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  1. You know this version of Mega Man smoked a few cigarettes before every adventure.
  2. I'm looking for some pals to play Sm4sh for Wii U with, anyone interested? Nintendo ID: untamedRainbow Mii: Alex
  3. None Yo Bizniz? What country is that in? :P

  4. I've heard these before. SoundCloud's been my homesite for a good year now. New SoundClown - Gambino's Stadium:
  5. One of my many hobbies is creating what we over on SoundCloud call "SoundClowns." This is usually two or more things mashed up for comedic effect, however it can also be just source audio spliced to create something else, like a single source YouTube Poop. I have made eleven of these in the past week, and I just wanted to share some of my best. What are some of your favorite SoundClowns, or if you've ever made any, which ones are yours? Post away, MLPF!
  6. Here I'm reading "Andy the Frog," by Bo Burnham. (Also mind the male voice. Just waiting for the hormonal process to start, woo)
  7. Spruced myself up a bit before taking this picture because I looked like shit: Excuse my forehead wrinkles, I do that sometimes.
  8. My favorite pair of chucks. Also fuzzy socks ^.^
  9. I just search for random wallpapers when I'm bored of the one I have. Here's mine currently:
  10. Truly fantabulous thanks muchfords for ear tones.
  11. down came the rain and washed the alex out

  12. Greetings, everyone! Today I am proud to show off a brand new series on my YouTube channel entirely dedicated to MLP and YOU (the bronies). This is the segment where I talk about all things pony. The promo and the first episode have been released, and can be viewed below: Promo: Episode 1 || What Does it Mean to be a Brony?: I plan on making a new episode each week (despite what I said in the promo), so if you could show some love to this show, I'd greatly appreciate it~ With that said I'll be posting new episodes here when they release, and I'll also be taking requests for pony related incidents and happenings to talk about. The one thing that will not be done in this segment is reviews. Maybe some day, but not today. ~Alex
  13. Figured I might be of some assistance.