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  1. Hi, are you Silver Eagle from Ponyville Live?

  2. Hey everypony! Silver Eagle here from Ponyville Live, just wanted to chime in and answer a few questions. First of all, I'm really happy that we were able to work with the Poniverse crew on this project. Our networks have been affiliates for quite a while, but this is really the kind of potential you can see when pony projects work together for the greater good. So, just to answer a few common questions from our end: What happens to the Current MLP Music Archive? For those of you who didn't know about it, until now the MLP Music Archive was essentially a giant .torrent file containing a dump of as many Brony songs as could possibly be found and catalogued. In the almost 2-year period that Ponyville Live has maintained the MLP Music Archive, we've come to realize that there are two very distinct reasons someone would want a huge archive of all of the pony music in existence: To create an "archive of record" of all of the art created in the Brony community, preserving it from accidental loss and artists who might leave the fandom and delete all of their music on the way out the door, and creating a genuine representation of the size and scope of the awesome stuff made by this fandom; and To have a singular place to download music without paying or supporting the individual artists, in a way that essentially amounts to piracy within our own fandom. While lots of people can appreciate the first mission, artists and others slowly came to resent the second, and saw the MLPMA as more of a piracy-oriented way to let people download their music without needing to support them. This was only made worse by the technology platform of the MLPMA, BitTorrent, which has earned (legitimately or otherwise) a reputation for enabling piracy. In truth, the purpose of the MLPMA wasn't to avoid supporting the musicians, but instead to preserve and celebrate the work they put out. Without a suitable web frontend to present this archive, however, the only way to distribute that much content in a reasonably affordable way is via .torrent files, which is why the archive was handled this way so far. For years, though, we've looked for a way to "legitimize" the service, moving it somewhere that it could be streamed and downloaded on a one-by-one basis, so that it could truly fulfill its original purpose. Now we've found our friends at! Ponyville Live will officially be transitioning the MLPMA to be hosted by and maintained as part of their platform. We have a small team of maintainers, many of whom will still be helping to maintain the archive as it exists on Another group of maintainers has also expressed interest in keeping their own "fork" of the classic MLPMA and maintaining it independently. They will be keeping their copy of the archive and updating it from there, but this won't be an official PVL / Poniverse supported project. Why Besides our long-standing partnership with Poniverse, there were other technical factors that played into our choice to work with for the MLP Music Archive project. Namely, those were:'s existing API, allowing PVL and other sites to easily reference the songs contained in the site's database; The very active status of the codebase, and the relative ease of modifying the existing platform to support the MLPMA; and The lightweight and easy-to-use web interface, which has already implemented the somewhat tricky task of allowing music playback to continue seamlessly while you navigate the site. We began talking with the Poniverse folks about this several months ago, but we were finally able to hash out the specifics at this year's BABScon in San Francisco. It's only fitting that by the time the next big West coast pony convention rolled around, they were ready to announce it. What happens now? After finishes its migration of the now-giant MLPMA and gets it set up inside its system, the site will quickly become the "authoritative" source of music in the pony community. Not only will it have lossless copies of music uploaded by artists directly to the service, but it'll have just about any pony song you can find, and some you can't find anywhere else! We intend to continue working very closely with them to keep the archive current, and adding even more integration into the Ponyville Live site and API. Stay tuned as we announce new fun things that relate to this. /)
  3. Hi there, and happy birthday! :3 Hope you have a great time~ ^.^

  4. I kinda like this forum thing...

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      I do too :D

      Though it would be kind of sad if I didn't like it and spent this much time here anyway.

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      The Silver Eagle is a coin from Bioshock Infinite. Just sayin...

  5. The livestream chat is always one of my favorite parts of conventions. As far as the general con-goer experience goes, things probably went great. We had a few issues of our own, and it cost me a fortune and a half to get out there, which unexpectedly wiped out every other spring/summer 2015 convention for me, but that's just my personal stuff. I do wish people would at least try to control the spread of disease at cons, though. I kept hand sanitizer with me at all times and used it religiously, and still came home only to develop a severe upper respiratory infection a few days later, which is still bugging me today. I know the con experience is awesome, but if you're sick, try to limit your exposure or stay in your room as much as you can. Besides, there is a livestream you can watch.
  6. So apparently there are dating threads on these forums? o.O

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      At least you was noticed by senpai today.

  7. Hey everypony! A few weeks back, we discussed the way the PVL forums were structured, and we agreed that maybe we just had too many forums sitting around. In particular, a lot of our forums (i.e. music discussion, convention discussion) were redundant with official MLPForums areas, and we didn't want to be stepping on any hooves. So we agreed to pare down our forums to just this main one and the Announcements forum, which will now automatically feature posts that we make on our PVL News account, such as guest announcements for our partner conventions, upcoming special events on the network, and more. Feel free to keep using this forum for any discussion relating to PVL, its stations, streams, podcasts, or our network convention coverage. /)
  8. (Note: As adorable as this is, BunnyvilleFM was short lived, and shut its doors on April 2. )
  9. Catchy Bug Name: Premature Notification (teehee) Application Version: 0.1.6 What went wrong: I just don't know (baahahah) But seriously though, notifications go off even when stations aren't playing sometimes. How to reproduce it: Click a station to play it, then click the "pause" button on the button bar, and watch as notifications continue to roll in for that station. My theory is that it's checking for whether the right-panel element is present (or contains the <audio> tag or something like that) and using that to determine whether notifications go out, and it needs to be updated to also have an "is_playing" check on the actual audio element itself. You're my hero Auzzie <3
  10. I'm getting the hang of this forum business. Maybe

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  11. Oh hey, you can do status updates on here. :D

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  12. HoofSounds is awesome We also just rolled out a Chrome desktop app, in case that's more your style:
  13. Your OC is really cool-lookin', by the way. ;D

  14. Hello and welcome to the Ponyville Live! forums. We're very happy to be partnering with our friends at Poniverse/MLP Forums to create a place where pony media lovers can chat it up with one another, offer us new ideas and suggestions, and ask us questions. If you're visiting and curious about Ponyville Live!, I suppose the first question that should be answered is: What is Ponyville Live? To put it simply, Ponyville Live! (or "PVL" for short) is a pony media network, a big group composed of radio stations, video streams, and podcasts. Together as a network, we're a part of the "pony press", so we travel across the world to provide streaming and recorded coverage of MLP conventions. We joined together to make a "one-stop shop" for all of our media options, and to make life easier for our partners by centralizing a lot of the behind-the-scenes work (web hosting, radio hosting, etc). Our network also features a huge collection of publicly available data about our stations, streams and podcasts, which has made it very easy for people to create apps that tune into PVL content for almost every major platform. These days, you can listen to PVL content from your phone, browser, desktop, and even your TV, and there's even more in the works. What Are We Doing Here? We're here for two reasons: to make it easier for us to share some of the amazing creative work made by this community, and to let the listeners, the people who keep us doing what we do, have a voice and an easy way to reach us. The world of forums is a new one for us, so we're excited to see about what can happen with them. It may be a little slow going at first, but keep checking back for more updates as we dive into this new community. If you have any questions, feel free to post them right here in the forums. If it's a private question, you can send me (SlvrEagle23) a private message on the forums, or e-mail us at Thanks for visiting, and pony on! /)
  15. I spy a lustrous bird of prey.