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  1. Dragon Ball: Universe Z ~ Thread Hello, Today I need some lovely people to help me with my fan-game for Dragonball Z. I know there are a lot of people here with many talents, and I could really use some.. I need Musicians for Stages. I need Sprite Artists for Character sheets. For Musicians I need somethig like Battle Music for the fighting game to feel hype! For Sprite Artists I need sprite sheets using this base sheet.. If you would like to enter follow these steps..if you don't mind :comeatus: For Musicians Submit a battle theme sample (Like 10-20 sec) If you have other samples link me to it, I would love to hear the work. For Sprite Artists Submit a small sample sprite sheet of the idle stance, walk cycle and attacks from the base above. The character that I need a sample of is her.. you need more info or need something else please PM me or quote this post, bye bye! ~
  2. NightGuard

    Ask SCS

    Can you answer my riddle? :comeatus: Riddle: What kind of tree is carried in your hand?
  3. NightGuard

    come up with a useless superpower

    The ability to watch TV without eyes..
  4. NightGuard

    Draw the profile picture above you in MS Paint

    Absolutely beautiful!
  5. NightGuard

    First day as Ruler of Equestria, what shall you do?

    I will turn Pinkie Pie into Eminem..
  6. This project is canceled..haven't spoke with the animator in a while...
  7. Anybody play the game, I loves it! Just wanna know if anybody else does .. I will make a guild for brony players if anybody else here plays..
  8. NightGuard

    Draw the profile picture above you in MS Paint Nailed it!
  9. NightGuard

    Ebola Virus Discussion

    Eh..this is worry for nothing. We have no need to feel stressed as in the US we have less chance of this becoming widespread. Call me Skeptical..but I'm not panicking..
  10. NightGuard

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because lord is in your name..
  11. NightGuard

    Do you find characters attractive?

    Sexy, yes! Sexually aroused by them, yes! Get a girlfriend/ Watch real humans..nope..why would I watch two humans together
  12. Flufflepuff where is the fucking FLUFF?
  13. I would never..I am African American..
  14. NightGuard

    Hypnotize yourself to be a pony, links included

    For anyone wondering a Tulpa is a forced hallucination in simplest words. The creator must relax enough to picture the Tulpa's image, personality and forming. Some Tulpas take 2-3 months to fully become it's own being, some people have tried for 5-6 months for it to work. Tulpa forming varies from person to person, but people have got it to work and their Tulpa's can even act as someone to talk to or bounce ideas off.