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  1. I got chemical burns on my face last summer from pesticides my eyes and nose were practically swollen shut and my lips were so swollen that they started to crack. Any facial movements made my face burn so... so much!!!
  2. Cheesy G Nacho

    Gaming Anthem Discussion

    Anyone going to be playing Anthem at release tonight? I'm playing on Xbox One and my GT is CheesyGNacho if anyone will be looking for a wingman
  3. Cheesy G Nacho

    How do you all relax in your alone time.

    Binge watch Law and Order SVU
  4. Cheesy G Nacho

    Season 9 CONFIRMED to be the last season.

    Even though I hopped on the bandwagon in the middle of the craze (Season 5). This fandom made me go outside my comfort zone! Bronycon was the first and only Con I've ever been to for anything! This show changed my attitude towards life, from open-mindedness to understanding. I wouldn't change any of it, I wouldn't take any of it back, which is something I can't say about other things in my life. This provided me an amazing adventure in my life and allowing me to find myself! It's the discussions I've had with other fans that made it all worthwhile, making friends and everlasting bonds was the real magic!!!
  5. Cheesy G Nacho

    Sports NFL Week 3 Thread

    NFL WEEK 3 THREAD What's up everyone? Just trying to get a gathering to post back and forth about the goings on in this week of the NFL! I'm personally a huge football fan and love talking sports with people. While I will focus on Pick Em's and Fantasy Football, feel free to discuss whatever you feel! So let's get to those games! Thursday night game: Jets @ Browns I think the Browns get their first win of the season tonight, it's wierd to think the Browns are only a kicker away from being 2-0 right now... but now that they've addressed it, I think they pull it off tonight! Sunday games Bills @ Vikings I think the Vikings respond with a win here, I think the Bills have too much to overcome with a broken Shady and shaky QB situation. Giants @ Texans I give the Texans the win, I'm a believer of Deshaun Watson! Packers @ Redskins I take the Pack, a young and improving defense gets the better of the Skins. 49ers @ Chiefs Give this one to the Chiefs, I'll jump on the Mahomes band wagon! Raiders @ Dolphins I'm taking Gruden and the Raiders here, the offense looked great last week against the Broncos Colts @ Eagles Eagles, Eagles, Eagles! The return of Wentz is a big boost! Titans @ Jaguars Jaaaaags! I'm putting my money on them already to be the AFC Champs! Bengals @ Panthers I'm picking the Panthers in this match, but I believe this could be one of the better games of the week! Broncos @ Ravens Broncos win this one after a high energy game from last week! Saints @ Falcons Division rivals... Great teams, I'm taking the Falcons, but this one should be a shootout. Chargers @ Rams Todd Gurley is too much for the Chargers to bottle up, Rams take it. Bears @ Cardinals Bears all day... Cards haven't shown much promise so far. Cowboys @ Seahawks Cowboys run all day long, too much for the Seahawks this week. Patriots @ Lions Lions woes continue, Patricia loses to Papa Belichick Monday night game: Steelers @ Bucs Do you believe in Fitzmagic? I do! Bucs win here in a shootout. So those are my picks for this upcoming week, post your picks and tell me why you agree or disagree with my picks! Thanks everyone! Bonus Topic: Roughing the Passer controversy? What are your opinions from the call against Clay Matthew's for his hit on Kirk Cousins?
  6. Cheesy G Nacho

    Hey Everyone!

    How did you find MLP Forums?: Old User How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: MLP CCG Hey everyone! I'm am old user on this site, but I haven't been back for a looooooooong time... I just thought I should post in here to get new friends that may use this site now and get back into things! Thank you everyone! Messages are welcome if you want to talk!
  7. Cheesy G Nacho

    Gaming Disc Golfers if MLP forums

    What's up everyone? I'm assuming if you're reading this, you have done some sort of disc golfing. I want to see how many there are on the forums! Feel free to share what's in your bag and where you disc golf around.
  8. Cheesy G Nacho

    MLP CCG Absolute Discord pre-release

    Is anyone else attending the pre-release for the new set about to come out? Or anyone play in general? I'm just trying to see how many people play it on here.
  9. Cheesy G Nacho

    Gaming The Magic the Gathering Thread

    It was on the weekend and i got it off this week, so i got to watch a little of the top 8, I'm happy some control decks got in there. I never play aggro so i can still get by with the control i have
  10. Cheesy G Nacho

    Gaming The Magic the Gathering Thread

    Wow, no one has posted on this in a while. Anyone watch the Pro Tour this weekend?
  11. Cheesy G Nacho

    BronyCON questions.

    Hey, what's up guys? I'm considering going to BronyCON this year and i just want to hear some of your experiences. My main question is about hotels and all that, like if you can't get a hotel close to the convention, does the convention center have parking arrangements? Thanks in advance to anyone to answers! I appreciate it!
  12. Cheesy G Nacho

    List your top 3 dumbest/weirdest injuries you have managed.

    In my old wood shop class, an older student was showing one of the new students how not to use one of the machines. In the process of showing him what not to do, the machine did exactly what he was trying to prevent, and it shot a really thin piece of wood halfway across the class and hit me in the butt at break neck speeds. I had a burn mark for about a week after that.
  13. Cheesy G Nacho

    Michigan bronies?

    I'm wondering if there are any bronies in Michigan on here, I know a couple, I'm just trying to find more! It also seems like other states are doing this, so why not us?
  14. Cheesy G Nacho

    Anyone else in the cold?

    It got down to -31° F at work for me today... But somehow, out of the blue, it's supposed to be around 35° F tomorrow. 66° difference in temperature overnight. Michigan, what is wrong with you?
  15. Cheesy G Nacho

    Anyone else in the cold?

    I live in Mid-Michigan i hear it's supposed to be colder in the morning tomorrow! But it sure is cold over there, I wish you the guys the best! Haha thanks for wishing us the best On the weekend for me it's supposed to be around 30° so it's the best I can hope for lol. Wish you guys the best with all the snow!