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  1. The last from from protracted works finally done.
  2. I heard the theory that king Sombra could be not just good one thousand years ago. But also a hero of his times. This music is about what if this was true.
  3. Some orchestral melancholy here
  4. New track in my usual "epic" style. Actually unites in itself several earlier experiments.
  5. It is already have reverb and live play basis. And also, I'm still stating at the point, that preference for the sound of live playing the instrument is matter of taste. And for some reason I met this only among musicians. The samples I used are not editable at release time. In addition, there may be a conflict when changing from a note to a note. Anyway, thanks for feedback.
  6. One of the old wishes from my listeners. I was need to work with music transformations, so I remembered and thought - why not. One of the few tunes that was reworked from the beginning in the middle of the process, because a concrete idea was formed only during the process. It turned out to be strictly orchestral version, where I got some unexpected results, but pleasant for my taste. Anyway, here we go
  7. I don't know. I only know that the increase in the level of reverberation began to distort the sound, especially when there are no other sounds. In any case, there was not any issues found by me, by co-authors and beta-listeners. Therefore, there was no special correction.
  8. @C. Thunder Dash, There were several failed collaborations becouse of dynamics. So there was a request for simple base of work. I choose an old (from 2001-2002) guitar melody which for a long time wanted to realize, but there were no ideas. In other words, this melody was exactly what we needed for work. As I said, there were many organizational factors. Sorry, but guitar motive was wrote as it was created before from real playing. I would not change the chords that are the central idea. And chosen it as best option of simplification. It already had it. You know, when I left the drums, people demanded percussion. Now you tell me that it would be better to have less perc... For better or worse - the decision was taken. I'm just glad the work was completed at all.
  9. Experimental collaboration work (with KennyDash and Mr. Cupcake) has been finally done. It was surprisingly difficult project, delayed for a whole year. Was near abandoning, but perseverance supported by some of my listeners, prevailed at end (and for that I say thank you very much). Now is only hope that it was worth it The style turned out to be something between Epic Rock and classical action music.
  10. Meanwhile, our gamedev team, entered a new contest. Works already begun.
  11. Okay, I was suggested to create a special thread to publish my non-pony works (for pony-music see here), and finally, I creating it. From Russia with magic of love and sorry for my English All further my non-pony works will be posted here. Music writed in Instrumental\Score genre with elements of epic. All tracks available for free dowload. Usually, more than half of my work is non-pony. === And the first one will be the newest. =============== Also, there are the full playlist of my works: Main, For tributes (including pony), and for other type of works (mainly the requests). === Examples of my relatively popular non-pony works since they were published in SoundCloud: 1. Cross of Dead Man [Instrumental Remake] (2014) - Epic Rock. 2. The Land of the Morning Star (2009) - Rock\Instrumental 3. A Utopia with Teeth (2014) - Orchestral\Epic\Score 4. Dying World (2008) - Rock (There is also an instrumental remake) 5. Quenta - Freedom of Time (2014) - Song orchestration\Request 6. Midnight Dragons (2017) - Orchestral\Electronic\Dance 7. World Reborn (2014) - Orchestral\Epic\Score 8. The First Sunrise (2015) - Orchestral\Epic\Score 9. Space Walk (2015) - Ambient\Score 10. Inner Worlds [Instrumental Remake] (2016) - Rock\Instrumental Thanks for listening and feedbacks
  12. @C. Thunder Dash, may be. There were problems with two. I was unable to find acceptable solutions. I guess, it may not always be a bad idea to remain such things abandoned, instead of persist with a dubious result.
  13. Finished first of a new wave of experiments. Track was abandoned half-year ago for complicated reasons. Anyway, still not yet concluded my personal opinion on this work. P.S. Started further education in music in order to expand my knowledge and skills. Drastic changes should not be expected. But minor changes highly likely will be.
  14. I don't know. Another EQ gives the same results. As far as i can understand, the sounds of this drum are already heavily edited. Or may be my ears still not experienced enough to notice that kind of details. So that's why I said that the problem is complicated and difficult to me for now. And it seems that is demands to live learning with experienced people and over each from many different individual cases. But unfortunately, I have no such opportunities so far.
  15. The same result. Only see difference. Not hear - only rised loudness. Here the comparison pictures: without EQ and with it.