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  1. Sweetie-Belle

    So who here has tried out the Playstation Now on PC?

    What's your specs? Can you try out any of the Uncharted games or Little Big Planet? How do the games run?
  2. Sweetie-Belle

    Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

  3. Sweetie-Belle

    Do you pour the milk or the cereal first?

    Cereal! What kind of weirdo pours the milk first? If you're one of those weirdos who pours the milk first, sorry. Didn't mean to offend you!
  4. Sweetie-Belle

    Why The Member Above You Is Awesome

    You're awesome because flames are cool!
  5. Sweetie-Belle

    Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    It's actually quite comfortable and most people say you forget you're wearing it after a while, but I understand your concerns. Also, most of the headsets have been designed to work with glasses/include a foam insert that works with glasses. I preordered Watch Dogs in 2014, it was my first Ubisoft game. NEVER AGAIN.
  6. Sweetie-Belle

    Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    Sweetie-Belle's Summer Sale Plans: 1. Trainz (Simulator): A New Era 2. Train Simulator 3. Train Simulator German Trains DLC 4. Train Simulator American Trains DLC 5. Train Simulator French Trains DLC 6. Why are you buying so many train DLC sweetie-belle?!?!?!? 7. American Truck Simulator 8. Virtual Desktop Wait until you actually TRY them before you say anything Depending where you live, a lot of places are letting you demo the Oculus Rift/HTC Vive. I suggest you try the Vive, as it's the best one out so far. Pretty sure Microsoft stores have demos, Walmart probably has Oculus Rift, Microcenter has some probably, I know Gamestop has, etc.
  7. Sweetie-Belle

    Gaming Favorite video game console?

    PC, but if you don't count that as a console then PS3 is my favorite.
  8. Sweetie-Belle

    What do you prefer on chips/fries? Ketchup or Mayonnaise?

    NONE!!!!!! I HATE ketchup and mayonnaise! Uh, I mean, none. I don't like anything on my fries except whatever it's called in English (potato flavoring i think it's called?)
  9. Sweetie-Belle

    Gaming Who here likes Portal?

    Portal 2 is my favorite game of all time!
  10. Sweetie-Belle

    Pizza or Burgers?

    Neither.. I hate both of them D:
  11. Sweetie-Belle

    [Spoilers] The Saddle Row Review (S6E9)

    The Saddle Row Review Review
  12. Sweetie-Belle

    Is there anyone here who isn't into Pokemon or Anime?

    Honestly I don't like Pokemon or anime. Both the games and the show. Also I've never tried to watch anime, but (in my opinion!) it just looks dumb and something that I probably couldn't get into, even if I tried.
  13. Sweetie-Belle

    Gaming Has anyone ever played Subnautica?

    Came out for the Xbox One yesterday I think! You should check it out.
  14. Sweetie-Belle


    Sometimes I feel the same way. I hope you feel better soon.