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  1. Thanks. Though I recently came back to this and tweaked it, mostly to fit Hope's redesign but also because there were some bits I could have handled better.
  2. Typical "I can't do everything, so I'll do nothing" mentality and a bit of misunderstanding, but I applaud you for not brushing humankind's wrongdoings under the rug. Being more naturocentric one doesn't involve that sort of regression, especially when the area doing the most damage is the animal agriculture industry, aside from such an industry itself being about as morally right as other forms of enslavement, exploitation, mass genocide and desecration of the land in the past and present. So the areas that need to be changed or ones that contribute to that as well as similar industries(A plant-based or vegan way of living helps quite a bit there, especially since a well-planned one is something humans thrive on quite well(its not really a surprise, we are primates after all)), its not rocket science. And of course direct action has its place as well. This is moving forward, in a way that won't require multiple worlds that will all suffer the same grim fate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqJI1Y-EpgY
  3. Both are indeed a possibilities , albeit a slim one in our case. All that is required is a paradigm shift, but to attain that, we must make a number of changes to our daily lives. Changes that, these days, are easier than ever to make, but those require our species to swallow our arrogance, our ego, our discrimination habits. As you know of course, we tend to be very stubborn and have an irrational fear of change, weather it be good or bad. However, the number of people waking up and making these changes are slowly but steadily increasing, so there is a flicker of hope. But we may not get there in time.
  4. Aye, I have Aspergers syndrome, and as such, am on the spectrum. Not sure how long I have had it mind you. Granted, it is not the most noticeable thing.
  5. Has not the idea of rejection crossed your mind? For that was what I refer to. Make no mistake, I dislike my own kind and I do dislike the false, artificial world we have created as well as our abuse of philosophy and our egoism, lack of morality, responsibility and cognitive dissonance. Not to mention some of the lies and fallacies our kind has constructed. As such I believe such things should be rejected, tossed away, so we may become wiser and return to our mother and fellow beings. But I can't say the thought of human extinction hasn't crossed my mind, its not a bad thing in itself, especially if we fail to learn the error of our ways in time. but I am more concerned for other beings caught in the event, going down with us. It is very much like your naive mind to jump to conclusions, instead of giving the text some thought. Don't feel bad, alot of humans are discouraged from thinking deeply, let alone for themselves, or at all even. I know you are used to others making decisions for you and manipulating you, its a common flaw unique to our species.
  6. What gave you that idea? Who said I wanted to kill anyone? I apologize if you took my post the wrong way. But please, it is unwise to make such assumptions.
  7. I have to agree on that. It sounds more contrived than your own arguments. One that I never really liked was the theory that Celestia is evil, its overdone and there's very little things supporting it. Sure its an interesting idea, but only for fanfiction.
  8. Dark Souls, Elder Scrolls, War Thunder and Civilization V.
  9. Hope frowned. "On second thought, I would just be dead weight. Would probably end up getting you killed." The stallion seemed genuinely unsure about all this. It was a wonder he wasn't pacing neurotically. "I wish I could accompany you, wise shamaness. I really do."
  10. Graduated last year. May attend college if the tuition fees and student debt don't do me in. My sights aren't even set that high, especially in terms of a career.
  11. Not really sure. Nor do I care.
  12. Not a big fan of Trekkies, Star Trek fans are great, but trekkies...I can't stand them personally. They just can't enjoy something for what it is. Get ten trekkies into a room, put on any Star Trek: The Original Series episode and eventually you will hear screams of "Kirk's uniform is supposed to be two shades lighter." "The lighting is way too bright, ruined forever." and so on. CSI or Law and Order. Slender(especially when compared to the first three Silent Hill games, which are scary in a genuine sense. Not resorting to any cheap tricks) God Of War(as a Pagan and big into Greek Mythology, I couldn't help but find this series inaccurate, trying to hard to be 'dark', too Hollywood-ish, and having probably one of the worst protagonists I have seen in a game since Bubsy.) The Evil Within(Horror game? Yeah, right.) American remakes of foreign films, especially if the films in question are horror films. They are never as good and just serve as a disgrace to the film it is remaking. Good examples of this are The Ring(unnecessary remake of Ringu), One Missed Call, The Grudge, Dinner For Schmucks and The Departed(remake of Infernal Affairs). American remakes of foreign TV shows, especially if the show in question is British, making said remake even more pointless.