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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. i might have snuck my cat into the hotel :3

  3. well i just found out i have water damage in the corner of my room so i have to live in a hotel for a few weeks while it gets fixed

  4. hush now quiet now its time to play some video games

  5. working outside in -3 c is not fun

  6. Im alive and well but im going to bed good night *hugs*

    1. The Crimson Cross

      The Crimson Cross


      And I'm loving your new avatar by the way! ^.^

  7. well good night everyone im off to bed to try and sleep of this cold *hugs*

  8. if anyone has not seen the new hunger games yet.. go and do it now !!! it is amazing

  9. i sneezed like 6 times in a row

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    2. wewi567etyrerag


      yup, absolutely if not we are dealing with and alien

    3. Steelstallion


      yup. on their planet smiling is the biggest insult.

    4. wewi567etyrerag
  10. i hate being sick =(

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    2. wewi567etyrerag


      its this damn cold, and thanks i hope i get better soon to *hugs*

    3. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      *hugs* I hope you get better my friend <3

    4. wewi567etyrerag


      *hugs* im drinking alot of tea so i should get better soon =P

  11. the joy of Christmas

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