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  1. Honestly; all three formed just SUCH a perfect trio it's hard for me to pick a favorite. Cozy was conniving and insane, Chrysalis was manipulative and sneaky, and Tirek was level-headed yet bull-headed. It was so entertaining I can't really pick a favorite!
  2. In all honesty I have no idea. I learned to ride at an early age with training wheels, and did ride for a time, but something happened that pretty much caused me to quit when I was in...junior high school I think and I've never ridden a bike since. ^^;
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    2. VengefulStrudel


      It's been a while! How are you doing my deer friend? :BrightMacContent:

    3. Pathfinder


      Ah, doing well, but feels like I'm just way busy at home. ^^; How'z about you? :3

    4. VengefulStrudel


      Glad to hear you are well! Wish you the best with what's keeping ya busy! :)

      I'm doing pretty good myself! Was checking up on the forums and thought to drop by and make a deer pun for old time's sake say hi while I'm here. :fluttershy:

  4. You now have Midna as your avatar. You have never been cooler.

    1. Anti-Villain
    2. Pathfinder


      Yusss! Tho full credit for the idea goes to @Zero :3

  5. Love your avatar, darling. Blaze is so cool :sneer:

    1. Pathfinder


      Amen to that luv~

  6. @Pathfinder Love your profile pic! Blaze is one of my favorite Sonic characters!


    1. Meemfestivefox


      Yeah...I like her a lot too.

    2. Pathfinder


      Thank ye~

      Thank @Zero for the idea since we're sharing icons! :D

  7. Methinks GOG has a PF game on a discount right now.

  8. Back in the days Brawl my mains were Wolf, Zelda, Lucario, and Ike. I have yet to get all of these in Ultimate, but I'm working at it! For now, Byleth has proven to be the most fun to me, but I still have others to try!
  9. Recently upgraded from a 2015 Chevy Colorado extended cab to a 2020 Chevy Colorado crew cab. In love~
  10. Finally getting into some more Dream Theater. Really digging their stuff more and more!

    1. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      Bro, I love me some prog metal.

    2. Misscellanio


      My fav song from them is surrounded 

      Lead singer absolutely kills it 

  11. I wear two pairs of glasses; both of which are prescription. One is a pair of reading glasses; which I've had for maybe...4 or 5 years by now. Had to get them after headaches after reading or computer usage were getting worse and the readers cut those down significantly. The second pair was original for driving, but I've found I needed them for things closer like TV watching or playing video games. Yeah; my vision is getting worse as time goes on. I'm considering bifocals or progressives at this point. XD
  12. There are still plenty I need to watch, but my favorite is really Cars. It relates to my love of racing, has lovable characters, and feels like a nice geographic case-study in how interstate systems can (and have) affected some originally thriving communities. Both entertaining and enlightening!
  13. Just for clarification; the FIENDship issue was pretty much a prequel to the Siege arc. Pretty much a tragic backstory for Sombra that introduced Radiant Hope as well. The mirror universe was the Reflections arc; which was written by Katie Price.
  14. Is it strange that I loved Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla and I hated Godzilla : Tokyo S.O.S.?

    1. Pathfinder


      Not at all, TBH. Actually, that seems to be a prevailing thought from my own research. Some people seem to prefer how much more tight GaMG is.

      Personally; I prefer Tokyo as it just feels like it has a touch more heart to it, but honestly; I love em both. ^^

    2. TheRockARooster


      I hate seeing Godzilla defeated, that’s why.