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  1. Swoop Productions

    Gaming Recommend me some 3DS games

    fire emblem awakening! a great game love by all most ds gamers consider it the best game of the console...but it's hard so....be ready to be trashed
  2. Swoop Productions

    First Time on MLPForums

    Welcome To The Forums Hi Hawkeye And Welcome TO MLPFORUMS! Now I Normally Would Do This In your Favorite Pony Color But You Don't State it On Your Post So Sorry! But Anyway I Hope You Make Lots Of Friends Here And If You Need Help With Anything Just Ask And We Will Be Glad To Help Also We Are Not Just A Corner We Are A Planet..... (sorry had to make that joke lol!)
  3. Swoop Productions

    General Media Most Annoying Fandom

    anyone who a fanboy white knight annoying drone....basically people who say PC MASTER RACE, CONSOLE MASTER RACE, PLAY STATION MASTER RACE, XBOX MASTER RACE, NINTENDO MASTER RACE And Ignore the flaws of there platform and make a big deal about problems on the other one even through the one they love has a close to the same problem....nothing perfect i wish these fanboys would just accept that.....
  4. Swoop Productions

    Where would you want to move?

    The UK It's been 8 years since i lived there and i miss it......
  5. Swoop Productions

    Ask Discord!

    HEY Discord! What Would You Do If Fluttershy Went Insane Started On A Murdering Spree Killing Innocent Animal And Ponies
  6. Swoop Productions

    Hello ponies! The GreatAndPowerfulKaty has joined! :)

    Welcome To The Forums Welcome! I Hope You Enjoy Your Time On The Forums And Hope You Make Alot Of Friends Here. So You Like Hiking I Personally Used To Hike All The Time But These Days My Family Lives To Far Away From Any Hills Or Places To Hike So We Mostly Leave It Off (I Also Hear You Like Trixie And Twilight..... Personally Luna Is My Favourite Than Twilight Than Derpy Than Trixie Who Places Fourth On My List Of Vague Likes And Dislikes Even Through I Don't Like Any Pony Better Than The Other, But Hey What You gonna Do When Told To Give Your Top 5 To Your Friends Over Skype....) So Anyway I Hope You Enjoy Your Time Here On The Forums And If You Need Anything Just Give Me A Shout And I'll Help You Out.... (That Rhyme Was SO CHEESY!)
  7. Swoop Productions

    NOW HIRING: PoniArcade Head!

    geez so jelly for those who get to do this... I would Apply As it Is My Dream Job But There's Two Problems...........One I Have No Experience In Server Making... And I'm Only 13....So yeah good luck to whoever does get the job
  8. My Impulsiveness I struggle to take orders cuz i'm so impulsive i don't register what order i been given so i make mistakes. and in school it's worst way worst i don't make too many mistakes but when i do it's a big one all because i'm impulsive i wish i could just rip it out of my soul
  9. Swoop Productions

    Who else prefers the night?

    personally if my mom didn't make go to sleep i would stay up all night because i personally like the night better than the day time but sadly i have school and stuff so.....yeah she won't let me....... but i just feel more awake at night....(probably cause i take naps during the day...) and luna makes everything look better like you said....personally when i grow up...i'm going to be a night owl! stay up till like 8am fall asleep wake up again at 12 until 3pm take a nap 3:30-6:00pm get back up at 10pm-8am and repeat! (man i've planned my life out too much)
  10. Swoop Productions

    Ask Swoop (Little Big Planet CHARACTER )

    Well Right now i'm thinking of what to make next....hmm...should i make a Cake themed level or A Wizard Themed World.........
  11. Swoop Productions

    Ask Swoop (Little Big Planet CHARACTER )

    Welcome To My Ask A Pony after i've saved newton and bunkum i've heard many people ask me questions sadly i can't talk similar to sackboy and the rest of the heroes so i decided to start this I can't wait to hear what questions you ask
  12. Swoop Productions

    Are you happy that you became a brony?

    Yes every since i've became a brony i've met many new friends and became a part of my first fandom
  13. Swoop Productions

    Gaming What is the most recent video game you beat?

    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 on the PS3 it was a struggle but my completionist self finally got all the main story done and are now starting all the side bosses and quests
  14. Swoop Productions

    would you want to live in Equestria

    I would if my family would agree to come....and friends of course....i can't live without family they help me through everything through my depression,Austim,ADHD and Toileting Issues.....i would but without them life in equestria is just not worth it
  15. Swoop Productions

    Invent new pony words/expressions!

    Buckginner : A Beginner to mlp or anything for that matter to be used by all bronies