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  1. Does anyone else remember a video game that you personally enjoyed a lot, but not many other people remember very well? For me, Downhill Domination was one of my favorite "Underrated Gem" video games.



    1. Yamato


      Seek and Destroy for PS2.maxresdefault.thumb.jpg.59109b8e3e99f831c08877d7d1ad46f4.jpg

      Look at that cover, man! It's all actiony and American...

      Then there's the actual game.


      Completely different. Still, it was a great deal of fun. Lots of different tanks with a LOT of customization. The story, silly though it was, actually had several ways it could play out. Doing one mission before another could completely change the other mission and land you with different rewards, which was pretty cool at the time. The only downside for me was on the replayability front. Enemies weren't scaled up for NG+, so the game became laughably easy. It was fine though if you were willing to start a nee game every time.

  2. Going to see the caves down in Hannibal, Missouri today!

  3. Ah man. I was surfing youtube last night and came across some old cash for clunkers videos. That was such a shitty program... So many great cars killed. The mechanics were just doing their job so they shouldn't take the hate. I'm glad some of them got to have fun with some of the old cars before offing them. This video is hilarious:


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    2. Yamato


      Oh that's fantastic...

    3. Miles


      I think that it's an odd example of a car that is not timeless. By that I mean, I get why people think now, in 2017, that it's ugly... But that people in the 1980s thought it looked sharp. There's definitely still a (very) small niche of people who love these, like you and I, but many people think it's a car best left in the past, and I understand both sides.

    4. Yamato


      It really is fantastically hideous, but that's what's so great about it. The continental kit and wood paneling sold me enough, then it started talking...


      Imma have to teach my Lexus to do that.

  4. These FSL Zinc Zn30's sound really freaking great for their price. If I tried them in a blind test I'd assume they were 40 or 50 dollar earbuds, honestly. I can't say anything about durability though because I just got them. I initially got them for on-the-go travel earbuds, but seeing as these sound almost as good as my 60 dollar Sony's, I'll probably just use my JLab JBuds2's for travel, which are also pretty good but are a little too high on treble for my tinnitus-ringing ears for multiple hours of listening at home. But yeah, I totally recommend these:


    Oh, and while I'm recommending stuff, these rechargeable AA's are great:


  5. How to tell everyone that you are a complete douchebag and ruin a muscle car at the same time:


    1. Yamato


      Actually saw a Challenger like that today.

    2. Clod


      I'm no car expert but even I know this is disgusting.

  6. To be honest, the majority of pictures are just regular old tractors with either diesel or gas engines. There are multiple pictures of oil pull threshers in there, but overall there weren't as many as we originally expected to see. But nevertheless, I'm sure you'll love the pictures anyway. There are some rare gems in there for sure. I was in bliss the entire time I was there. Oh how badly my father and I want to have one of those Ford 8N tractors (light grey body, red chassis)! The Ford that was painted maroon-ish/burgundy-ish red was my favorite, though. To turn a simplistic tractor into som
  7. Yeah, it generates steam using the oil, and the steam powers the belt (as well as the rear wheels when the transmission is in gear). It's quite similar to locomotives of its time. Steam powered trains and tractors were a really big deal. Yeah, zipped folders might not be too mobile friendly. Nice! We don't have any classic/antique tractors, just a late '90s or early '00s Cub Cadet 7205 with a 21hp Mitsubishi diesel engine.
  8. I made a new blog about the Western IL Threshers show my father and I went to yesterday - There are tons of photos! Go and check them out! Feel free to comment anything you want, even old stories if you have any. 

    Has it become obvious why Applejack is my favorite pony yet? :icwudt:

    Initially, I posted a thread in General, but it was closed as the mod thought it wouldn't generate enough discussion, which I understand. But I hope to see at least a few people looking at the photos and commenting! Feel free to post photos of your own (or your family's) tractors and such, as well!

  9. Hmmm... You know, I've always thought your name was one of the coolest ones here.

  10. I totally agree... --- I'm still pretty much sticking to the same stuff I posted about 2 or 3 years ago in this thread when it comes to Spring/Summer clothes. T-shirts (typically with logos but sometimes plain), and cargo shorts (usually tan) or jeans (typically faded black) in moderate to warm weather... I just got a new shirt that I really love from Le Claire, Iowa after visiting the American Pickers' store a couple weeks ago. It's kind of an earthy pastel green with a picture of a old Land Cruiser (though the front end looks like a Jeep but it's just a "clip art" style picture) wi
  11. Boxer-briefs, the in-between answer. BUT NOT JUST ANY BRAND, specifically Joe Boxer boxer-briefs. Unfortunately, I think K-Mart stopped selling the type that I like (pure or mostly pure cotton, and zero spandex or anything similar).
  12. It varies greatly depending on whether or not I have to get up early the next day, and how much physical activity I endured during the daytime. Anywhere between Midnight and 6:00 AM. Lately it's been between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM.
  13. I'm from central Illinois, in the Spoon River area. My hometown has a population of about 2500 or so people. Our town is surrounded by corn and beans everywhere (and basically every surrounding town in this county as well as the towns in surrounding counties). I quite enjoy the small town life in a city dominated by agriculture. Our community is quaint and rustic, and at least 70% of the people here drive pick-up trucks (or so it seems). It's normal to see tractors and other large agricultural equipment driving on main street. My parents and I live in town but we have somewhere between 6 to 8
  14. Yesterday, my father and I went to see the Western Illinois Threshers Inc. 50th Annual Show in Hamilton, IL. There were many old tractors, a couple oil pull threshers, some garden tractors, some automobiles, and a few Mack trucks. This website describes it more in depth: http://www.westernillinoisthreshers.org/Here is an Oil Pull thresher/tractor (being used to turn the belt for a sawmill that is outside of the picture). CORRECTION: This is an Advance Rumely steam tractor/thresher (being used to turn the belt for a sawmill).* I had been looking at the actual Oil Pulls in the rest of my photos
  15. *Sigh* You know... 2 or 3 years ago the topic I created would have brought in boat-load of discussion. I almost thought about complaining that my topic would still bring discussion. But then I realized what this site has come to these days, and figured that you're probably right. Oh well. You win some you lose some. :maud:

  16. Yesterday, my father and I went to see the Western Illinois Threshers Inc. 50th Annual Show in Hamilton, IL. There were many old tractors, a couple oil pull threshers, some garden tractors, some automobiles, and a few Mack trucks. This website describes it more in depth: http://www.westernillinoisthreshers.org/ Here is an oil pull thresher/tractor (being used to turn the belt for a sawmill that is outside of the picture). If you want to look at a plethora of pictures of old tractors, download this .zip file I uploaded here: Threshers at Hamilton IL 8-4-17.zip Backup link on Dropbox ju
  17. "You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same."

    - Jonathan Davis, KoЯn

  18. So apparently my cat Louie is a total Badass:

    I know it may sound biased coming from me, his owner, but my cat is the most docile, super chill, loving, and nonchalant cat (around humans) I have ever seen. He's both an indoor *and* outdoor cat, and likes to love up to almost every human that comes near him, especially my mom, myself, and my dad. He likes to "talk" (meow) a lot if he wants attention, too.

    However, when he deems it necessary, he takes on a completely different attitude. If we're outside with him and a stray animal (or someone else's unknown pet) comes nearby, he becomes fully territorial [of our area] and relentlessly protective [of us].

    Today, my mother was outside picking weeds around our weeping crabapple tree near the street, and a woman's dog had apparently gotten loose from her grasp on the leash (or possibly just wasn't leashed anyway). I was inside so I didn't see this happen, but my mother says that, as the dog was walking on the sidewalk across the road, it saw my mother and started to bark at her and "bounce" towards her. Louie had been sitting or lying near my mother, and when the dog (a full grown Labrador) started doing that, Louie jumped up and bolted at him like a tiger, throwing paws and claws and screaming like beast. He was absolutely intending to destroy that dog if he needed to. Luckily for its own sake, my mother immediately yelled at this woman to grab her dog. The owner mistakenly thought my mother asked this because she was afraid the dog would hurt the cat, but my mother quickly replied that no, she was afraid our cat would claw that dog a new face. The woman quickly realized her dog had just pissed off the wrong cat, and grabbed it and started to walk away, looking backwards at my cat every few steps in awe of him and his courageous behavior.



    1. Once In A Blue Moon

      Once In A Blue Moon

      My cat Archie had an epiphany when he realised that our dogs (Labradors as well) were terrible cowards, although thankfully unlike another of the cats he didn't start to bully them* - rather, he just ignored them when they tried to chase him or other such antics that would earn a slap from the other cat. Friendly though he is, I don't get the impression he'd lift so much as a paw to protect me - too busy fixating on catching birds (as opposed to the rodents that he's supposed to be after.)

      What is more concerning is his complete lack of fear of horses; he will sit in the middle of the yard and expect them to walk around him - and so far they have.

      *said cat is the reason that the local fox now avoids going too near our barn.

    2. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      My cat is terrorizing only flies and spiders. But he is good at it. True flies serial killer.:D


    Hahaha, he's so on point. I can't imagine having people sing "Love Shack" to me day in and day out because of the car I'm driving.


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    2. Yamato


      That ES300 tho

    3. Miles


      Yeah man, I know. I know...

    4. Yamato


      The Camry trying to pretend it's something it isn't...

  20. I tried the (kind of) new Pepsi Fire out. I didn't know what it really was when I bought it. To me, it gave the implication that it was spicy like hot peppers, so maybe it had some kind of pepper extract. I was wrong, as it's cinnamon. That's cool I guess, but why call it Fire then? I'm not big on cinnamon (and really I'm not a Pepsi guy to begin with), so I didn't really like it. I didn't waste it, though; I drank it anyway. But I won't be getting any more.

    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Your reaction after drink was?:




    2. Ecto Storm

      Ecto Storm

      I agree. It sounds like gimmick city. I wish it was hot peppers, lol. Maybe a flavor in Japon. :P

    3. Miles


      @Fluttershy Friend 4. :maud:

      @Stormfury Yeah, I was hoping for Cayenne Pepper flavored Pepsi (it's not super spicy, but moderate, and tbh it's the best tasting pepper of most hot sauces I've tried). Lmao, Japan has all the weirdest stuff:


      I would LOVE to try sweet potato Kit-Kats!

  21. I've spent far too many hours of daydreaming in my life on subjects like this, and other similar ones. But you see, I just have too much of an emotional attachment to my parents, family, and friends to give a legitimate answer to this question as it stands. That isn't to say I wouldn't enjoy temporary time travel - I mean, who could honestly say no to temporary time travel (on the predetermined basis that it is 100% proven and safe, and with 100% ability to come back to the exact time at which you left)? Despite all the times I have considered myself to have more in common with people 10 to
  22. My parents and I are taking a little road trip today. We're going see the American Pickers shop (Antique Archaeology) in Saint Claire, Iowa. :)

    1. Miles


      *Saint Le Claire, that is.

    2. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Sounds very intersting (at least for me). Are you going to buy something or rather only see?

    3. Miles


      We just went to sight see, but I did get a T-shirt there. We went to a plethora of other little shops in the town, too, not just the Pickers shop. It was fun. Though it's quite uncomfortable trying to cram 3 adults into an '89 Camaro for an approximately 300 mile round-trip. It's our "Show Car" that doesn't get driven much, so we decided to take it on the trip since it's mid-summer. I had just changed the oil in it yesterday, too (which is a pain since the car is so damn low to the ground, and that makes getting it high enough with a jack stand to crawl underneath pretty difficult).

  23. bebced2f04.jpg

    TFW When your favorite auto parts store's website is down for maintenance:



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