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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I regret to inform everybody that due to my real life circumstance and schedule I am unable to continue contributing to this rp. It was a fun ride but unfortunately I have to bid farewell to you fellas. Thanks for the fun times and I wish ya'll luck for the future.
  3. @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Acnologia Vince found himself a little bit more invested into little keychains and little figurines than he initially believed he would. Though he wasn't so invested that he be oblivious to the environment around him. The once empty customer service desk was now occupied by a well fit and bearded man, whom Vince assumed was the owner of the store. Vince gave a nod of appreciation to the man's simple yet respectful service etiquette. Regardless, Vince wasn't particularly interested in anything specific so it seemed that the man's offer would fall to deaf ears, at least to Vince. Despite his seemingly distracted mannerism Vince payed enough attention to his surroundings to get a feel of what was happening. Eyeing the book Yuki had in her hand Vince found it quite refreshing to find she liked to play music. Moving to other isles Vince found a diverse array of books that he didn't recognize, the majority actually. Being a simple man, Vince took interest in the books with interesting titles and cover art.
  4. @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Acnologia "Being honest with you guys, I just listed sci fi cause that was the first genre that came to mind. I don't exactly do too much reading, at least when it comes to books specifically. You fellas listed genres too, so I'm assuming you don't exactly have a wishlist for the main product sold here huh?" Vince stated as he opened the door to the bookstore, a faint little bell welcoming him and his teammates. The store itself had a small town feel to it, the colors of the interior giving Vince a vibe of minor comfort, though Vince could give credit to the air conditioning as well. There were multiple shelves and racks layered with a wide variety of books, each separated by genres and other forms of identification. No one appeared to be in the store besides Vince and his teammates. Paying it no mind Vince simply assumed that the owner of the store was just in the back of the building. Spotting a little rack with accessories related to a videogame he had been playing, Vince walked over with peeked interest. "Don't mind me."
  5. @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Acnologia After looking up for what he believed to be the fifth time, Vince eventually found his two teammates there instead of thin air and strangers. Vince walked up to them and responded to their greetings with a smile and a wave of his hand. "Waiting always feels longer than it really is for me so no worries, I'm just glad that the wait is over." Vince said as he stretched out his legs. "Also, no worries Yuki. It was an understandable course of action considering the unique and out of the blue scenario you were faced with. Shame it had to take something special away, but what's done is done. So, you guys got anything on your shopping list? Cause I was planning on window shopping till something caught my eye and budget." Vince was honestly still annoyed by the whole issue, but thinking it best not to bother with it he decided to focus on shopping. Otherwise, Vince wouldn't know what he would do to the stupid dog. "Got any interesting books on your minds? Other than sci fi novels I don't really have a preference."
  6. @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Acnologia Tuckston's Book Trade? Vince took the name and tried to remember if he recognized it and its location. Much to his minor annoyance there was nothing that came up in his mind. With a sigh he typed the location into his scroll and let the gps do its job. Vince had eventually hailed a transport, exchanging a quick greeting to the driver before giving him directions. Vince kept track of his wallet the entire ride, which wasn't that long when he gave it some thought. The sight of well kept roads and diverse pedestrians kept him occupied as the driver cautiously focused on the road. Eventually, Vince saw the sight of Tuckston's Book store, handing the driver the required amount of lien before heading out of the vehicle. The store itself was fairly sized, quaintly matching the other buildings and structures that surrounded it. Pulling out his scroll Vince texted to Draco that he had arrived. To Draco: Took a cab to the book store, just waiting out in the front for you and Yuki. Vince put away his phone and put his back to the wall of the bookstore, deciding whether or not to whistle in order to pass the time. He found it curious that he had arrived at the destination first, though taking a vehicle might have explained why. Taking in the air, Vince began looking at random objects to fill his consistent need to do things.
  7. @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Acnologia Vince checked his scroll as a notification appeared, revealing itself to be a message from Draco about Yuki's condition and details about shopping. Relieved the whole issue wasn't as bad as it could be Vince checked his bag for any half decent outfit that he could wear in the city. Settling on a pair of jeans and a T shirt that had a video game character on it. Forgot I brought this. Vince thought to himself as he pulled his head through the T shirt, remembering the powered armored character to be more than a little bit responsible for his current get up. Ignoring his embarrassment and seemingly overwhelming nostalgia, Vince pocketed his wallet before leaving the dorm and closing the door behind him. With his scroll still in hand Vince responded to Draco's message. To Draco: I'm still up for shopping, got a bit of spending money so I'm looking forward to it. Let's just hope we don't run into any robbers on the way >:3. Either way, just tell me where we should meet up and I'll be on my way. Naturally Vince hadn't hoped to run into any issues, it wasn't exactly on his bucket list to be attacked by goons. Though being a huntsman in training helped alleviate any fear of such an encounter, or at least being majorly harmed by it. There was a significant advantage of being trained in the use of aura, combat being a stand out advantage. Vince also took comfort in knowing he could call for his gear in an absolute emergency with a tap of his scroll. With these factors considered Vince walked out of Beacon in relative comfort, simply waiting for his teammate's location without any stress.
  8. @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Acnologia Before Vince could leave the dorm he had overheard Ghalan's response, which much to Vince's dismay proved to be as horrible as Ghalan's actions. God this faunus is such a god damn pain. How the hell does he think? What is his thought process? The questions ran through Vince's mind as he tried his best not to be any more baffled than he was at the moment. Vince didn't really have any stakes with the issue at hand, but Vince's concern for the scenario simply stemmed from Ghalan alone. The retard kisses a girl out of nowhere and fucks off saying "let them take care of it they're close!" Following up with "it's better that she not get close to one as I," as if that stupid ass line excused his actions and responsibility for anything. Vince couldn't grasp what the hell Ghalan's intentions were at all, a headache coming up as a consequence. "What?" was all Vince managed to say before Ghalan himself went away to forge weapons. He knew he said to let them settle the issue, but he had at least expected more of a response by Ghalan than whatever lunacy had just been spat out. With a guttural groan of annoyance Vince pulled out his scroll to check the weather, waiting for Draco and Yuki to finish up whatever they had to talk about.
  9. @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Acnologia Vince was just barely getting off his bed before he saw the surprising act of Ghalan kissing Yuki out of the blue. In all honesty the only emotion Vince felt was annoyance at Ghalan's insistence of finding even more ways to be a rude individual. Ignoring his disruption of the team's plans on going shopping at the town with his forging thing Vince honestly didn't know what to do with the situation. Naturally Yuki had ran out on them, with Draco following suite, fitting the faunus; character quite well. With his eyebrow raised Vince looked at Ghalan with a semi-concerned look. "I'm curious, what made you think that was an ok thing to do? I mean, common sense and decency should be obvious man. And if you just say you felt like it I'm afraid I have to say you lose like, 20 respect points." Vince said as he stretched his body, one limb at a time, Taking a deep breath he began searching his pockets, satisfied to find his wallet and scroll both tuckly kept inside. "Either or, I don't know if they want your forging done after that little tease, but I'll be ready to do whatever, you guys just settle this juvenile issue." Vince calmly said as he headed for the door. Putting his hand to his chin Vince wondered what could he possibly buy at the town markets.
  10. @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Acnologia Vince simply nodded in agreement to Yuki's suggestion, for it was convenient and it had sounded like a good distraction from the whole Dust robbery mess. But that brought another question, what was everyone's take on home? Naturally it was subjective for sure, but Vince hadn't the slightest idea what his teammates had like aesthetically. Not that it was an actual issue of course, considering Vince would figure out their tastes when the shopping actually began. Before Vince could vocally agree to Yuki's suggestion Draco had conveniently walked through the door to answer for him. All things considered Draco was gone for a relatively short time, not that it had any impact of the suspicion Vince carried. "I guess that's three votes for some shopping." Vince stated before seeing Ghalan's interest in forging Yuki's new weapon reappear, interrupting the topic about shopping. Dog is persistent aint he? Vince thought to himself as a light smile briefly appeared on his face.
  11. @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Acnologia Yuki had seemed to be in a similar predicament as Vince was, overwhelmed by the sudden surge of information and wondering what to do in face of it. Her suggestion was simple and held merit, Vince couldn't help but nod in agreement. What else was there to do? No one was certain about anything besides the fact there was possible danger in the near future. The best they could do was just train, plain and simple. Continue their lives as huntsman in training and hope for the best while doing whatever could be done. "I said we didn't I? It can't be helped, best we can do is aim to get stronger and do what we can when if we have to. Best not stress over it, we don't want to be dragged down by something that isn't certain." Vince stated to Yuki before returning back to his bed, trying his best to find comfort in the soft fabric. Vince noticed Ghalan investigating Draco's 'groceries,' listening to his teammate's words that seemed to just flow through his mouth as if nothing had happened in the past few minutes. Vince couldn't help but smile, seeing his teammate practically following his advice without even trying. Vince couldn't help but laugh at the cheesy and lengthy inscription Ghalan's revolver had, keeping it subtle and quick to not sound rude. Seeing Ghalan's weaponry made Vince wonder about his own, after all-a weapon practically made a huntsman. He never really put much personality into his gear, not bothering to put much thought into his armaments compared to many others. Vince had assumed this was due to his combat school issuing gear instead of letting students create their own. Though Vince knew he had the freedom to do so now, considering if it was worth the effort to do so. With a bit of pondering Vince had concluded that he should, it was something to do if not anything else, best think about that instead of impending doom. "So, what do you fellas want to do now?" Vince asked, slightly bothered that he felt he had asked this question before as of recent.
  12. @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Acnologia What Draco said didn't sit too well with Vince, though it gave an answer it was vague and potentially dangerous. He agreed that the had to get stronger, that was a plain given. Though Draco's theories and need for secrecy made Vince wonder what could have possibly been going on in the faunus' brain box. Despite his discomfort with the notion Vince understood why Draco had wanted to keep what he did secret. Though it may seem peaceful, the world was still dangerous and filled to the brim with dangerous people and faunus. Secrecy, like Draco had explained would help keep whatever enemy they had just made from gaining an advantage. Though Vince still worried, whether they liked it or not becoming a huntsman forced them into a scheduled life. One, that despite being there to aid in their growth could potentially make it easier for anyone with enough intelligence to easily keep track of them. Before Vince could say anything Draco's scroll had vibrated, leaving the dorm as well as questions. With a sigh, Vince overheard Ghalan offering more possible things he could forge with his mithril. Vince scoffed at Ghalan's grammatical use of 'a half plate,' he had to agree it was a more sturdy option for those up close. Though, aura and speed seemed to be the norm among huntsman. Mithril had proved an interesting topic, however Yuki's hiding of Draco's journal and investigation of his belongings proved to be a more direct and immediate issue. Walking over to Draco's bag he saw the dust that filled it, making Vince feel more uncomfortable with the fact Draco bought it all for the team. "So, what are we going to do?" Vince asked, feeling as if he had asked the question more times than he had to.
  13. @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Acnologia Vince had found himself agreeing with Draco's assumptions about Candlestick, though the name itself sounded too ridiculous for Vince to believe it was the criminal's real name. Despite this, what crime boss worked with his own lackeys? The idea was ludicrous for sure, but the world has a way of surprising people, in usually unexpected and horrible ways. That idea alone made Vince wary about Candlestick's true position and possible mastermind of the recent chain of robberies. Regardless, this was a particularly big issue to deal with, though Vince couldn't blame Draco for acting considering he would have done the same thing. But the prospect of dust being stolen didn't sit well with Vince, where was it all going? Black market sounded too easy, but it made complete sense. The robberies would make dust from vale more expensive, making the other regions want to buy from somewhere else like Atlas or Mistral. The prospect of Atlas hiring these goons frightened Vince, though it made sense and he didn't have any doubts about his government doing such things. But if they were robbing dust to sell on the Mistral blackmarket, more profit was to be made if these thugs were simply in it for themselves. Thinking about it made Vince's head hurt, this sounded bigger than he and the others had any right in butting in. "As I said before this man is probably connected to a lot of friends. If worse comes to worse your going to have a rogue huntsman after you, or multiple.This man won't come after you alone, and I suspect he saw your combat capabilities for himself. Saying you'll deal with him doesn't answer my question. So again, what will you do?" So Torchwick is his name? Not much of a difference but it at least sounds better. On a different note Ghalan brought many curiosities about mithril to Vince's mind. This material could stop a bullet but not a rapier stab? It was lunacy to think about, though the rest made sense. It was a strange prospect, a living material that seemed to refuse modern technology and methods. Besides that, Vince found himself thanking Yuki for saying what he was about to.
  14. @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Acnologia Knew it, was all Vince could think as he heard Draco admit to having stopped the robbery that was brought up on the news. Unless there was some other robbery that happened in town in the exact same way Vince was confident in his statement. The stockpiling of dust was generally a smart idea for students, especially considering the increasing rarity of said dust. Though the endeavor surely would have cost quite a sum of lien on his part, making Vince wonder what form of income his teammates had. Though that was a question for later, what concerned Vince the most was Draco's safety. "I expect nothing less from a huntsman in training, though it seems these robbers are quite a problem for the police. I wonder how they manage to successfully rob so many stores? They must have to be quite organized to keep this stuff up, and you said one managed to escape? How are you certain that Candlestick fellow won't come back seeking for payback? I know your tough Draco, but if this man is connected you and anyone you know may be in trouble." Vince said as he rose to face Draco. The while Ghalan had tested the mithril armor with a live round, much to Vince's complete annoyance. Though he had to admit, the armor had managed to hold up horrifyingly well for it's composition and design, and it wasn't as if Yuki was shot wearing the damn thing. Mail? How the hell did mail stop a bullet? "Ghalan, can you not fire your damn gun in the damn dorms? We might get into some serious trouble with the teachers We aren't even suppose to have them out in the academy, take some caution next time." He said in a rather lecture like tone, mainly worrying about Yuki's well being, especially since she was shot with a revolver. "So, what are we gonna do about this. You took action Draco, if anything happens it's your responsibility," Vince said to Draco after refocusing his attention back to him. Trying his utter best not to act on his instincts for firearm safety that had been drilled into his mind.
  15. @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Acnologia Draco coincidentally enough walked through the door just as Yuki finished her sentence, with Vince not knowing whether or not the faunus had overheard their earlier conversation. Vince's concerns were temporarily discarded when Draco had begun conversing with Yuki, followed by Ghalan with the same offer he had given to Yuki and himself. With Ghalan's enthusiasm Vince would admit that Draco was in quite the distracted position. Though it wasn't like Vince had any real intention to hide the assumption about Draco's heroism, even going so far as to potentially bring it up as a topic eventually. But once again Ghalan's offer proved to be the dedicated topic, which to Vince's admittance made him want to reconsider Ghalan's offer of reforging his equipment. Sooner or later Yuki had initiated dialogue about something other than mithril, question about the specifics of Draco's shopping trip. Which to Vince's satisfaction proved his earlier theory, naturally a huntsman in training would purchase dust for supplies. But only giving the faintest hints about whether or not he had anything to do with stopping a robbery. "I never requested dust from you Draco," Vince remarked, not feeling comfortable with having someone buy him something without asking first. It had always made him feel the slightest bit indebted, in a more negative way than he would have liked, as if the buyer had wanted Vince to feel like he owed something. "Though I thank you for doing so, especially considering the robberies. Speaking of which, have you heard of the robbery in town today? It was near the stores so I wonder, did you see anything?" Vince asked in an innocent tone, though he had mainly wanted to gain more evidence to prove his theory.