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  1. Time for some villain's themes covers Usually, I making covers with Instrumental Rock style (combining orchestra, electronics and guitars), but... now it's eventually became to Epic Rock. And this picture is the best for illustrating it. And first in my lifetime - no electronics were used. Also, karaoke versions available: A - no "voice-instrument" B - no solo guitars C - orchestra only Main heavy instrumental version:
  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. I guess, have new tradition: every 10 years, I returning to one melody Main genre: Instrumental Rock
  4. RuBronyCon is coming... Perfect time to write some action music
  5. When composer tries to remix somethig Electronic remix of older logical tied orchestral\instrumental works: "Power of Harmony", "Defenders of the Better World", "Hard Way to get a Cuitiemark" and "Sisters". The name is actually work-name of the series of theese works. Actually I never did a fully electronic remixes. Just wanted to know something new. So, I achieved my goal
  6. Thanks for feedback I'll see what's what Already and constantly do this last 4 years. And earlier I reported that I continue my education in music. The music theory is a main part of it.
  7. The last from from protracted works finally done.
  8. I heard the theory that king Sombra could be not just good one thousand years ago. But also a hero of his times. This music is about what if this was true.
  9. Some orchestral melancholy here
  10. New track in my usual "epic" style. Actually unites in itself several earlier experiments.
  11. It is already have reverb and live play basis. And also, I'm still stating at the point, that preference for the sound of live playing the instrument is matter of taste. And for some reason I met this only among musicians. The samples I used are not editable at release time. In addition, there may be a conflict when changing from a note to a note. Anyway, thanks for feedback.
  12. One of the old wishes from my listeners. I was need to work with music transformations, so I remembered and thought - why not. One of the few tunes that was reworked from the beginning in the middle of the process, because a concrete idea was formed only during the process. It turned out to be strictly orchestral version, where I got some unexpected results, but pleasant for my taste. Anyway, here we go