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    Customizing my little ponies in my artistic fashions~
    Being out in nature, being around family, listening to video game music, geeking over Game of Thrones :3

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  1. LightningMana

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    10/10 Good coloring, depth and expression
  2. LightningMana

    G1 (n Friends) The Gen 1 Pony Bride is really tall

    She's so tall she could be my dad
  3. G1's are bulky and ugly and the cartoon had hidden bondage fetishes in it G2's look like dinosaurs G3's were actually cute G4's look like donkey mice BUT I TAKE THEM AAAALLL I like them all
  4. We turn into maggot food and turn back into that blank nothing we were before we were born
  5. A fat 2+ hour long nap late in the morning, putting together a custom pony project to craft the Mane 6 as their 80's matches Rainbow Dash/Firefly Rarity/Sparkler Posey/Fluttershy Twilight/Twilight Sparkle Pinkie Pie/Surprise Applejack/Applejack But to make it more confusing, I'm posting them from the generation 3 turn of the millennium figures
  6. Jailed for shooting himself in the eye with a gun loaded with Pixie Stix PIXIE STIX FULL OF ILLEGAL LIES
  7. It's like one corner of the country is becoming one with the ocean, and the other corner is becoming demolished by fire I think Montana has it worst. Couple weeks ago a 450-wish acre fire burned in Scatter Creek area slightly north of me, so I drove to it cause I have a family member that lives out that way and posted about a fire at the end of her street on Facebook We drove up to where the roads were blocked off saw the nasty smoke then turned around and went to Jack-in-the-Box. I was sitting in the car there, turned around and helicopters were flying ar
  8. LightningMana

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Like a sizzling cadillac drizzled in brown sugar squash syrup covered in shredded cheese
  9. Boxers And I'm female but wear them anyway 🏁
  10. I'm desperate for custom pony art sales, I have a broken foot I hate our president and wish I could go back in time and help the natives keep the continent that is now 'Murica home of the white immigrants that hate all other immigrants.
  11. Only thoroughly trusting people can do that. You have to trust your partner after they've shown you trust, and they show that trust when around their ex. I have a family friend cause of that lol.
  12. Yeah pretty much all of my state except for me is on fire That's a slight exaggeration but as of yesterday there were 74 wild fires including that large idiotic one in the Gorge that was not so wild but set off by rabid teenagers Another brush fire went wild in my county today but it got stomped out quickly Drove my car through a carwash cause ash covered it yesterday Been keeping up on hurricane updates too; Harvey and Lidia hit, Irma got a start on the islands, and Jose and a 5th Kaittia or something
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