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  1. Manhattan Kansas or New York? If Kansas then hello my fellow Kansan X3

  2. Fleur De Lis

    Rarity Fan Club

    This French just never ends. ;~; On another note: Good morning :3
  3. Your icon is really trippy cool, I could stare at it all night. XD

    1. Fleur De Lis

      Fleur De Lis


      I wouldn't recommend doing that. :P

  4. I only notice the awesome animated space mane now. ITZ SO KOOL

  5. I'm going to be the first. c:

    1. DragonFlyer


      Aw, well thank you! :D

  6. That is quite the long "About me" page you got there :o

    1. Twilight Circuits

      Twilight Circuits

      and it's only just a piece of... truthful history...

  7. Foxes. :D

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    2. Fleur De Lis

      Fleur De Lis

      Actually most foxes make screeching noises that'd terrify you if you didn't know where they came from. :<

    3. Steve
    4. Fleur De Lis
  8. I just wanted to thank you for that Luna gallery. It's helped me find a lot of old pictures back! ^^

    1. DND


      Really? I feel nostalgic just looking through it, TBH. And I'm glad it put to use! <3

  9. "I like gamez. I like teh musikz. I like teh fanfiktionz. I like teh poniez." We's gun b bes frenz c:

  10. Your request has been accepted. In the spirit of friendship, please allow me to tell you that your avatar is freakin sweet.

    1. Fleur De Lis

      Fleur De Lis

      As a friend: Thanks for your dope-ass comment brah :P

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