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  1. I haven't watched half of the episodes as of now, but I do not remember any other instance of the official Rainbow Dash Fan Club appearing after the Mysterious Mare Do Well episode. So, what happened to the fan club? Did Scootaloo disband it? Even though she admires Rainbow Dash, maybe, as a result of the events of the episode, she may have grown to not see her as an idol and more of someone very close. What do you think happened to the fan club?
  2. Yesterday, I made a thread that posed the question "What if Rainbow Dash rode on an airplane?" Now, what if the entire Mane 6 rode on an airplane? What if, in a trip to a faraway city like Manehattan, they decided to ride on an airplane? How would they react to the process, from getting a ticket to the ride itself? I think Applejack would act a little curious to it all, especially when one considers the more advanced technology of the airplane itself. Pinkie Pie might be a little less curious probably because she had already ridden a one-pony helicopter. Rarity might like it very much
  3. Rainbow Dash, being a pegasus, would not need to use an airplane for long-distance transportation. She could fly there herself. But what if she took a ride on an airplane to see what it is like, assuming Equestria has any airlines for earth ponies and unicorns? How would she like riding on an airplane, being able to see the sky below without making much energy to get above it? I think that she would say that it is very boring and that flying through the sky pegasus-style is much cooler. She already seems very well contented with flying using her pegasus wings.
  4. - Babs Seed attended the Apple Family Reunion. - Aunt and Uncle Orange were there in the family reunion picture further on the left side. - Just because they don't have "Apple" in the name doesn't mean that they aren't a part of the Apple family. - Babs Seed is a cousin from Manehattan. - No confirmation that Aunt and Uncle Orange are Babs Seed's parents. But there could be other Oranges in Manehattan. Babs Seed is probably an Orange, considering that the Oranges and Babs Seed are related and they both live in the same city. However, it could be that there is an at least small family o
  5. MagLocal

    Gaming Unturned

    I tried it. Even though I'm OK with zombie games, I'm not very used to realistic survival zombie games like Unturned. Still, it's fun to play it if you want to. Personally, however, it is not one of my favorite games. I don't dislike it, too.
  6. As the title says, do you have any suggestions for a brony (computer) application/program? Not ideas for making one, but existing brony programs and applications that I can download, like digital merchandise that have ponies. For me, I really don't have a lot of suggestions other than a soundboard (I won't download one, however) and maybe a browser extension.
  7. It could be both a magic thing and a zebra thing, assuming that the zebras in the show are more mystical (in a witchcraft sense) in their magic than the ponies due to their culture. Or, as mentioned earlier, it could just be a Zecora thing because she might be just one smart zebra, able to rhyme on a dime even in a normal conversation. If that's the case, then she might have been speaking like that even before she got involved in witchery. Maybe she wrote ordinary poems, too. However, I don't see any much eveidence for it, yet.
  8. Not really. Then, I was asking if it is legal to watch the episodes on sites like YouTube and Dailymotion Now, it is just a question of where you watch the show. I put my answer up there like that because the only ways that I could watch it are not wholly legal and I am still concerned about that. But, it's just a question of where you wath the show, although I partly did this to see if there is any other legal way to watch the show.
  9. Where do you watch My Little Pony? On what channel? On what site? For me, I don't have the show on the cable we have. I'm not complaining, but what seems to be the only channel in the country that has the show is in another cable network. Since I am outside the USA and since I am not really fond of iTunes, this leaves me with sites like YouTube and Dailymotion - but I believe it is not wholly legal and I have to make a stand on that. That leaves me to having a want to watch the show but couldn't due to both external and internal factors. So, where do you watch it?
  10. Also over here, although when you think about it, being Reformed and a brony seems a bit...strange, at first, at least to me.
  11. Addendum: Another that concerns me is that, with Dailymotion, you can sync just about any video. I haven't synced a video on a computer before, but judging from what I've seen from mobile use, it means that you're downloading the video so you can watch it later even without internet. Is that legally OK?
  12. With not many raw episodes to watch on Youtube (episodes with commentary narrated over them aren't "raw", so to speak), Dailymotion is the website I know that has just about every episode of the show online, free to watch, with the only fee being the internet plans. Then again, maybe it's only because the episodes on Youtube are only available for certain regions and I'm not in one of them. I'm not that familiar with the monetization that Dailymotion uses, but I have to ask a question: Are you sure it's legal to watch the episodes on Dailymotion? Or even on Youtube? Sure, the episodes bein
  13. They must be living somewhere in Equestria. Maybe in the far-off mountains. Very far-off mountains.
  14. At least some of the new videos would play very smoothly. Wasn't expecting this, though.
  15. He'd be angry at Trixie, but since he wasn't there in the episode (or, more appropriately, not present there), he didn't have the chance to do any direct retaliation at her. For all we know, he might only be angry her and not do anything else...but then again, Trixie almost banished his sister from her (Twilight's) home. That would be reason enough to at least send in a Royal Guard or two along with him and directly confront Trixie.
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