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  1. Watching rally raid; especially when the Dakar Rally is happening. The scenes that accompanies various rally raid events is just simply breathtaking. Really an adventure.
  2. 9.9/10 Minus point one for that fellow not being me.
  3. These are so cute! Your OC does quite well as a miniature!
  4. My GF already said to be wailord next time, so I may not have a choice.
  5. That is still one of the highlight memories of BronyCon for me. Not only is this change fitting; I am in full support! Still doesn't change the fact you MISSED A WHALE.
  6. FINALLY got around to watching Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. Gotta say; I want more.! Alastor is bae~
  7. Pathfinder

    Weird day

    Cool day indeed. Sounds like you could just use some timeout. You need it. D:
  8. Happy birthday sweetie! Love you very much! :wub:

  9. Pretty much describes me to a tee. Though I have a serious love for historical-based thrillers.
  10. Pretty much the same here, though if I did I'd imagine the Milwaukee Bucks would be my pick. XD
  11. I'm still trying to figured that out, TBH. I mean my rut has to do with my hobbies; specifically things like video games, books, or anime series/movies. I WANT to do these things and the times I do I end up enjoying myself, but the problem is that on most days I just don't do them. I can't push myself to do the things I really enjoy; even on days I'm doing nothing. It's quite frustrating and I have yet to find the solution to that. ^^;
  12. Mmhmm; there's a few people who fit that bill with me. I've met @FancyHorse, @Princess of Hell, @Jetset Troblems, @Dark Horse, @Snow, @~C. Discord~, and quite a few others whom I consider close friends. Let's just say I hope we stay like that~
  13. Happy Halloween to you my Love! 


  14. I'm happy you posted this as I've been considering whether or not it's worth it to get a VPN. I'm still not there yet, but the more I'll know the better I'll be off in any case.
  15. I know it's not your birthday, but~



  16. I don't support book-burnings of any sort, and the fact that people feel they should burn books over such a silly reason is quite disheartening. At the same time; you're wasting money, not dissimilar to people who protested sports stars over their political leanings by burning jerseys or what-not. Again; it just seems silly to me. If you detest the author or her leanings in any way; just give away the books, or sell them!
  17. Happy birthday Trobz! I am truly honored to be a friend of yours, and I hope your un-birthday-day is a special one! ^^

  18. Glad to hear you had a great time Trobz! Glad you and Seb got to make it more enjoyable for the IT crew as well. :p Hope you enjoy the Spain trip, and please do share your views in the NordVPN mess if you can. I'd be interested in reading your views and such on that.
  19. IIRC he did have a small, easily-missed cameo in one of the Nightmare Knights issues, so he is out there~
  20. I love this intro so much. Digimon was definitely a big part of my childhood; almost up there with Spyro even! As nostalgic as I am for the American intro; that Japanese original reigns supreme~


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    2. Will Guide

      Will Guide


      Speaking of Spyro, I just a cute ideal animation of him doing a cute sneeze in a cold environment.

    3. DivinePony1000


      @Wolf Guide Yeah, I've seen that animation! The one where he sneezes flames and burns the grass in front of him? That one is funny!

    4. Valencia


      hmm :o never heard the japanese intro before, neat! ^^ :P

  21. I would hope he ends up with Gabby; personally. As much as Smolder actually does care for Spike, I have a hard time seeing them actually getting along on a romantic basis, which is mainly due to a cultural divide. Gabby, on the other hand, is a fish out of water in her own homeland and actually compliments Spike on a few levels. Plus; they're just super cute together~ <3
  22. For me Grogar is easily one of the most interesting aspects of Equestria's history. Why is that? Keep in mind that enemies like Tirek and Sombra have been around for a LONG time (over 1000 years at least) and they only mention either hearing or knowing of him. Considering these two committed their earlier transgressions when Princess Luna was still pre-Nightmare Moon, and even Tirek himself states of hearing "tales of his tyranny" in his younger years, I think it's safe to say that Grogar's ruled what would be known as Equestria before the royal sisters were even born. Not only did they having nothing to do with Grogar's defeat; it wasn't even the legendary Starswirl nor Clover the Clever. It was a previously unknown unicorn named Gusty. To me this says that Grogar is extremely ancient; probably even before Starswirl himself was born. This was during a time when Equestria was just a "collection of fields and pastures," which somewhat mirrors the time when the three pony tribes were not united. And keep in mind that Gusty was never mentioned during the Hearths Warming legend, so again, extremely ancient.
  23. DISCLAIMER: SPOILERS FOR SEASON 9 FINALE! ONLY WARNING! So, this is something that I have been giving some thought. We know that Sombra is fairly full of himself and is only out for himself. Nothing in any of his canon appearances really dispute that, and it's really no surprise that he turns down Grogar's offer to form an alliance. Again, we're talking about a pony whose "heart is as black as night" with little to no remorse present., and has shown himself fully capable of waging war. That said...what if King Sombra actually knew that Grogar was in fact really Discord, or at least knew something was off? Yes, there's nothing that explicitly supports that as fact, but at the same time Sombra's mannerisms toward the ram made me think a little. Do you remember just how dismissive he was towards Grogar going by his facial expressions? "I too have heard of the first Emperor of Equestria. The "father of monsters."" Of course, that look he gave Grogar can mean many things, but for the sake of argument, let's consider that "father of monsters" was a sort of slander, knowing that this was the chaotic trickster all along and not the first Emperor of Equestria. Or at least; he suspected something was off. In any case, my main point is that Sombra was not impressed or intimidated like the other three were. Again, he's full of himself and he's shown himself able to wage war so his over-confidence is most likely here, but I also like to think that he knew something was off with the old goat and wanted no part of an alliance. Sombra has shown himself to be very intelligent, so the possibility is there. That said, I realize this is a long shot, but it's an idea I wanted to share. :p