  7. Egads; the objective answer would be Spike, but dangit I freakin' adore Smolder. She just has that right combination of dragon toughness, yet awkward cute that just wins me over. Close second would be Ember cuz badass.
  8. Pathfinder of Ash

    Zipp Storm Fan Club

    God I just love her. <3 Artist: Balychen
  9. Not a religious man myself, but this seems appropriate for the holidays. Can't deny the enormity of this piece. <3


  10. Because of Fluttershy, and because of her, the others trusted him...to a point. Granted I could be cynical and says "well if you tell him to toss off, he could just erase reality," but nah. As an all powerful lord of chaos he is also going through some extreme development of his own. Again, in this instance, all roads lead to Fluttershy.
  11. It depends on perspective. I didn't see it as controversial myself, tho I can see why some would. My only real issue was that it was getting obvious that ideas were running dry and that certain episodes just felt more like they belonged to earlier seasons. The quality was somewhat up and down. That said; we had a number of monumental episodes and lovely ending, so personally, I enjoyed it.
  12. Honestly, I won't buy it until we see it happen in the series. That said, if it is Sprout, then fine. If there is one character who needs some serious development in that direction; it would be him. And to the point that the composition of the mane 6 (G5) is out of balance; keep in mind that Cadence was a pegasus before becoming an alicorn. Who is to say that one of those other earth ponies won't have a similar evolution to unicorn-hood?
  13. Pathfinder of Ash

    Pipp Petals Fan Club

    There's a reason Pipp is my fav from G5...and Zipp is my second. XD Artist: Maren
  14. Adorable avatar, BFFFF! You and @The Wife of Hawks look perfect together. Happy Holidays! :raritypleadhat:



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