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  1. MetalTao

    Terrible, Terrible Puns

    Make a pun involving the user above you! YEAHHHH! YOU GET Bonus points if you make a pun involving their name or a part of their name! The points mean nothing don't listen! Or, if you like, just make as many puns as you can! Hehe!
  2. MetalTao

    Homework Help

    Hmmm, no Latin? I may give it a try. Just a fair warning, I am not good at it... Yet! So, I can only probably give some general advice or help with sentence structure. But, OH BOY! Does it sound fun!
  3. MetalTao

    Show your MS paint drawn ponies here

    Times like this, I wish I had MSPaint... Sigh
  4. MetalTao

    Rainbow Dash

    WOW! This looks fantastic! It seems as if you are trying to show a playful or mischievous mood in this. Everything seems to show that. The way her lips part to make a feline feature, Looks like she has some sort of pran or EVIL Plan in store! Have a Gif! Now, combined with her sticking her tongue out, it is just glorious! Her wave tells me that what ever she has planned, is about to happen soon. I really like this! And, alos, what are the shiny dots on the eye called? Or what do they do? Any ways, I love this!
  5. MetalTao


    ACK! IT IS LIKE THE BUGS FROM STARSHIP TROOPERS! GEEZE! I don't have a phobia of Arachnids, but damn! That be scary! KILL IT WITH FIRE!
  6. MetalTao

    Comic Sans Fan Club

    *rubs chin* Sounds interesting... I may just stick around and see what happens. And what you mentioned with the possible help it could offer to dyslexia sufferers, sounds interesting indeed! MOST EXCELLENT!
  7. MetalTao

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Metal eh? HELL YEAH! I have some tunes to share! Some good Sabaton! StoneTemple Pilots Unglued AND SOME CROSS FAITH! Now, have some pics of the Sisters in some old school attire! I hope that is allowed...
  10. MetalTao

    Did I do the right thing or did I practice discord

    Yes, I can stand behind that last statement! But, as time would sadly have it, I have lost my moment of clarit, and do not have a counter argument, sorry about that person... Hugs?
  11. MetalTao

    Did I do the right thing or did I practice discord

    DAWWW thank you! I FEEL SO GIDDY AND HAPPY NOW! XD Yes, I guess it does depend on what he wanted to gain from it. Whether he decided he should stand up for his honour or whatever I was on about. I forgot. Sorry? XD
  12. MetalTao

    Did I do the right thing or did I practice discord

    How are you today? Now, this may take awhile, for I lost my little moment of clarity here XD Oopsy? Yes, camaraderie is a great thing and I wouldn't put it past you. (Nice point by the way!) But, would it be worth it if he could defend himself? Like, he was surrounded by many spectators, many people would go down there and defend him if he was going to be abused, he could have waited and showed that, this guy was being a jerk instead of blurring the lines. I have no counter argument yet so GOOD LUCK BRO!
  13. MetalTao

    Did I do the right thing or did I practice discord

    I am not sure if this is worth stating but, this is hockey, brawls are to be expected, but, they are preventable. And yes, people take it too far, but would it be worth bringing your friends into the brawl?
  14. MetalTao

    Did I do the right thing or did I practice discord

    Yes, yes, I would, but who would say anything about lying down? I would juts hold my stance and not do anything to help support his delusions. I mean, one could see it as something similar to non-violent civil disobedience, I just prefer to not give anyone reason to hate us, but instead, make them feel guilty, make them see that we are in fact, not people who should be hated, but instead, tolerated, or heck, even loved. I mean, even if you did punch him, what point did one make? You seem to be unsure here, I apologize for this long winded statement.