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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Some sad pony related music, animations and fan fictions have made me tear up a little...what I can remember is Snowdrop, Fallout Equestria, and Past Sins. The only episode that ever made me cry was Hurricane Fluttershy but some other ones have gotten close.
  3. -Music -Anime -Writing -Psychology -Art -Books
  4. No cheating involved, I swear. XD Just a lot of practice. But I suck at backgrounds. XD Here's some more:
  5. .... weren't You supposed to sleep? XD

  6. Thanks :3 I've practiced a lot with Paint, it could still be better but not bad for MS Paint and a mouse I guess.
  7. Here's my OC, the most recent thing I made in MS Paint. I know it's horrible.
  8. I miss You :(

    1. Wind Song

      Wind Song

      Me to! I haven't had much time to come here until now. How are you?

    2. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

      Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

      I am... quite well, You? :3 PMs? :3

  9. I can memorize song lyrics easily after a few listens; I have hundreds of songs memorized. So "I'm awesome at this."