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  1. Can't wait for all the Stygian/Luna fanart this is gonna spawn. Rather disappointed Twilight failed miserably in being the Princess of Friendship though, but she's been Celestia'd, so I guess that can't be avoided. I mean, it could, but that'd be giving the writers too much credit.
  2. Spoiler

    Concerning the Storm King
  3. Spoiler

    Well, the movie was spectacular Visually appealing, if a little unnerving after having watched over 100 episodes of Flash animation to suddenly see so much more depth and details in the characters and world In the first sixty minutes we get more world-building than seven seasons of the show combined and get introduced to several amazing races living outside of Equestria's tamed lands and it's such a refreshing change of pace The Mane 6 all have their moments, while the Princesses YET AGAIN are rendered impotent in a matter of seconds which is all kinds of frustrating, but little kids don't care about them, even if Luna is hecking adorable in the show's style The new characters are great and usually steal every scene they're in And no, Starlight and Trixie don't do anything nor is Equestria Girls ever referenced, so don't get your hopes up All in all, a solid movie that people will bicker over for asinine reasons and make more grimderp fanfiction and artwork for, keeping the Brony community alive for a few more months until the Hiatus
  4. Only real gripe now is that we see the Apple Siblings hanging out with Burnt Oak and other friends of the family as background elements in other episodes which feels like a cop-out. I want more stories of the Apple parents. Or just more backstory for more parents - like where are Scootaloo's parents during everything that's been going on in Ponyville?
  5. More episodes where the Mane 6 are entirely absent and more interesting characters are given a chance to grow. S7 had Thunderlane/Rumble and Celestia/Luna episodes and S5 had Slice of Life, so we know it can be done and done well.
  6. What on earth have Scootaloo's parents been doing that their daughter is a nervous wreck and scared of confined spaces? And Rainbow Dash once again doesn't notice Scootaloo's terror. Sister of the Year right there.
  7. spoiler

    People from opposing families falling in love is all anyone cares about from that play, hence the comparison and why it's been parodied through all nine layers of Tartarus and back again over the years. Sure, it's a fine episode, but I'm not gonna cry over a relationship that was only given 22 minutes to grow. The main hype was "APPLE PARENTS!" which is what we've waited seven years for and this is something that should've happened a decade or more ago in-universe, since AJ's easily in her late twenties and she's only now asking about her parents? Curse these ponies and their short attention spans. You also missed the "G-rated" bit, which is probably why you're getting nitpicky about the comparison since most of what the play was about would fly over the head of the demographic audience this show was made for, so... Relax
  8. spoiler

    Since it was a boring G-rated Romeo and Juliet, nope. I wish we'd get an entire season dedicated to the shenanigans of the parents of the Mane 6 30-50 years before the start of the series and more story for Celie and Lulu.
  9. Trixie, Moondancer, Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer are all Twilight Clones I'm sure Season 8 will give us #5
  10. You're better off with OCxOC because everyone gets adorably defensive whenever their waifu is in danger of getting ravished by anyone that isn't either themselves or their preferred pairing partner for said canon character "Twilight should be dating my OC!" - BlackGryph0n
  11. Because, just like Season 5, 6 and 7, they set up an interesting premise at the start and DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WITH IT And maybe something about Starlight Glimmer have the most rushed redemption arc ever - something you can blame the end of Season 5 for, because that godawful song showed so many wonderful scenes that should've been episodes in their own right, but noooooooo
  12. megathread

    I'm fine with Starlight and Trixie being bit characters in a movie about the Mane 6 solving yet another world-ending catastrophe because Celestia and Luna are on vacation in who-knows-where If Celie and Lulu have to job yet again for the new villains, I'm going to be even more irritated than I already am at them for being godawful rulers 1000 years of peace has made Celestia sloppy
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  13. She's slowly learning to to knee-jerkingly react to problems by casting magic at it She panicked in "A Royal Problem" and swapped their Cutie Marks "All Bottled Up" was honestly her best showing as she directed her emotions elsewhere rather than casting them on Trixie - she just needed a better outlet instead of bottling them though But hey, progress is progress
  14. Absolutely; we saw that happen with Luna back in episode one, remember?