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  1. And yet Starlight was crowned a hero of Equestria days after enslaving the Main 5, on top of her loooooooong list of other crimes she never got punished for That, and Twilight's various neurotic episodes throughout Season 9 really didn't paint her in a flattering light either, yet she was still made ruler regardless, so a brief stint as Midnight Sparkle wouldn't have been any different
  2. The title is "The Ending of the End" Sooo...why didn't the villains use Grogar's Bell to drain the Main 5, Starlight, and the Pillars?
  3. I liked the reference to Night of the Living Apples
  4. Even the title gives away what's happening - especially if you've actually been following the Big Mac episodes...
  5. I'm sure letting a neurotic racist who leaps to the worst conclusion at the drop of a hat run the country won't end with Equestria at war with everyone by the end of the first hundred days Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?
  6. Well, as a sendoff for the CMC, it was a lot of fun. Also took us nine years, but we finally got a Wizard of Oz reference!
  7. So...they reformed a villain who tried to usher in 800 years of scorching heat but nah, he's a "guardian" apparently. Did he read the Bohrok Handbook or something? Destroy everything so it can begin anew and make way for greater things?
  8. Another stellar example of why Twilight's ill-suited to lead the country, which I'm sure will be ignored once the time comes... Really wish the writing wasn't so frustrating this season.
  9. So they don't have to waste time writing and animating deep complex storylines, as seen in Magical Mystery Cure, Crusaders of the Lost Mark, and Cutie Re-Mark Just show a vague montage of things happening and pretend it makes sense
  10. The only thing I don't like about this is the fact they're only give a handful of episodes that actually focus on them while the same tired characters get the lion's share of episodes I don't want to see the Main Six character assassinated for the fourth year in a row, I want to see these new and interesting characters grow! Not helped by Season 8 skipping NINE MONTHS of characterization during Non-Compete Clause
  11. Expectation: Reality: Granted, even with his performance, he did win, until the plot-mandated idiot ball made him keep his prisoners alive (Not to mention nobody ever accounts for Pinkie Pie being able to warp reality on a level Discord can only dream of) Any remotely realistic take on things would've had the main six lose every one of their encounters with a stronger foe, but that's only in the realm of fanfiction, for better or for worse...
  12. She's already over 100 years old, which is quite impressive. i'm sure she'll outlive everyone until the heat death of the universe.
  13. Not even remotely close to being ready to lead Equestria. She's barely got a handle on her own kingdom as it is, and she's already had it for two years
  14. Because of her demeanor - he's acting in a way that she'll recognize and respond to instead of ignoring and doing nothing.
  15. I'm looking forward to people rewriting this without the Main 6 and having the townsponies figuring things out on their own instead of having to have their hooves held and everything done for them So glad Twilight's ugly rainbow wings weren't an evolution of her character