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  1. 1: family invites me out to dinner

    2: orders all the adult beverages

    3: enjoys the night :P


    1. Button Feri
    2. Nightfall Gloam

      Nightfall Gloam

      Hooray! I like alive people! 

  3. nothing is free free is an illusion
  4. nothing in life is free after all the first law of physics states that anything fun costs at least $8
  5. hes right...but i just pay for a years worth and boom free games every month
  6. alright, looking to commission some art, if anyone has any recommendations on artists, the budget i have is round 300 so heck, I'll commission more than one artist :P

  7. i didnt even catch em in it *runs off to watch it again*
  8. heyyy i wasnt the only one who thought that yaay

  10. Not gonna lie, season 7 pretty much hits way to close to home in some episodes :P my poor heart cant handle it :P

  11. Nintendo's was honestly meh as usual, At least Sony has games I just think Microsoft needed more oomph to new console...oh wait...500 bucks...with a ton of PC ported games, and meh exclusives.
  12. Microsoft has basically given up competing with Sony, hell even Nintendo. The Xbox One X...not worth 500 bucks, unless it would be bundled with a DECENT title at launch, but Forza?!? Also...half the games they showed are already available on PC on their on console...but why would you put it in the windows store so PC players can buy it when its on Steam? The Last Night looked good though. The only benefit of releasing the X is that the S will drop in price, also...there is no way it is going to be "true" 4k, even PCs have a really hard time doing true 4k, it will be close to the point where its probably upscaled 1080p, and besides I'm not in a hurry to do 4k gaming, and im sure plenty of others think the same way. Long and short of it in my opinion is that they want to focus more on the PC side of things and don't care about their consoles/gaming side of the business. No good/hardly any exclusives, to many PC ports, cool indie games, overpriced hyped up Scorpio (i refuse to call it the X), oh yeah, and the backwards compatibility is cool too. I own all big 3 consoles and a gaming laptop, and hell when i feel like selling my One S to get a Switch because there are no games...that says something, at least to me. the best conference to me was Sony's (SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS REMAKE!!!!)
  13. as a colorado resident, and the recent legalization of things...i firmly believe tree hugger should be colorados pony