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  1. Bloodborne, last week. Oh man. So good. I needed to lie down for a bit after that one.
  2. Glad it finally got confirmed. Here's to a whole week of Steven Universe, hurrah!
  3. I can take my tea cold or hot, depending on the type of tea I'm drinking, and I generally drink my coffee hot but sometimes I'll have an iced-coffee to mix things up. In terms of additives though, I prefer my coffee black and my tea unsweetened. The black coffee started out as a health thing but it's one of the major reasons that I now like more bitter flavors than I used to, and I've always just preferred plain tea over sweetened.
  4. It takes me about 15-30 minutes to fall asleep, and I can't imagine it taking any longer. Sure, once in a blue moon I might be stressed and not be able to fall asleep as easily, but I don't know how I'd handle having to take more than an hour every night D: If I do find myself stressed while I'm trying to sleep, I meditate on my breathing. The only thing that keeps me from falling asleep during a normal meditation session is the fact that I'm sitting up straight, so if I'm lying down and actually trying to fall asleep it's like NyQuil.
  5. It's human nature, and I bet if you are as invested in film or cartoon as gaming you'd see similar things, I'm sure. People have a hard time understanding that all entertainment isn't meant to appeal to everyone, and just because you don't like something doesn't mean that someone else is wrong for enjoying it. There's a difference between critiquing games/entertainment, which I think is very important, and just bashing something because you aren't a fan of that type of game or what-have-you. I recommend finding communities/reviewers that like what you like, as that is where you'll find the most useful interactions. For instance, I love Musou games (Dynasty Warriors and the like) but they're a niche series that doesn't appeal to everyone. If I want to talk critically about the series, maybe compare contrast the differences between Dynasty Warriors 8 and Samurai Warriors 4, I'm not going to go to a general gaming forum because I'll probably get a lot of "they both suck" or whatever. I wouldn't see that as cruel, I would just understand that they don't like that series so of course that's not a discussion that's going to happen. I'll go to a Musou forum, where we can discuss how Blitz attacks changed SW4 for the better or how DW8 had a better character Roster. Basically, don't worry about people who are being toxic because they just haven't realized certain things about how entertainment works. They're the console fanboys, the movie snobs, the people who look down on "kid's shows", it's all the same; they don't understand how something they don't like is liked by someone else. That doesn't mean we need to shove it down their throats, but pick and choose our battles; they'll either come around eventually and get that people can like different thing than them and not be "wrong", or they don't and they're just "that guy" for the rest of their life. No skin off of our nose, eh? Don't take it personally; that's just how people are in general.
  6. You make a good point in that generally the Gems are shown as having only one "weapon" even if they do use duplicates of it. I think your main hitch is that you're being particular about where you put the gem on your character; once you figure that out, you should be good to go. Unfortunately, I can't offer much more advice on that than I already have. I will say, though, that there's a way to make everything work if you explain it well enough.
  7. I was thinking of something like, together, they look like one dagger (so the character could pull it out with one hand and immediately use it) but that split in half or something to create two weapons. Kind of how like Cloud's sword from advent children was just a bunch of smaller swords all locked together, or how the "Blade of Mercy" weapon from Bloodborne looks like a short-sword but can splits into two daggers if needed.
  8. Hard-wood flooring all the way. Sure, it gets noticeably dusty/dirty quickly, but a carpet gets just as dirty but because it's not apparent it just gets more and more gross until you do some deep steam-cleaning or something. I used to lie on the carpet all the time when I was a kid, and the thought of doing that now just seems so nasty xD
  9. Well like I said, these are arbitrary limitation I put on myself and I'm not going to tell others how to make any of their "'sonas"; I may have my preferences, but they are not to be taken as hard-rules by any means. That being said, I can extrapolate on some things if you believe it'll be useful. In regards to a "sona" being the fan but just in another form from the show, I think that's up to the fan. Personally, my Gemsona would definitely have aspects of my personality and whatnot, but I would still make her a female-facing gem even though I 100% identify as male because I feel it's more lore-friendly and I don't have any issue with associating my persona with a different gender. There are even people whose 'sona doesn't match up with their real-self except in the most minor ways, and they use them as more of a "what I could/want to be". That goes into my next point... For your OC, I didn't mean to imply that being masculine and using male-pronouns is incorrect or lore-breaking, just that it's just enough outside the realm of what the show has shown to make me hesitant to adopt that for one of my characters. Again, that's just my own limitation, it's not a mark against your character at all. As for the location of the gem(s), you shouldn't be too worried about the location being "unique" considering there's only so many places on the human form to put something like that, and it's been shown that gems can be completely different "types" and have their gem in the same place (i.e. Pearl and Peridot having their gems on their forehead). I'd say that everything from the show, from the belly to the chest to the forehead and heck even the nose, is fair game. If you do want something unique though, you could go for something like the outside of the hand. Garnet/Ruby/Sapphire technically have their gems on their hands, but they're on the palms; the outside of the hand could fulfill the "unique" criteria you're looking for, and like Ruby and Sapphire show gem placement doesn't necessarily have to be symmetrical so you wouldn't need a second gem. Edit: If you're worried about how your character is going to pull our their weapon, you could also put the gem on something like one of their shoulders. Still, in my head I can think of some cool weapon-drawing animations for a Gem that uses two weapons and needs to pull both out of a gem on their hand; something like, the daggers rise out of the hand-gem and hang in the air for a second before the character quickly grabs them, stuff like that. Or hey, here's an idea: the daggers are joined, and are pulled out of the gem together, but the character splits them once the weapons are out. Sometimes having to come up with ways to make a concept work that would otherwise not make sense leads to some of the most unique aspects of the design, ya know?
  10. I've considered making a Gemsona, but there's quite a few things that give me pause; namely, whenever I make an "OC" I always want it to be super lore-friendly (hence my aversion to Alicorn OCs, for instance) and with Steven Universe the specifics of how Gems work and what they actually are is such an important part of the show that I'm not really comfortable throwing my hat into the ring, as it were. We don't know if Gems of the same "type" look the same or if they can be completely different, or even if there are multiples of the same type of Gem in the first place (though it's heavily implied there are, see Jasper's "a lost, defective Pearl"). This means I'd either have to make a really generic OC that fits within the limited rules of Gems as we know them now, or wait until our understanding of Gems reaches some arbitrary point where I'm comfortable making a completely original character bound by those rules. For instance, your Gemsona is a male-gendered gem, which is unheard of except for Steven (who is half-human), and has more than one gem, something only fusions are shown to have at this point. As someone who has put these arbitrary limits on my OCs, that makes my OCD fly off the charts. Not saying your OC isn't good, I really like that character concept in a stand-alone context, but the breaks from canon mean something like that wouldn't work for me as my personal Gemsona. And I'm not sure if there'll ever be a point where I'm not too afraid to make a character; I'm just worried that my "headcanon" for them will be rendered moot by the show at some point due to the mysterious nature of Gems in general and how we seem to learn something new about them every episode :\
  11. My first job was working at the movie theaters, specifically Cinemark (who had bought Century Theaters shortly before I was hired). I was 16 at the time, and worked at a Berryessa, CA location; I actually really liked the place and my coworkers. The issue was that the theater hardly got any business, so after a couple years they shut that location down and transferred me to a theater inside of a mall and that place was terrible. I eventually was let go after they cut my hours to about 2 days a week. Cinemark was slowly turning the Century Theaters I had worked at (and that my mother was a manager of for a good chunk of my life) into soulless husks of their former selves. I worked at Fry's Electronics as a computer technician as my second job, and I was really excited but in reality it was terrible; Fry's operates like a company stuck in the 1950's, except they sell modern electronics. Almost all of their sales and inventory software uses DOS. Yes, that DOS. Eventually I left due to finding a better job opportunity, and I've been happy with my job ever since
  12. At work I use a laptop with a three screen setup, one of which is the laptop screen itself: one standard oriented monitor in the middle, one vertically-oriented monitor to the right of that (for working on code and whatnot) and the laptop on a raised platform to the left of the middle monitor. At home, I just have my one 1920x1200 monitor hooked up to my gaming desktop.
  13. I used to ship Garnet and Pearl, even after Jailbreak, but I can't really do that in good conscience after "Love Letters" :x For me the main ships are the boring ones since I don't like trying to force ships. Steven x Connie is adorable, I want Lars x Saddie to work out in the end, and ever since that one fan comic I really hope Jamie x Kevin becomes a thing xD I highly recommend it, they've got a good mix of fans who like to focus on story/lore, a guy who really likes the character-episodes, etc.
  14. Yep, that's an awesome rendition. Related question, does anyone else listen to the Lunar Sea Spire Steven Universe fan podcast? It's really good. Here's a link to the site: http://www.lunarseaspire.com/
  15. Oi, respect the rules of the thread or you're gonna get reported by the OP. They've asked you two to stop multiple times, take it to PMs if you want to keep the conversation going.