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  1. I'm going to a convention soon and I'm really excited but I think what I'm most excited about is that I'm going to be able to cosplay as Twilight Sparkle without getting strange look from people. It's gonna be amazing
  2. I like it! It sounds like it will be very interesting and exciting. You should make it
  3. I would've laughed in my face for five minutes straight then just walk away shaking my head.
  4. I hope you like it here, may your journey be a pleasant one... Anyways... WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!!!
  5. It's really great to have you here! I hope I see you around... WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!!!
  6. Welcome to the Forums!!! It's great to have you! Anyways... WELCOME!!!
  7. It's great to have you here! I hope you will enjoy it in the wide wide world of the forums! Anyways... WELCOME!
  8. I wish I would be able to go to Harry Potter World! Those of us in California don't usually go all the way over there. Maybe someday...
  9. Just one thing for everyone who says that Slytherin is evil... Ok, so all bad guys come from Slytherin But not all Slytherin are bad guys
  10. People here are very welcoming and friendly! Just look around awhile and you'll see! Anyways... WELCOME!!!
  11. Lol People can be weird sometimes! Anyways... WELCOME!!!
  12. Hi there! Personally I prefer to use everypony and the likes... Anyways... WELCOME!!!