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  1. She's slowly learning to to knee-jerkingly react to problems by casting magic at it She panicked in "A Royal Problem" and swapped their Cutie Marks "All Bottled Up" was honestly her best showing as she directed her emotions elsewhere rather than casting them on Trixie - she just needed a better outlet instead of bottling them though But hey, progress is progress
  2. spoiler

    Absolutely; we saw that happen with Luna back in episode one, remember?
  3. spoiler

    So you're hung up on Starlight coming along and forcing them to confront their problem rather than having it blow up later and probably being cataclysmic, with both sisters going all out and razing Equestria to the ground?
  4. Fluttershy has spent over three years in-show slowly getting over various kinds of shyness The fact it took over twenty years before that for ever to ever get any help for it is mind-boggling Granted, ponies have attention spans that range from 22 to 44 minutes, so it's understandable she keeps forgetting what she's learned...
  5. Still waiting for Sunset and Celestia to reconcile
  6. I thank whatever higher powers that be that she never has to have her diaper changed and spend time slowly turning her into a villain
  7. A Cutie Mark, because they're scared of the Matriarchy that put the term in place
  8. Starlight's wonky characterization makes a little more sense if you place some of her S7 episodes during her Redemption Montage at the end of Season Five and during Season 6 As far as I'm concerned, none of her episodes actually take place during Season 7's time period and are building up to her saving of Equestria at the end of Season 6
  9. Tanks for the Memories was one huge death parallel, with how RD reacted to Tank brumating for the winter
  10. Isn't that basically what "Fluttershy Leans In" "Applejack's Day Off" and other Mane 6-centered episodes are? They just cut out the Cutie Map bits to save screentime
  11. It's made from clouds and she's been shown to be able to whip 'em up in a matter of seconds, so I doubt it costs that much (or anything) to maintain.
  12. Or they could just have her talk normally and have the rhyme thing be something she does to keep her mind sharp
  13. I'm kinda torn on the idea... If it was just me, sure. But if every Brony suddenly popped into Equestria, the entire region would be devastated within a week as we fight over the characters we want to claim as our waifu.
  14. spoiler

    He's the comedic relief that never gets laid. Actually, by that logic, he's perfect for Cheerilee...