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  1. Premium currency, sure, but sometimes they are required. Restaurant is 50 gems. Same for some of the ponies for the tasks. Fancypants is also 50 gems and needed to complete a task. So thats 100 and I only have 19. I know, I know, freemium games, thems the rules
  2. Oh oh! Could you please add me to the list? I'm guessing I'm too late using the hacking program, cause the game crashes before it loads now. (when I reset my internet settings, it loads just fine) But those crystals ... it's a pain to get stuff together, cause you only get a single crystal for leveling up and maybe one more for the parasprites clearing. My username is - Thegrimreaper0011 - Anyone wanna add me, please feel free.
  3. Shadow of The Colossus and Ico I just ... no ... They are easy, repetative, no context, no story, nothing that sets it apart from other games. I gues on it's own I wouldn't hate it, but people kept saying "You just don't like it cause you suck at it and can't finish the game! Stupid hater!!" and "If you haven't finished these games, you can't call yourself a gamer." So I played and beat both games, twice. Did I feel accomplished? No. I felt like those games were just a waste of my time
  4. Is it real or not? I don't think it matters. Those who believe in it, I have no problem with them. And to the ones saying that it is written by a single person with too much time on their hands, no offence, but you can say that about all religions. Who can say what's right or wrong? It has been the focus of many wars throughout history after all. However, I will say that just like any other religion, that those who would believe in it, to not force it to anyone. Religion only exists through faith of believers, so if there are people who believe in this, then yes, I think they can count it as religion. Some will call me crazy for saying that, but if I learned one thing from MLP, it's to be more open to people, as long as they aren't doing any harm to themselves or others and personally, I don't see that for believers of this. (But I can admit, it would be a little strange )
  5. Hello, I just started to play the MLP app game on ios and android. However, I don't really know anyone else that plays it and was hoping some of you might help me. My account is : Thegrimreaper0011 Anyone who still plays the game, feel free to add me! Please, help a fellow pony out
  6. I added you both Mine is thegrimreaper0011 (yeah, cant change name unless through email) Same here I added you btw Mine is thegrimreaper0011
  7. I added you. Anyone who wants to add me, its thegrimreaper0011 (yeah, it's an old account and I dont know that if I make a new account, I'll lose all my progress so far )
  8. Hello! I made a remix of "Endless Possibilities" from Sonic Unleashed and Helping Twilight Win The Crown" from Equestria Girls. If you check it out, you'd make me one happy pony Let me know if you like it. Feedback is appreciated ^^
  9. I understand your point on "Putting Your Hoof Down" and how it destroys the stereotype of MLP. But if I'm honest, I don't think that using that episode helps you in your argument, as the episode was just badly written. In fact, it's one of my least favourite episodes because of it's writing. Also, you mention this : While I agree that the way of speaking can make something tense, what she said was IMO, far worse. She made fun of their lifestyle and dreams, while in this raging state, but consider this : - She either said it because she was angry or - She always felt like this, but never had the guts to tell her friends (being shy and all) But which one would be less mean? I believe that something like MLP got it's cover because of it's intended audience. It is intended for little girls first. It is and always has been. I won't try to explain how, but usually girlish = bad, typical girl stuff, cute and silly, not much thought put into. I personally think all the well written episodes seperate them from the stereotype of MLP. Even episodes when Rarity has a fashion show managed to be fun and not tear-your-eyes out-emberassing and also destroys the stereotype of MLP. Does that mean the previous generations were bad? Not really. Gen1 was actually okay. Gen 2 and 3, not so much though.
  10. Just an idea I'm working on. (God, I'm a genuis! Surely nobody thought to make something like this before XD) All joking aside, let me know how you like it so far.
  11. Hmm, so maybe try it only in yellow? I could give that a try. And don't feel bad, thinking you are taking it down or something, I did put it up for honest feedback BTW, thanks for your honest feedback
  12. Hello I have to make a logo for a transportation company and if they like my idea's, they want me to make their site as well. I was wondering if I could get some feedback on what I have so far? First one is with illustration (being the little truck) Second is just a simple color mix They wanna use the colors black and yellow mostly. The company name is ACRONOS and freight SRL is a subtitle that I may use if I want to use it in the logo. Any constructive feedback is appreciated or maybe some suggestions? Thanks in advance