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  1. The strawberry one is my favorite 🍓 


    1. Pathfinder


      Baby goats are just the best I WANT TO HUG THEM!!!!

  2. A fellow who calls himself 'shyaporn.' Don't let the name fool yah; he's mainly about comedy. A shame he's almost never active there anymore, but this video, IIRC, was what got me into YouTube in the first place.
  3. Just chilling; feels good after being busy for a while!
  4. Well for me I tend to favor Spyro, MLP:FiM (including EqG), Sonic, Digimon, and a few others here and there.
  5. I know people would expect me to say baby deer, but if there is one animal that would give them a run for their money, it's these jumpy kids!
  6. Considering we live in an ever expanding universe in which there are likely more galaxies than grains of sand on Earth I tend to think of it as either a separate world or even a separate universe where the laws pf physics, as we understand them, just do not exist. I tend to think of a post-apocalyptic Earth as being somewhat limiting in scope, but that's just me.
  7. This is from World of Dance. This group should have won :yeahno:


    1. Pathfinder


      That was IMPRESSIVE holy crap!

  8. I have to agree! Really love what you have done with these.
  9. I just can't stop watching this; something about it just strikes and inspires me. I know our knowledge of what's to come will likely change once our understanding of dark energy improves, but...god, my emotions during this just leave me in awe.

  10. It depends on the person. I remember people claiming they would never watch LotR because of some sort of political or religious context. Can’t comment on Bill and Ted as I never heard of that film.
  11. Social commentary and so-called agendas have been present in media for a LONG time. While it could be said that the art of subtlety is lost, the idea that such haven’t been used in movies, tv, games, music, and even books for decades is a tad too naive in the end. Honestly it’s easy to be disillusioned by the political climate and have it sour our views on current media, but really, it’s not that much different than how it’s been in the past.
  12. 91A31A50-0FA3-4D32-B2DA-1A6EECACBF90.thumb.png.057c9a8eb1cc549090739bddfb41cae3.png


    Guess that animal!

    1. Pathfinder


      It’s George Ratt!

      Giraffe for short! :P

    2. TheRockARooster



      Someone I know posted that on Facebook and I 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.

  13. An adorable baby deer for my deer  ♥️


    1. Pathfinder


      Awww thanks baby-cakes~

      Love you~ :wub:

  14. Locking this thread. Please do not just post your same response over and over in a discussion like this. Not only can it be considered spam it's also quite rude. Thank you.