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  1. hi i love sunburst goodnight

  2. If you hadn't noticed, I returned to the forums almost solely to deck out my profile with as much Sunburst love as possible. He's My Type in pony form. It finally happened. they made a nerdy megane pony
  3. He looks good, and I trust him. I will gladly hug this pony
  4. I don't like it and feel that if you're going to be making mature content of the show, then you need to set up your own space separately, away from search engines and such; it's a kids' show and kids search for it on the internet, and as older members of the community we need to make it a priority to make MLP a safe space for its target audience.
  5. i have new art of my OC but the sun son looks so cute so i guess i'll keep him

  6. Do people still make "ponysonas"? I revamped mine. Name: Discovery Dream Race: Unicorn Gender: Male Eye Colour: Dark steel blue Appearance: Average build; cyan coat w/ white rims around the eyes. Curly, light gray mane & tail of medium length with streaks of darker gray and blue. Cutie Mark: Ocean wave & an orange nautilus shell Hobbies: science experiments of varying safety levels, drawing, studying pretty much everything Backstory: Discovery was born, raised, and still lives in Canterlot. He earned his cutie mark on a family trip to the beach, his special talent being his ability to learn and memorize facts and trivia quickly (representing the "sea of knowledge", if you will). His eagerness to learn and good problem solving skills earned him top marks early on in school, though education later on become a challenge when Discovery began to shirk work to do trivial research in the library instead. Other Info: his magic reflects his talent: he is most adept at memory spells (to jog his own memory, mostly) and can write without need for a pen or pencil. Additionally, he has an affinity for water magic. he currently works as an independent researcher, and writes articles on the side. just me as a pony more or less Full artwork here
  7. Twilight Sparkle is who I am as a person, and I'm glad such a bright, caring, easily anxious, and stubborn person gets to be the main character of a TV show, especially one for young girls. She is incredibly smart and by-the-book, but can get too absorbed in her own goals and ambitions sometimes, and she's still learning how to manage her work anxiety. Twilight forms a great deal of her identity from her intelligence and her status as a good friend and I do too, so I really love her.
  8. I am a My Little Pony verteran and let me tell you...the amount of similar names I memorized was absurd. Rainbow Dash vs. Rainbow Flash? No difference to my parents, but it was an important distinction: one was pink, mom, and the other was blue!! I guess that's why I have less of a problem with the similar names than others?? I'm just used to it lmao They are both lovely ladies and I will defend them
  9. Hello there friends...I think that we need a thread for a very important stallion thanks to this season's premiere. Rules: no profanity no bullying/flaming/what have you...this is a MLP forum! We're all friends here. no NSFW images! thank you
  10. I only ever seem to watch the two-parters anymore, because I find them the most engaging and fun to watch having mostly moved on to other things. I still love Starlight Glimmer. I'm glad she's joined the cast, and she's very cute. I thought the overall storyline was a bit silly, but hey, talking technicolor horses aren't exactly a logical concept. The only thing I thought was weird was that I had assumed alicorn-ness was genetic; it would make sense in a hereditary principality and all, but I guess that wasn't the case. Oh well My favorite, favorite part was the subplot with Starlight and Sunburst, almost entirely because I think Sunburst is an adorable delight with a great design and a relatable personality. I liked the whole "sometimes you don't grow up to be what you expected to be" thing, and his issues in school. It was a small thing that I probably shouldn't be blowing out of proportion, but I really appreciated the writers throwing that in there. It's reassuring. Anyways, nice premiere overall.
  11. i logged in bc i just watched the season 6 two parter and i love sunburst. ok bye

  12. Happy birthday, Discovery! :)

  13. I picked AJ! She's family-oriented and committed to the truth, which would make her a good political leader. She's also a hard worker and doesn't give in to stress easily, and tries hard to be an open listener. I'd have picked Twilight, but I think her anxious tendencies would get in the way of being effective.