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  1. Hello My name Is Nova and I am looking for a (large preferably) ghosts clan to join. or if you just want to be Xbox friends just friend me at Wamphyre75 Thanks Nova out.
  2. Thanks Its nice to know that people enjoy my work
  3. Thanks! It means a lot to me.
  4. These are some pictures that I drew/painted/stippled/sketched/etc.
  5. I know i haven't posted in a while but I've been busy nonetheless, here are some of my recent stipple projects.
  6. What color yellow do you want? the reason i ask is because i am conducting color tests for the next little while Thanks I'm glad you appreciate it
  7. I tried doing that many ways but oh well,I don't need an image
  8. Hey I'm looking to join an animation group or start one with some people preferably the former but the latter works too.
  9. How do I make a signature I've gotten messages saying i can but cant figure out how. As for your OC Id love to do one but first I Need to finish A rarity pic I'm doing for some one
  10. Hey i tried doing a pencil drawing of twilight, I havent done one of these in years haha alright so you are unbiased on gemstones then right. Hey considering I'm more of an amateur at this could you guys give me some tips on getting my work "out there" so to speak. by the way guys feel free to post your art on this page im interested to see what some of you guys do
  11. Thanks It is very tedious but i think the reward is very mighty in its own right.
  12. that's one of my questions and also should i put gems on if so how many how big sofourth and so on. and what about earrings. Yes very tedious at times especially on large areas.
  13. It can take weeks on end and if you meant the style of pony it is my own personal design you can see how i do it at my deviant art as well as some of my other projects