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  1. 4 good surprises 1. Happy Ending - requested by "Bronies for Charity" for BronyCon tribute album 2. Synergy - Requested collaboration by DJBron3. Not a standard work becouse of "Trap" genre, mixed with instrumental. Also was mixed and mastered by DJBron3 3. Facing Night Mare - pre-final (for current brony-music album) short-scenical score track with tension. 4. About Trixie - next requested work with vocalist Akio Otori
  2. Two good surprises: First - "Stars Recall": featured on EqD (yay!) And second - "About Lyra and Stomatology": the second requested work, and with vocal; after success of the first
  3. Requested work. And first work with complete live vocal.
  4. If an orchestra will try to play DragonForce songs, I guess, the result will be something like this...
  5. Resting after some heavy music series. Time to some calmness and melancholy. P.S. Actually, it' should be done passed year already, but well...
  6. Third part of an old large project called "Heart of Land of the Morning Star". It was long pause after the second... Genre: Score, Instrumental Rock, Orchestral, Post-Rock, Electronic. 1-st part: "The Beginning of the End" 2-nd part:"Last Stand of Dying World" And the third:
  7. Time for some villain's themes covers Usually, I making covers with Instrumental Rock style (combining orchestra, electronics and guitars), but... now it's eventually became to Epic Rock. And this picture is the best for illustrating it. And first in my lifetime - no electronics were used. Also, karaoke versions available: A - no "voice-instrument" B - no solo guitars C - orchestra only Main heavy instrumental version:
  8. Merry Birthiversary!

  9. I guess, have new tradition: every 10 years, I returning to one melody Main genre: Instrumental Rock
  10. RuBronyCon is coming... Perfect time to write some action music
  11. When composer tries to remix somethig Electronic remix of older logical tied orchestral\instrumental works: "Power of Harmony", "Defenders of the Better World", "Hard Way to get a Cuitiemark" and "Sisters". The name is actually work-name of the series of theese works. Actually I never did a fully electronic remixes. Just wanted to know something new. So, I achieved my goal
  12. Thanks for feedback I'll see what's what Already and constantly do this last 4 years. And earlier I reported that I continue my education in music. The music theory is a main part of it.
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