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  1. While my mom still watches TV (both cable and streaming), I don't watch my TV much outside of the odd sports, news, or other odd thing I can't get otherwise. Aside from that; I tend to go laptop or smartphone with streaming and such.
  2. I love astronomy and astrophysics; especially when someone manages to explain it as clear and concise as this fellow!
  3. Cause Achievement Hunter playing Ultimate Chicken Horse is always a fun time!
  4. My Love :wub:


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      Indeed; you’re my beautiful Faline~:wub:

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      Y’all are so cute. :oh_golly:

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      I'm "bird". :nom:



  5. Honestly; while all of them has a certain effect on me, it's really Applejack and Twilight breaking down that get to me. In a sense, the two of them share a burden of having a lot of ponies depend on them; whether it's family (AJ), an entire nation (Twi), or their own expectations (both). This can lead to quite a lot of stress, and when they reach that breaking point, they feel like an utter failure. I should know; I've felt that and it's brought me down, whether my own family, place of employment, or even the forums here. I tend to handle my emotional tendencies well, but sometimes...yeah. Their sadness hits me because I feel like I can relate to it.
  6. Technically; the last actual anime I watched was BNA on Netflix; following Beastars. I say technically because even tho Castlevania was animated in the 'West,' it used an anime aesthetic.
  7. Realistically, outside of some sort of magical mazula, there isn't much hope of her getting her horn. That said I'm sure there's some interesting storytelling possibilities with that~
  8. OMG I love this idea so much! It reminds me of a character from the Record of Lodoss War anime. Karla, the Grey WItch, had possessed a crown and anyone who wore the crown would be possessed by her spirit. She would seek out young women to carry out her plans (which consisted of doing her own thing, either allying with or against good AND bad guys to keep things equal (the GREY in her name has meaning; neither black or white)) and after their bodies deteriorated she would move onto another body. She ended up possessing a male main character and we never saw him again afterwards. Thinking of Sombra possessing Tempest or any other pony gives an extremely creepy vibe that I can see totally fitting in with his character. God, this BEGS to be explored in some fashion!
  9. Been a while since I last posted here, and since I still love my shadow boi (S3, S9, IDW, whatever) Imma post an old pic I commissioned from Ruhisu so long ago. <3
  10. Feels a take fake-y to me. Really feels like it came out of no where, and the tweet just feels...random, if you will.
  11. Still my fav video on YouTube~


  12. Most likely we'll feel the effects of this pandemic; even after the virus itself is conquered. It will take a while for confidence to return, for businesses to function like normal, for social gatherings to become appropriate again, etc. IIRC, after the 1918 pandemic people were even scared to go back to churches until the 1920s, so we'll likely be in this for the long haul.
  13. So, had my follow-up appointment yesterday regarding my blood clot. Looks like the clot is still there, has likely hardened/calcified & will stay where it's at, and that means I'll likely be on the blood thinner for a long time, if not for the rest of my like. While not a surprise, it's something to reflect on. While it hasn't been a year since it was discovered and found to be the cause of some severe pain in my right leg, the physical effect it's had on that leg is still apparent and likely won't recover. I mean, most people wouldn't notice it, but there yah go.

    Honestly, I'm neither upset nor emotionally affected by this. I just need to actually get active and take care of myself more. XD

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    2. Pathfinder


      @WWolf Honestly; I just need to get off my ass and actually do what I need to do to take care of my body. That is the hardest part. XD

      @Ya boi Stormy 🌩️ *Hugs* <3

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      Lord Valtasar

      at least now you know where you are, even if it wasn't the best of news uncertainty is never fun, hang in there

    4. Ya boi Stormy 🌩️

      Ya boi Stormy 🌩️

      Do u like walking? Best exercise. Too hot? Np. Do it inside. ;)

  14. I was considering watching it, but after looking at various comments on various Twitter accounts (including vendors who were filmed and seemingly slandered) I'm rethinking that. Also apparently filmed various people and vendors at BronyCon without their permission. Questionable behavior in its own right.
  15. Say what you will about their government I will NOT tolerate racist statements towards another culture and the people. Think what you will personally, but like hell I’m letting that stand on this forum.
  16. Sonic 1, 2, and 3 pretty much! Classic Sonic always appealed to me and I could never get enough of it! Had I owned Sonic CD at the time I am sure I would’ve played the hell out of it as well!
  17. One of the most epic game intros period~


  18. If we're not talking about hamburgers or subways; Imma all over a peanut butter sandwiches! NO JELLY! Enough of that heresy! As far as subs go; ham, turkey, pepperoni, and lotsa mozza!
  19. Only thing really missing for me was the lack of any context for the zebras and why Zecora decided to live in Equestria. Anything outside of that (deer, more Sombra) is me being greedy.
  20. Hey you~ :wub::bedeyes:

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      Bakugou is my Man

      Hi hun! There’s my favorite deer 💜 *hugs*


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      And the lovely wolf-pone of my heart~ :wub: *hugs*


  21. The only such thing I am willing to believe is aliens. Anything outside of that is just ludicrous to my mind. That said; when it comes to aliens, it has to come with a very big caveat. Keep in mind that our very first radio broadcasts have likely only made it as far out as somewhat past the Algol star system, and in the grand scheme of the Milky Way that is a VERY small segment. There could very well be an advanced civilization on the other side of the galaxy, but we would have no way of contacting them, and they likewise wouldn't even know of us. Hell, it's possible that there have been plenty of civilizations which were wiped out by the death of their respective sun. Any and all trace of this alien world wiped out; never to be discovered. I think it's possible that alien life is out there, but it's gonna be difficult for us to find it...or even for them to find us. And forget about anything beyond the observable universe.
  22. I have no issue with millipedes for the most. Granted there are certain times of the year when they absolutely bum-rush and invade a home, but they're more of an annoyance than anything else. Centipedes tho...kinda need to stay away.
  23. I can’t say they’re outright hated, but some groups do have some mistrust over them. I remember when going to church the preacher remark on them as a dangerous cult; along with the Mormons. Really; it’s a silly notion and they’re not much different from the mainline Christian groups. They just seem to be more willing to go door-to-door.
  24. Probably the pinnacle of Rhapsody of Fire’s style while Luca Turilli and Alex Staropoli were still the main songwriters, lyricists, composers, etc. with Fabio Lione’s epic and varied vocals.

    A killer bass opening and amazing chorus really pushes this as one of my favorite metal songs period. After the album from which this song comes from Luca would leave to pursue his own projects; later joined by Fabio and the rest of the band. Still; nice that Rhapsody continue to this day~


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      Heeeyyyyy, that's pretty good

  25. Some recent shots of me. The driver cap really suits me!