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  1. I don't know. Another EQ gives the same results. As far as i can understand, the sounds of this drum are already heavily edited. Or may be my ears still not experienced enough to notice that kind of details. So that's why I said that the problem is complicated and difficult to me for now. And it seems that is demands to live learning with experienced people and over each from many different individual cases. But unfortunately, I have no such opportunities so far.
  2. The same result. Only see difference. Not hear - only rised loudness. Here the comparison pictures: without EQ and with it.
  3. Which toms? There are two kits of them and two parts of melody where they are playing: beginning-ending (0:00 - 0:30; 1:13-1:18) as main and epic part (0:47 - 1:12) as background. I have minimum 10. Tried with second-part drums. Can't hear much difference exept rised overal drum loudness which strongly selects from the background (just rising the volume by 1-2 db gives a similar result). Just in case: I'm working in studio headphones.
  4. That is the problem: I'm already know the basics and even have alot of the tables. But they are not enough. Your recommendation is individual situation which can not be solved by template. To do this I need: 1. To know which exactly drum needs equalization. 2. Do it really need this (don't forget, that people have much different points of view. And especially, that sometimes sound taken is much is different from expected and not every time organically fits into the overall sound picture) 3. Determine the exact frequency range for this current sound to equalize, and the shape and amplitude of the curve. The last one is an underwater stone, which is insurmountable most of the time. So I need not just info. I need experienced man who will control the whole process online, to get a really clear understanding of the process. Until then, I'm moving blind. Even with theory and templates.
  5. At this point, the question of equalization for me is extremely complex and difficult. I know the theory, but in practice, every single case is being decided individually, and I do not have a proper sense of what and how to equalize. As a result, up to now, in most cases, it turns a mess. Of course, I'm constantly experimenting with this. But not everything comes at once.
  6. @C. Thunder Dash, Which ones? They all at reverb. Some of them (bright snares) under significant effect. It is possible more in detail, please?
  7. I was just thinking about this (more than a half of my work is non-pony, wich I usually didn't publish here, not counting some exceptions, like the last two)... There is a special section for it? Sorry, didn't knew about it. Thanks and information (and feedback)!
  8. For the first time in my life, I managed to do something short. Unbelievable xD P.S. Finally, I've connected my synth to PC. The first experiments of live writing have already passed. But so far not so noticeable on hearing. For now.
  9. Meanwhile, it's time to remember the good forgotten old (at the feeling of 10 years of music writing and this melody aswel). P.S. It's not a actually pony song, but now an exception is made... Old final (2010) version for comparison is here Also: Cover version Light instrumental cover (most guitars and agressive drum beat are muted)
  10. @C. Thunder Dash, But not fully what I expected, actually. Thanks anyway. Not fully understand, what do you mean. No. And also, tere were already some of them, just not always and never leading. I know. But there was a constant feeling that something is missing. But the more I corrected and added, the less I could understand this feeling. In the end, I just stopped understanding what's wrong - I could not even express what I needed. The project was already on working stage for too long. So at some point I just decided that it's time to finish. Anyway, I guess a virtual orchestra of voices was collected here. He-he... -_-
  11. Next work of "Times of Dissonance" MLP-tribute album. Actually, was a little difficult work.
  12. Opening to future "Times of Dissonance" MLP-trubute album.
  13. Unlimited

    Ok >_<
  14. Unlimited

    May be, the controllable downloads options for authors will be better? More better is to leave the choice to pay or not for listeners, but add special customizable buttons to interface. Otherwise for me, as an author, disabled download and forced paymend - the right way to curb the tracks spreading through the audience. To rephrase: I would like to have the options of policy customization with ability to leave my tracks free.
  15. @@C. Thunder Dash, *As delicately as possible* Never heard of the variations? Or so rarely heard scenic soundtracks from films, album at once? This is not a separate track, but a composition logically connected with old works as for one main project. If I wanted something really new, I would do it. But that was not the purpose of the work and the idea. Moreover, the guitar appeared there absolutely not by chance, but logically connected. So, I'm not against anything new, but not to the detriment of the already given meaning. Seems like that you do not understand the idea of this work, but perceive it as a self-sufficient song-track. Not as one of the soundtracks for one project. Not for rhis idea. Again. If I wanted something really new, I would do it. And this is easy to see by checking out my tracklist Actually, i was. Even did not achieve the desired result. Timps were not planned. Strings were not planned as whole leading at the outro part with guitars. Actually the guitar-outro plan was only the guitars, chimes, some synth and galloping back drums with main drums. And what do you think I did in this work as many older? -_- Here in Russia, i need to invest for money first. Given the economy difference - in not small numbers. So let us solve the problems in the order of the queue and available possibilities. There were many synths. And not only one of them was leading. Many of them were merged. But i guess you're talking about "Celestial Harmony" (a little vibe-like sounding) preset, also used earlier in "The First Sunrise" ending and some other works, mostly as back or support for idiophones like crotales, vibes and glock. It was also merged with some other supports. Gliding was not planned (and not appear as option on synth plugin which was used). Anyway. To get a little closer for idea what I was learn. - Hear again Defenders of the better world, and next Hans Zimmer's "Greed" (from 2:30 to 5:40 ). Next hear again "Sisters" and "Hammerhead" with second half part of "Broken Arrow" theme If you still didn't get it, well... Then I just don't know how to explain that you recommend some things, clearly without understanding how the idea is conceived and so, sometimes really against it.