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  1. I think that Equestria is what I would call a practical Utopia, which means to keep it in near utopia status requires constant upkeep. This is a reasonable human ideal and an all but practical pony one. At the end It was clear that the near utopian society was re-established. So there is no evidence against Equestria being a near utopian society.
  2. I think that the ship may be more than just official at Hasbro. I think that the CHOOSING STONE picked them! Does it know any apple farming hunks? The tow Pie parents look at one another knowingly. Indeed so. But perhaps they don't want to freak out Big Mac so they don't mention that it is HIM that the stone chose for Marble. (or didn't mention it to us because of comedic value) Which may mean that we know NOTHING about Marble Pie. Because she acts like an arranged bride to be with her groom to be the whole episode.
  3. I think she'll be more nuanced than villain, but she has more potential as an occasional antagonist.
  4. At the end of the episode we see a new Diamond Tiara, one who wants friends. I don't argue that, but I do argue that she is not in the least bit redeemed. Look at her explanation 1st off she lies about always knowing that she could get ponies to do what she wants. 2nd she phrases her cutie mark pretty scummily. Not, I can convince ponies to do things, but "what I want." I'd say that just as the CMC have slightly grown, DT also has slightly grown. She's taken on a different goal; having friends. But she isn't redeemed and she doesn't get how to have friends ('scluding bribes, of course).
  5. Was it actually a joke? To me, it seemed like a set up for a lot of jokes, which I thought went well, or was it that you didn't like the jokes that they did have [tripping over his bloomers, the asides, and the deep "sisterhood!"]
  6. The CMC DID: Their adventure is just beginning. But it will clearly have changed. Not current episode spoiler
  7. Diamond Tiara has a soul? Who knew! Cutie marks clearer than ever; who expected that? And cutie marks that made sense and were fulfilling; Bravo.
  8. Staff and guards can be off putting. If you have a cleaning staff, it is often hard to feel on an even friendship footing with them. (though she does technically have a staff of 1.1 [spike and owlicious]) But aside from the staff to princess interactions, having a staff prevents a certain level of one on one interactions. Want to meet with the princess, spike will schedule it. two people will serve you tea and fluff your pillows, and now when Twily comes, she's not Twily, but PRINCESS Twilight Sparkle, and you feel like you've got to bow or something rather than greet her with a handshake and a howdy pal. There's a story of the president (Carter, I think) when he won his friends wanted to celebrate with him, but when they closed in on him to hug and celebrate, they all stopped. Who would have so much hubris as to hug the President!? That could happen with Twily, and having a staff would only fuel that tendency. But without a staff, her friends, even ones she's not seen for years feel free to give a great big hug and have her mug for the camera.
  9. It's ok when the cheese is there, out in the open, but when it's hiding to get you. . . Man, those cheese burns hurt!
  10. I kinda like thinking that Pinkie secretly built it without the Cakes' knowledge. Now if you doubt the possibility, I point you to the title of the thread.
  11. Yaks give HAsbro Cease and Desist for accurately portraying PAradoxical's child. I liked this episode a lot, but don't think I'm going to show it to my kids. The Yaks just were too poor of role models to even think of showing it to them. Pinkie Pie clearly is her own bizzare tardis. One which has to go in crazy directions to get crazy places.
  12. I like that Party Pooped confirmed that Pinkie is truly the most hard-working of the mane 6 (just that she enjoys her work) Now did the cakes know about the Bat party cave?
  13. @@johsmen, I've been like that with many a fandom. If you aren't into it anymore (I know this is heresy, but) you can quit. (ok. everypony, stop your horrified gasping and hyperventilating). No, really, nobody will be angry with you or whatnot if you decide that you're not into it anymore. Find other inspiration if this no longer inspires, forge your own path and think fondly on the days when, for reasons you can't quite recall, you liked MLP.
  14. I absolutely want to see more like this. Here's to episode 200 (or so)