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  1. PathfinderCS

    Nicole Dubuc Q&A

    Sooo...any possible chance that more sentient/sapient deer will show up? Also; THANK YOU for taking the time to come here and answer questions! You Rock!
  2. Pretty much this; I was caught off guard. XD No complaints doe; I feel the luv. <3
  3. PathfinderCS

    General Media YouTubers You No Longer Subscribe

    I've only ever unfollowed one YouTuber: Lily Orchard, aka Lily Peet, formerly Jerry Peet. Largely known for her stint as a brony YouTuber; is now one of the most hate-filled, insult-spewing indivduals I have ever seen in the fandom, and it's a damn shame too. She's a genuinely good editor with a great speaking voice, but my god, I can only take the obvious hate and insults for so long. And there's the whole issue with their spat with Firebrand, and that killed whatever interest I had in them at that point. Good riddance.
  4. Tempest with your horn so erratic, would you cause satellite static? :pinkiehat:

    1. PathfinderCS


      Yes; permanently~

    2. Sparklefan1234


      Then, it would be up to you to save Christmas...specials! :applehat:

  5. Gotta love a YouTube metal artists collab <3


  6. @Red Cedar Hope you don't mind; I'm thinking we've played with the storm enough. Gonna try to move it along a little now. :p
  7. PathfinderCS

    [Saddle Arabia] I've Been Through The Desert

    The Great and Powerful Trixie @Red Cedar The pain in her head was excruciating, and the sheer noise of the storm outside wasn't helping it at all. She could barely focus on the crawling AJ; still feeling terrible for letting her fall like that. With tears rolling down from both the pain, guilt, and terror of the situation, she huddled with AJ under the blanket, just hoping the storm would end; that pegasus ponies would swoop in at any and clear the way for the sun. Sighing to her self she was still muttering apologies as she began to black out again; this time, long term. A few hours pass and the storm has now ended; most of the wreckage has been buried, save for the bit that houses AJ & Trixie.
  8. ......why the heck is a good boi deer like me in second? Imma good deer I promise!
  9. PathfinderCS

    New Mare in Town

    Welcome to MLPForums! Please enjoy your time here and don't hesitate to make some friends! ^^
  10. PathfinderCS

    How are you feeling

    Today....has been an emotionally stressful day, and the emotions have been all over the place. As I mentioned in a status update the oldest of our three dogs assed away today; tho to be more specific we had to put her down. Her age caught up with her and she was only barely able to walk/stand, wasn't eating, was throwing up water, was almost totally blind, likely was suffering from kidney failure and had a chemical smell attached to it, and she had lost so much weight and muscle mass that she was almost literally skin & bones. Add to that you could tell she was almost in constant pain was the merciful thing to do to put her down. Such a decision is never easy and it's harder when you say those last good-byes and give the final hug; knowing you won't see her again, hold her close, and she won't cuddle against you in bed any more. As you might imagine you'd think I was sad, down, and upset...and TBH I was while we were at the vet. That was the hardest I've cried in quite a while and I couldn't speak for a while. That said...I am happy that she is no longer suffering cause it was always pitiful to see her in such torment; whether it was her shivering in pain or tripping multiple times while walking. We've had her for about 14 years, so age catching up with her was only inevitable. She lived a happy, healthy life and gave the family nothing but pure happiness & joy. And those are memories that will be kept throughout the years. Tamika wasn't only a pet; she was family, as are our two other dogs; Lance & Kiki. In a way tho; Tamika will remain with us. She will be cremated and an urn will be placed in the house here. So yeah...a day full of apprehension, sadness, tears; as well as happiness & peace.
  11. You've become more pony than deer over the last year. :)

    Hey, that almost rhymed. :P

    Also, I think Tempest Shadow needs an emote of her own. 

  12. PathfinderCS

    Match An MLP Character With A Sports Team

    Moonlight Raven: Baltimore Ravens Cuz, you know~