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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. This roleplay has been rebooted!!! Characters will be accepted after this marker!! ---------------------------------------------------------------- Happy joining!
  3. @@silvermoon15000,@@child of the night, Sorry for the very very late response! Although im not the person you're looking for im assuming- fear not! For Im taking over- and im allowed too- whatever SpaceAsylum left behind! The roleplay will continue- although I cant edit the main post so characters being added is a big no whoops. @@Lil' Lovebug, @@Mysterious Way, and anyone I may have forgotten to tag- you're all accepted! Ill have the roleplay thread- with a better list on it- up in due time! please be patient!!
  4. @@Cosmic Breeze, Ah hello ;w; I will be taking over SpaceAsylums character Shutter bug from this point on- and no Im not here to steal someones character I have permission ;w;
  5. @@Wolves,@@silvermoon15000, @@The Narwhal Muffin, @@Colenso Rivers, All accepted. Ill be making the rp thread shortly as well as adding everyone to the character list.
  6. @@Colenso Rivers, Yes Ill reserve a spot for a wild haunter.
  7. ~Character list~ Welcome to Pokemon Academy! (2.0!) Welcomed to an advanced world of pokemon. In this world, humans never existed! Therefor, pokemon of all kinds cater to their own needs, mostly by sending their kits, cubs and children to the famous pokemon academy! Here the students will learn what it means to be a pokemon, including battle training and type education!! THE RULES!! Like all roleplays, no mary/gary sues and op characters! All pokemon EXCEPT legendaries are allowed! I will only accept ONE of each pokemon, this doesnt count evolutions Teachers are expected to be played- dont make all characters students!! I would like at least a pharagraph (3-5 sentences) per character you play! No one liners or replies just above the 20 character limit. You can play as many characters as you can handle, but limit yourself please More rules will be added as time goes on <3 THE CHARACTER RULES!! Students are expected to be an unevolved pokemon, with various exceptions. (Example: A student CAN be a Eevee, but CANT be any of the evolved forms) Teachers can be any stage of evolution, but mostly fully evolved or a middle stage. Students, when first made- can only know two moves (1st years), 3 moves (2-3 years) and finally 4 moves (4th years). As the roleplay moves on they will learn more. Teachers can known any learnable move (do not give a fire type water pulse I will have a heart attack) under level 30. Legendaries are NOT allowed Regarding rule 3 of the normal rules- I will NOT accept 2 haunters, but I WILL accept a haunter and a gengar- as an example. Only two teachers per class ~Forms below~
  8. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums?: I was a member prior. Left for a..very long while, now im back! How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Uhm. Hi? I'm LittleSylveon, or as some may or may not recognize me as 'RainMuffin' from...well a very long time ago. I'm now a fifteen-year-old female artist, formerly a 13-year-old sketch dork. I just recently got back into MLP, as well as Fairytail and Pokemon. I still love to roleplay and stuff. My favorite Pokemon is actually pancham, I just happen to love drawing sylveon. Which reminds me, I did draw my icon. I think...that's all? A small warning, I gained a bit of anxiety so I might be a bit...nervous around most at first. Any new updates I probably forgot to put above -My cat rusty died and his mate Isis ran away -I gained a new kitten by accident, her name is Baloo -I still use a ton of references when I art -Im more of a dork then I was before -I'm currently in a relationship with another brony -LittleSylveon
  9. Just got back to this site. Man have I missed yall.

  10. Ok, I have attempted to revive this rp, and Iv considered things a little too slow, as well as probably dead seeing as most of the rpers have probably just forgotten about it by now. So consider this rp over. No more posting as no one will reply Rp closed
  11. @, Brandi clacked her hooves together lightly "You can understand him? oh and ya! Sure! It would be a great experience to get to know each other better wouldn't it?" she said with a slightly hyper tone to her voice despite her normal scared attitude. Closing her suit case and sliding it under the bed she stood up from her bed and threw another treat at ziggy.
  12. @, Im planning on reviving this one soon as soon as I get the other rps in line...
  13. @, Tons of other rps that were suddenly brought back, you see I go to this website called Chickensmoothie where rps have their own form as well. Lets put it this way, im forwarding all my work into those older rps because they are alot older then this one, and this one was long dead when they started up.