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  1. I had an idea to write a fanfic about the Solar Empire Vs. New Lunar Republic thing. It'd focus on my OC as he goes through air combat training, and then new technologies would be invented (airplanes) at first wooden biplanes just to carry bombs, but eventually evolving into all sorts of aircraft similar to ones from the WWII era. I'd plan to make this as... 'realistic' as possible (when I'm writing about talking pegasus ponies) and would put a lot of effort into it if people wanted to see it happen. XD Of course, I'll probably do it anyway, but... Meh. Just answer the poll.
  2. THIS is a fanfic that I've stayed up till 1:00 AM every night writing! It's a Fallout: Equestria fanfic, set RIGHT after the Megaspells fall. Violet (the mane character) Must find a way to survive, and keep her foal safe from this harsh new reality! Story is currently in its 2nd chapter, and I've just made cover art for it (see below) The story can be viewed on FimFiction here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/261642/fallout-equestria-the-beginning
  3. I'm writing a fanfic of my new ship. Starlight (my OC) and Princess Celestia. KINDA makes sense since Starlight is/was a royal guard. so I'm wondering who'd wanna read something like that from me. it'd be PG-13 mostly, just for some of the situations. I plan for it to have violence, mild cursing, perilous situations, etc.
  4. Well, a lot of furries really really don't like Bronies. Now, I'm both Furry, AND Brony (Which confuses people, because many think you must be one or the other) I've gotten a bit of hate from the furry community for being brony. I think they're two completely different fandoms.
  5. yay. I made an AppleDash pic. I uh... Guess I'll post it. I used paint to make the lines (XP) Then gimp for EVERYTHING ELSE.
  6. Here's another The songs in MLP. Seriously, I love them.
  7. Hello there. I'm from Vietnam so seeing you reenact the Vietnam War really piques me interest.

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    2. Thunder Tinker

      Thunder Tinker

      I mostly go for peace. I hate wars.

    3. 'NamBrony


      Sometimes there's no alternative. like WWII. Hitler was committing genocide. what else is there to do?

    4. Thunder Tinker

      Thunder Tinker

      That's the problem. =/

  8. Getting a bit off topic here. We can continue this discussion in PMs if you want.
  9. I do sometimes. When I see someone with a troll face as their avatar, I hate them. When someone has an incredibly dumb/silly avatar, it's very hard to do a serious RP with them.
  10. 1960s music: most kids my age don't know what CCR is. They hate that "old 1930s hippie crap" America: it's not a perfect country, but it's pretty damn good compared to a lot of other places... MLP: obviously.
  11. I was very Christian when I was a small child. "PFFT! Some people don't believe in god? The F**K is this?"
  12. Modern music. Pop/dub step/rap/and whatever else people are listening to these days. I just don't care enough to know. Religion. It's 2014. Get over it already. Call of Duty: Seriously, Battlefield is way better. Paintball: airsoft is more realistic. Gay Pride: I have nothing against gays, but I hate not being able to draw a rainbow without being called gay. And if gay pride is a thing, straight pride should be too... Hipsters: I buckin' hate them. Goth kids: but does anybody like them? I could go on for days.
  13. People say that for the same reason people call me GAY for watching MLP. Because they're ignorant, closed minded dipsh*ts that need to be exterminated.
  14. I haven't heard about those. It's a cool idea for crowd control I guess.
  15. I dunno. I haven't read a lot of material on the subject of secret operations. I'm just a grunt XD