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  1. Not a fan they wasted a good two seasons trying to fix her character after her redemption because they also had to focus on characters that didn't need focusing on, but by the end of the series, she was finally a character in her own right
  2. Luna remained solid throughout, and Twilight awoke in me a rage I haven't felt since high school.
  3. First time for everything, and it'd be an interesting bit of lore and world-building - Unicorns can already do everything Pegasi and Earth Ponies can, so it'd be cool to see the playing field leveled again
  4. We already had over five years of that with Sunset and Starlight though
  5. Discord is Fluttershy's Uber because she doesn't like to fly
  6. Would've been more interesting if Twilight had reverted to a unicorn 30 years later and we're given no explanation so we could come up with our own idea of what happened in the intervening years
  7. Yet another Twilight Sparkle clone is released from its tank as history repeats itself Horribly uncreative and I wish they'd gone with an Earth Pony or something
  8. And yet Starlight was crowned a hero of Equestria days after enslaving the Main 5, on top of her loooooooong list of other crimes she never got punished for That, and Twilight's various neurotic episodes throughout Season 9 really didn't paint her in a flattering light either, yet she was still made ruler regardless, so a brief stint as Midnight Sparkle wouldn't have been any different
  9. The title is "The Ending of the End" Sooo...why didn't the villains use Grogar's Bell to drain the Main 5, Starlight, and the Pillars?
  10. I liked the reference to Night of the Living Apples
  11. Even the title gives away what's happening - especially if you've actually been following the Big Mac episodes...
  12. I'm sure letting a neurotic racist who leaps to the worst conclusion at the drop of a hat run the country won't end with Equestria at war with everyone by the end of the first hundred days Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?
  13. Well, as a sendoff for the CMC, it was a lot of fun. Also took us nine years, but we finally got a Wizard of Oz reference!
  14. So...they reformed a villain who tried to usher in 800 years of scorching heat but nah, he's a "guardian" apparently. Did he read the Bohrok Handbook or something? Destroy everything so it can begin anew and make way for greater things?