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  1. Anyone want to join my stream?

  2. I'm goin to make the stream from LMMS with one unreleased song.

  3. I can sing any song, but i can't wrote lyrics in English. My Accent is good I can send You some cover or what ever
  4. Hi Everypony! It's me again. I'm Flutterpride, and I'm 19 Year old amateur music producer, singer and DJ. When I was written in the Welcoming Plaza, Adorkable wrote me to do in this forum separate topic for my work, so here it is! I hope you'll enjoyed it About that i'm just a beginner, you can told me what i'm doing wrong, and what is good. My last remix: https://soundcloud.com/flutterpride/cracks-tomb All the rest of my songs are on my Soundcloud. https://www.soundcloud.com/flutterpride
  5. I have one trouble on pony.fm. I try to upload *.ogg and *.mp3 files. My DAW (LMMS) can only render tracks to *.ogg and I can't upload it, 'couse it's not supported format. When i convert it to *.mp3, website can't upload it and give me message contains: there's no any audio in that file, or something similliar. How can I upload some tracks? I ask about it, becouse I try to move to pony.fm from Soundcloud, and now, i can't upload anything from my SC account. Thanks in advance /)
  6. I'm so tired. Very tited. I've get up at 5 P.M.

  7. IMHO, LMMS could be very useful for learn theory of making sounds. I'm still using it in many tracks, and it looks little similiar to Fruity Loops (FL Studio), so it can help you to learn using DAW, making melodies, bassline and drums. I can sent You some of my projects, so You can see how it works. :3
  8. I'm so touched. I was never adopted by anypony so nice. Thanks a lot. I will write thread about my music and give specific examples of it. I hope that you will help me make it better. Once again, thank you, and big brohoof for everypony /)*(\
  9. Hi. My name is Flutterpride. I'm new here but, I've joined the fandom in early 2013. 5 moths ago I've started to making music. I'm not good at it, but if you wanna check it, You can listen it here I love our community and, I think, the MLP community is the greatest fandom in the world. You're awesome. Thank You for letting me be here.