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  1. Happy birthday, man.

  2. Happy Birthday! :) My friend.

  3. Welp....tablet is functioning at about half capacity...screen is completely insensitive, and spiderweb cracks all over it.

    1. Grepper


      What happened? Did you drop it?

  4. Four timpanies,a drumset, drum stands, various percussion equipment, and a corner. Im glad i just happened to be napping in the drum closet,
  5. Hmm...lets see... When i was a kid in elementary school, i was viewed as the annoying kid you wanted to smack each time he opened his mouth (most of this will be from what classmates have said have changed). Throughout middle school, i was a bit of a target for people to pick on. This made me dislike people in a way, and i became a bit of a crazy sort of depressed. Over the course of highschool (so far), my somewhat antisocial personality is shifting to being more down to earth at times and social. Still, i have my quirks, but im no longer looked at with the thought of "please god, smite him." Im decently well known through the school, and from what i hear, not much good or bad goes around about me outside my circle of friends.
  6. Well, you have a chances are slightly slimmed due to that.
  7. How tough am i? I flinch less when i get shot.....without any perks.
  8. Nope, and i kinda hope i get ninjad for the sake of irony. Am i the only one who can bite my tongue when an adult ticks me off, but lose my cool with my stepdad/siblings when they push my buttons?
  9. Nah, i occasionally esnjoy a soaked stroll. Am i the only one that believes Huey Long would have made a great president?
  10. No, my friend loves it. Am i the only one that forgets how to sleep when the sun comes up, even if i stayed up all night?
  11. Surely not, but i know little about foreign anything. Am i the only one that messes around with people online sometimes?
  12. In a marching band competition, the judges very well could go on and not notice a fairly large mistake you make, such as forgetting a phrase if you are in a large enough band. They just pick up on your facial expression, such as when you cringe at a sour note.
  13. How tough am i? I fought a blood dragon bare handed, and won.