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  1. I haven't been on these forums for probably a good year and a half, almost two (I think.) Have I missed anything BIG?
  2. I HAVEN'T BEEN ON HERE IN SO LONG. Let's talk guys!!

  3. First time back on in a LONG time! what's up guys?

  4. Hi there, and happy birthday! =3 Hope you have a good time~ ^^

  5. Id have to say Applejack (obviously) primarily because I admire her conviction to.honesty over anything, and her work ethic and loyalty to her friends and family.
  6. I'm wanting to do multiplayer, I'm not a big zombies fan.
  7. Hey guys, just looking for some people to play Black Ops 2 a little later after I'm off work. So it'd be around 6:30 PM mountain time. If youre interested just post your GT and ill pop you a friend request on Xbox a little later.
  8. Any takers to play BLOPS 2 on Xbox

  9. How is everybody today?! c:

  10. I found out about the whole brony fandom after my sister wanted to show me ":the freakiest documentary ever" which was the Brony documentary on Netflix. Not only did I see how strong of a conviction those guys had to the show, but also the whole idea of a show "targeted for little girls" catching the interest of grown men had piqued my curiosity, and I just had to watch it! needless to say, after the first episode, I was hooked.