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  1. Seka 'Vhokuree
  2. I don't know necessarily. I'm very good with guns, so probably a SCAR-L crossing a Benelli Shotgun over a circle made of bullets and shotgun shells.
  3. Now I don't believe that it will make you more intelligent, but I've learnt a few things. I won't go into the details. Now let me ask YOU a question. How is it possible to become more intelligent just by watching a kids' show? I'm sure you've weighed a lot more variables, but how is it possible? I'm actually really interested in this topic. I'd like to hear some more answers. As did it mine. I've never made so many drawings in my notebooks since I started watching. Also, it did wonders on my handling of a Glock 17.
  4. She kind of reminds me of Megaman in that her creator dies, and he has to stop a seemingly unbeatable force. Also, her hoof based weapons sound like the repulsors from Iron Man. I take it you had inspiration from all of these?
  5. Heh. Nice signature, Ludicrous.Speed Futurama for the win. Salutations!
  6. I have a Steam. scorppio500 is the ID. I have a profile pic of Twilight Sparkle. Play some TF2 with me some time!
  7. Thanks, bro. I'll see if I can get on it.
  9. My Highschool colors are Cardinal Red, and White. We call ourselves the Red Army. CCP! YOU KNOW! Mascot? Well, Our pastor at our school is the mascot really, but our teams are called the Red Devils. So I guess el diablo is our mascot.
  10. How would a St. Louisan get to do this survey-thing?