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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Yes. My family used to go across the border into New Brunswick, Canada all the time while I was growing up. Same question.
  3. No How do you think 2020 is gonna go, good or bad?
  4. 42. The meaning of life, the universe, and everything. Question machine broke. Can you fix it?
  5. Milk chocolate's always been a favorite of mine, though I do enjoy white chocolate occasionally too
  6. Gaming Computers and Tech Coding Writing Vexillology.
  7. I'm an outspoken Atheist, that alone would get me jailed, tortured, or killed in most Middle Eastern countries with the exception of Israel. They may have nice views and pretty cities, but I won't go there until they stop killing people for being different.
  8. I like most of the older version of Windows, from XP to 7 (RIP Windows 7). If I'm feeling nostalgic, I'll boot up Windows XP in a virtual machine and, I don't know, play some Space Cadet 3D Pinball. Recently, I've been toying more with Windows 7 since Microsoft just killed it off not too long ago.
  9. Does car sickness count? Because if so, then I'm here too. Seriously, just to travel for a long period of time, I need to have either ginger ale or Dramamine tablets.
  10. I've never been a big fan of sweet potatoes, so Mashed it is. Preferably with gravy I also love baked potatoes. Split in the middle and stuffed with shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, and bacon bits. Yum
  11. I live in the northeastern United States, in a friendly state known as Maine. We have more pine trees than people.
  12. Baseball (Love the Boston Red Sox) Favorite non-cartoon TV show?
  13. My opinion is rather simple: There's no such thing as an alpha or beta male. People are gonna live and act how they want. The whole Alpha/Beta Male paradigm literally serves no practical purpose.
  14. I'm a soda guy with many favorite flavors and brands. This list will be more than three, sorry OP Cola: I'm not a brand loyalist when it comes to cola. Coca-Cola and Pepsi are both good, as are most generic brands (Sam's Cola being a big generic favorite of mine) Dr. Pepper and his Clone Army: Dr. Pepper is good, but again I don't mind drinking the generic stuff (Dr. Thunder is amazing) Mountain Dew & Clones: Original Dew is a nice soda. Voltage, Code Red, Baja Blast, and Merry Mash-Up are also all great flavors. Again, okay with generic stuff (Mountain Lightning is a favorite) Most fruit sodas: Orangette and Grapette are great sodas (I shop at Walmart a lot). Fanta's Blue Raspberry, Apple, Orange, and Strawberry sodas are also favorites. Speaking of strawberry, Hannaford's generic strawberry soda is just about as good as Fanta. I like fruit punch sodas, but they tend to leave a strange aftertaste. Root Beer: When it comes to root beer, I'm a massive fan of one brand in particular: Barq's. Barq's has a bite to it that no other brand can replicate. But if Barq's isn't available, I don't mind cracking open a can of the generic stuff (Again, Walmart's Great Value comes to the rescue). Ginger Ale: I'm a big fan of Canada Dry and Schweppes. Every holiday season (around Thanksgiving), we buy their cranberry ginger ale. That stuff is amazing! Outside of sodas, I also like regular and flavored seltzer waters. I usually get either Adirondack or generic. I don't buy La Croix or Bubly because they're too expensive and I don't drink seltzer all the time.