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  1. "Rainbow" was not a very good song for the end of a movie where you saved the capital of the country. It's practically a funeral dirge
  2. As far as the movie's concerned, the only characters that matter are the Main 6 and anyone voiced by someone famous Everyone else are just background decorations Should've had Starlight and Trixie do the opening exposition instead of two nobodies
  3. The Nth Doctor

    How old is Spike really?

    About 10-15 years younger than Rarity, who's in her late twenties, early thirties
  4. The Nth Doctor

    Where are the teenage ponies?

    The CMC are technically teenagers, at least as of Season 5, as are...pretty much the rest of the school ponies going by that logic. There's also Feather Bangs, Tender Taps, Sandbar...
  5. The Nth Doctor

    Did Spikeabuse only return to lead to Spike Justice?

    It's a kids show, for little girls, and boys are boring, evil, and obstacles for the cute girl characters and should be made out to be evil, idiotic, or serve as a support to the female leads Spike is at his best when he's there for other characters (Lesson Zero, The Crystalling, Gauntlet of Fire) and every time he's the focus, the writing drops the ball hard (Power Ponies, Spike at Your Service, Princess Spike, etc)
  6. The Nth Doctor

    Scoring Each Season of Friendship is Magic (Season 8)

    1-4, actually, and then the show should've retired Twilight and let anyone else take the spotlight. Starlight tried, but they bungled the execution and didn't give her enough time to develop as Twilight 2.0 before they expected us to worship the ground she walked on, even though her abuse of magic kept endangering everyone around her. Put all the Starlight episodes DURING Season 6 and then the pacing wouldn't feel so atrocious
  7. The Nth Doctor

    Scoring Each Season of Friendship is Magic (Season 8)

    I'm all for building characters up without tearing others down, and this Season had that every now and again Surf and/or Turf, Parent Map, On The Road To Friendship, Sounds of Silence...
  8. Celestia making Twilight a princess and thinking she could handle the responsibility. Cracks me up every time.
  9. The Nth Doctor

    Scoring Each Season of Friendship is Magic (Season 8)

    The highlights of the season were Starlight, Trixie, the Golden Gals, and the Kirin Everything else was a roaring dumpster fire because who needs good characterization, consistency, and an interesting story when you can ruin beloved characters even more?
  10. The Nth Doctor

    G5's art style

    I wish they could cheaply replicate the movie's style - it blows the show out of the water on ever level
  11. The Nth Doctor

    Your favorite pony is evil what would you do

    Join them and help them rule the world, obviously
  12. I despise the end of Season 5 because it shows Starlight returning to her village and being welcomed back with no fuss, wasting a perfectly good episode plot
  13. E V E R Y C R E A T U R E Couldn't sound more racist and proving Neighsay right every time it's used if they tried - it sounds incredibly demeaning since it makes it look like the ponies are regulating griffons, yaks, changelings and seaponies to the same level as manticores, diamond dogs, hydras, and parasprites
  14. The Nth Doctor

    Celestia and Luna getting fewer appearances

    Everyone needs more individual focus and we don't have enough episodes left for them all, which is a shame. Maybe Gen V will fix that. Haha, who am I kidding...
  15. The Nth Doctor

    Celestia and Luna getting fewer appearances

    Sure would be nice if they stopped character assassinating the Mane 6 and let other characters develop, like Starlight, Trixie, Luna, Celestia, Applejack, and the CMC SURE WOULD BE NICE