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    Well hello there! let me introduce myself, I'm Suzie Indigo, I'm an Earth Pony. I love the night, I enjoy watching the sun rise and set too! My talent is.. Well, I don't have any talents at the moment.. Anywho, I'm formerly from Canterlot but now I'm a resident in Ponyville! What about you? Leave it in the comments below! Nice to meet you!
    Hi everypony! Can you help me out by checking out my very own (and first) MLP:FIM Fan Fiction?! Thanks! http://mlpforums.com/topic/101895-the-mane-six/#entry2760282

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  1. @Vitani Haha, it's okay if you can't join this roleplay. It seems like you are very busy with two other roleplays! Perhaps three next time, haha, I'm just being silly! Have fun roleplaying! Thanks for informing me about Journey To A Higher Plane! See you soon!
  2. @Vitani: Just out of curiosity, did you get this idea from Journey to a Higher Plane? Because it's very similar. Also, I think this needs to go in the RP planning section. this RP section is strictly for just RPs. There is a separate section for RP planning. just thought I should let you know. What is Journey To A Higher Plane? I never heard of it.
  3. There was once an old legend about the Crystal Mountains. There was a treasure with millions of gold beneath the grounds of the mountains. Nopony has ever found. It was impossible, all the dangerous and undefeated trials with dark monsters. That is why these ponies will go on a search for it, together, they would strive to achieve their "golds" Character List (Only 6 Ponies Allowed) Name: Age: Gender: Race: Weapons/Others: Personality: Appearance: 2/6 Ponies (Spirit Rush, Suzie Indigo) My Character Sheet Name: Suzie Indigo Age: 16 Gender: Mare Race: Earth Pony Weapons/O
  4. Suzie Indigo

    Open A new friend? Rp Topic

    My Character= mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/suzie-indigo-r6667 Age: 16 Gender: Female Species: Earth Pony Appearance: She is a blue mare with an ever-flowing mane and tail. She has a little blue gradients on her hooves because she as cursed. Cutie Mark: She does not have a cutie mark, yet. She doesn't know what her talent is. Personality: She loves the night time and nature so much. She was cursed to have the powers to control whatever she has in sight. She loves her family, but they died in a fire. She does not have any friends since she is always quiet
  5. Suzie Indigo

    Ask Me Anything!

    Hi I'm Suzie Indigo! I can answer a lot of questions! Math questions, Equestrian language questions! I'm and expert in answering questions~ Why not YOU ask me questions! It'll be fun!
  6. This game is really simple! You cannot answer a person with words or numbers! You can only respond with pictures! Let me start of for ya!
  7. I think there should be more people working for this site, because every member on this site should be monitored, some may be mean and can be lead to cyber-bullying others one day. I know it is very hard for you guys to monitor many people here on this site. Why not tell everyone not to be mean or they will be reported to the owners or moderators of the site. Everyone who has been treated badly here or had been bullied. Please inform the owners/moderators as soon as possible!
  8. Where can I get MLP Plushies for in between 100-200 bucks and is in good condition?
  9. Why thanks for adding me. Welcome to the forums and don't feed the para sprites!

    1. Suzie Indigo

      Suzie Indigo

      Thanks! Haha, okay~

    2. Suzie Indigo

      Suzie Indigo

      Thanks! Haha, okay~

  10. Please read my new MLP:FIM Fan Fiction~ I worked really heard on the first chapter, here's the link! http://mlpforums.com/topic/101895-the-mane-six/?view=getnewpost

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      Crystal Edge

      You make me do things I never thought I'd ever be able to do in life <3

    3. Suzie Indigo

      Suzie Indigo

      Thanks so much guys! <3

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      No problem! <3

  11. Suzie Indigo

    Adventure The Mane Six

    The Mane Six Introduction There was once 6 ponies who were great friends. They are always helping each other out when one of them is in need. They represent the Elements Of Harmony. The elements are Loyalty, Laughter, Kindness, Honesty, Generosity, and Magic. Each one of these elements represent the key to friendship, that hold special secrets in them. These six friends are Dawn Aeons, the element of Honesty, Lively Mane, the element of Kindness, Angelic Soar, the element of Generosity, Nyla Breeze, the element of Loyalty, Written Leaf, the element of Laughter, and above all, Zenith Li
  12. I am new-ish as well, and so far I've been having a great time! Welcome to the forums! :D

    1. Suzie Indigo

      Suzie Indigo

      Welcome to the forums to you too! :)

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