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  1. Luna, hooves down. She has such a rich deep voice and it's a shame they don't use it more.
  2. Rarity ending up old, sad, and alone is perfect for her character who only cares about trends and status Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if she had a husband, only to drop him once it was no longer trendy
  3. I hate how she's just a Ruby from Steven Universe now Where did her character go?
  4. She goes with trends and wants to be part of the in/vogue/elite crowd, which means she tends to seem standoffish to the more grounded characters and extremely insensitive at various points and thinks she knows best when it's the exact opposite. Not a terrible character, from far from perfect as she makes herself out to be.
  5. They've only ever been animated armor rather than an actual breed of pony, which is disappointing, and I do wish the comics had done anything with them like they did for everything else the show forgot about.
  6. Everybody, because racism ain't magic Imagine being a fully sapient being with sentience and you're still called a creature by your overlords who control the heavenly celestial bodies and weather
  7. The only part of the 3-part finale that got to me was the chord for "My Little Pony" at the end of The Last Problem's song number.
  8. ...what do you mean animation errors aren't canon? Background ponies are ponies too, ya know - heck, one of them's been on the main cast for years!
  9. Twilight was under a lot of pressure, and we have ten years of Twilight not acting well under pressure, so her failing and snapping at everyone makes perfect sense. If anything, it's EVERYONE ELSE that's Out of Character for not helping her like they do every time Twilight starts freaking out.
  10. It has always been, and always will be, The Main Six - Twilight (apprentices: Spike, Sunset, Starlight) - Applejack (apprentice: Apple Bloom) - Rarity (apprentice: Sweetie Belle) - Rainbow Dash (apprentice: Scootaloo) - Pinkie Pie - Fluttershy
  11. Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Gabby, Apple Bloom, in that order I do wish we got to see them do more with their secondary talents instead of only ever helping others with their problems. The CMC being more independent would've been nice.
  12. Oh thank Luna they're being smart about it.
  13. As a MLP property, it's the equivalent of jingling car keys. No depth, no story, nothing to keep you coming back, the characters are interchangeable and the sooner you treat it as something completely divorced from Friendship is Magic, the happier and saner your'll be.
  14. Because this isn't Friendship is Magic, where Twilight Sparkle was a princess.
  15. Probably a low 7 due to how many missed opportunities the show had after season 5