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    Do I not feel fear? No, but in the furthest galaxies, I still feel at home.
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  1. Lance Shield

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Sometimes it's just waking up that's the worst part of my day. Same?
  2. Lance Shield

    Discord Master Exchange Thread

    LanceShield#0027 Just tell me you're from the Forums or else I won't add you.
  3. Lance Shield

    General How Old Do You Feel?

    I'm 22 but I feel much older due to a mix of personal experiences and my own health problems.
  4. Lance Shield

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    I'm heterosexual but in an odd way. I have sexual feelings for women, but I don't seek a relationship. I watched my sibling's marriage fall apart, and I don't want the same to possibly happen to me should I get married.
  5. Lance Shield

    What's your thoughts on sleep?

    I love sleeping, it allows me to escape reality for a short time while also recharging my body for the next day.
  6. Lance Shield

    Tell us a truth about yourself?

    I have an incredibly unhealthy obsession with cheese. I'm serious, I LOVE cheese and will spend $100 on it if I have the opportunity!
  7. Lance Shield

    Health How Do You Handle An Upset Stomach?

    Here's what I do: For mildly-upset stomach: Ginger Ale, TUMS, and plenty of water. For moderately-upset stomach and indigestion: Pepto Bismol and TUMS For severely-upset stomach and severe indigestion: Induce vomiting only as a last resort.
  8. Storm King's army wasn't that large and would've been destroyed by the U.S. Army, and his fleet of airships wouldn't stand a chance against the U.S. Air Force. Zeppelins vs. basically any fighter jet from the USAF, there's basically no competition.
  9. Technology: My computer My smartphone My Nintendo Switch The Internet Television Modern Medicine Food: I'm a true, dyed-in-the-wool, carnivore. So not being able to eat meat would really suck. I love sweets, but I don't think my blood glucose levels would appreciate me eating Pinkie's sweets 24/7. Family and Friends: I'm sure I wouldn't be permitted to bring anyone along with me, so I'd become very lonely very fast. Even after making friends with the ponies, I'd still want human contact. Living in a Civilization built by humans, for humans: Our civilization was built with our needs in mind. We have technology and modernity. Moving to Equestria, where technology is either primitive and supplemented by magic, or just non-existent, would be like going back in time to live in Medieval Europe, only with some modern touches.
  10. Lance Shield

    Exactly how big is ponyville?

    Funnily enough, Ponyville kind of reminds me of the town I'm currently living in. It's small, has less than 1000 residents, but is actually larger than Ponyville, at around 41.79 mi². So, if Ponyville were to register in the U.S., it would identify as either a town or small village.
  11. Lance Shield

    where is the Guverment

    The government could either be aware of the kind of power that's behind Equestrian magic or not. If it is, then it could either be choosing to let it exist because the magic is largely used to fight crime and prevent disasters, making their jobs easier, or they could be studying it from afar, hoping to figure out a way to harness it into a new magic-based class of weapons that the military can use. As we've seen from the EQG movies, Equestrian magic is very powerful and, if it falls into the wrong hands, can be used to cause massive damage and even rip open portals between the two worlds.
  12. Lance Shield

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Not really, I've never had a green thumb. Pinkie Pie just came in and stole all of your sugar. What do you do?
  13. Lance Shield

    Your favourite...

    Applejack Vinyl Scratch Favorite meme from 2018?
  14. Lance Shield

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Funnily enough, YouTube is also my go-to site for curing boredom. DeviantArt is also a good site to visit as well. If you're familiar with the Internet Wayback Machine, what website did you visit using it?
  15. Lance Shield

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    No and I most likely never will. Same