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  1. I'll admit that I wasn't excited at all for Rainbow Rocks, but that totally changed after seeing it. I personally loved the movie, I found it very well written, had a fantastic soundtrack and some really awesome animation. It also really felt like mlp, which was something the previous movie lacked in a way. If they keep this up I'm definitely excited for both another movie and the upcoming spin off series as I feel the EqG universe is 10x more interesting now. But just because MLF: FiM is great, doesn't mean a spinoff would be, as it would probably have totally different writers. So in general are you looking forward to more EqG, or do you think they've done enough?
  2. AydinPie

    Rainbow Rocks

    The music was AMAZING, the plot was AWESOME, and the music was FANTASTIC Now I'm kind of wishing for eqg 3
  3. AydinPie

    Disputing The Copyright?

    I've always just accepted the copyright claim, but I know people who had there videos taken down for not accepting the claim, so if that counts as a response then yep
  4. AydinPie

    Disputing The Copyright?

    Yes but once I say "nope its fair use" youtube steps out of the ring and in comes Hasbro, as it becomes there responsibility to deal with potentially copyrighted information, and I'm not angry with anyone and certainly not Hasbro. If anyone then I'm upset with there legal team as (if you watched Jan and Shady at Galacon they went over this) they often don't even talk to Hasbro about what they take down, they take it down at there own discretion, but with the sheer amount of pony content releases so often I can understand why its hard to give every video the time it deserves.
  5. AydinPie

    Disputing The Copyright?

    I agree with your premise but I think the copyright law is fine, but needs its own enforcement out of courts, and neither google nor were youtube capable/willing to step in and defend smaller content producers. I think copyright law works because it properly protects those with intellectual and creative properties while leaving an open space for independent content to create things based off another's content as long as credit is given and they can't make money off it. While I may personally disagree with the last point I understand it and accept it as legitimate I know that Hasbro's legal team could take down any of my videos even if I do except the claim and let them do what they will, but I was wondering if from a legally impartial stand point I would be in the right to dispute a copyright claim if it was fair use
  6. AydinPie

    Disputing The Copyright?

    I make PMV's and am tired of Hasbro suggesting the play of their videos during mine, and linking their videos/record companies songs next to the description on my videos. To my knowledge as long as I'm not profiting off the videos through monetization or any other format (Patreon should be fine but I don't even do that), then I should be protected by "fair use", specifically: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. I should technically be able to monetize videos with copyrighted songs and video under protection of the production of satirical content, stating that the satire lies within the juxtaposition between the song and said clips. But if I'm not monetizing in anyway then am I safe to dispute copyright claims? If not then why am I not allowed to dispute the claim?
  7. I wouldn't do something that overdone (yet) Its been a while since my first PMV and I got some useful advice so I thought I'd post my most recent work (my favourite of what I've done so far)
  8. AydinPie

    PMV Category

    I feel like there`s a large enough PMV community of to justify a section for video editing creations, especially since awesome fan made videos are often a point of reference to the fandom
  9. AydinPie

    PMV Category

    On the forums there should be a place for PMV creators to post their work and give each other feedback
  10. I recently almost had one of PMV's muted (the first one I did with non-pony music), and know of people who have gotten muted so I would like to post how to get out of the red: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. American^, but most music is controlled by American based corporations (ex. Warner Brothers) so this can often save you if posted in the description of a video. (As long as your not trying to monetize on the video, its non-profit, if you get compensation from Patreon per piece, then I'm not sure if this will work for you) However a full-proof method is to tag all your PMV's with copyrighted music as Comedy, or Satire, stating that the video is simultaneously a parody of My Little Pony, and of the song you are using. If you aren't monetizing your videos this will almost always work. I haven't had much trouble with copyright as many of my PMV's are of music from within the fandom, however these tricks have worked for friends.
  11. AydinPie

    New Brony Documentary

    I'm for a new documentary The last (official) one is kind of outdated , but not so much that its inaccurate yet. It depends on whether or not the whole documentary is defining the word and explaining that bronies aren't pervs, or if its exploring the fandom and the principals its composed of
  12. Do you prefer the balance of Celestia's rule, or the eternal night of the NLR? Or do you not care either way?
  13. AydinPie

    Pinkie Pie in Filly Vanilli

    I never thought is was bullying because Pinkie Pie was just being ridiculous, which she admitted too, and if anything I feel as though Fluttershy would have been crying from the pressure put under her, if anything it was best to voice the two sides of the argument or Fluttershy would have still been insecure but since both the fact that she had no reason to be frightened and that there were a lot of ponies watching which would be intimidating. And I think it was a decent representation of Pinkie's character perhaps not really knowing the boundaries and wanting to lighten the mood. I also believe that if anything Fluttershy broke down because her friends (all of them) were pressuring her to do something out of her comfort zone. At least that was the impression I got from the episode.
  14. AydinPie

    Pinkie Pie in Filly Vanilli

    A lot of people found Pinkie Pie irritating in the episode but why?
  15. AydinPie

    Soldiers of the Night PMV

    Thank you! I'm a total amateur when it comes to working with any kind of video editing or making PMV's so critiques are what I'm after! And I would agree with you about leaving an unedited scene in, although it seems perfect in editing, it looks sloppy/takes something away from the video in presentation. BTW Amazing PMV, can't believe how well everything flowed and how perfect the transitions between clips are, transitions will be the death of me. And if anything you've motivated me to start another project right away in an attempt to improve my editing.