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  1. Except a group of thugs wouldn't normally talk about small horses, and I don't think they were in the context. I'll have to wait till I can rewatch that movie so I can rewind and further examine it though. It's a subtle reference if it is one, but I swear I heard it. Maybe I'll google it.
  2. Hi, Sugarcube Corner is reserved for Pony-related discussion outside of the show, but we do have a board for general media discussion, so your topic has been moved there.
  3. Wow, this sure is an old thread that has been bumped. It belongs in Show Discussion though, so I'll move it there.
  4. comic

    Well, to add to the list of great comic issues and arcs that have already been mentioned, FF#20 deserves a shout out, I think. It successfully establishes some legit chemistry between Discord and Luna. Oh, and Night of the Living Apples, for being so amazingly stupid (in a good way). I also really like Manehattan Mysteries for developing Trixie's character. FF#8 is the best Rarijack story I think we could have asked for. Reflections shows us a young, brash and maybe even selfish Celestia, and I kind of like it for that.
  5. Is it weird that I'm actually on both sides of the debate? Like, I actually do think Starlight should appear more often, and just be treated as one of the mane cast already, but when she does appear at major points like finales and even films, she tends to showboat, and has either been the hero or one of the heroes quite a bit lately. First there's the season 6 finale, then the Accord arc in the comics, and now she's even stealing the spotlight in the EQG universe, which I didn't think was possible, but yeah, it happened. Also, she was the one to star in the first Celestia/Luna episode that fans have been wanting since well before Starlight existed. I actually think Starlight meeting Sunset had to happen, because fans wanted it to, and that's pretty neat. I just think Starlight singlehandedly saving the day, in an EQG special, just gives more ammunition to the camp that thinks she's being shoved down our throats. But, she's also forgotten about in other instances. I actually support the movie being about the mane six and Spike with all the showboating she's been doing lately, and also because it harkens back to the old days of the series. However, I think Starlight should officially start being treated as part of the mane cast going forward. Not only will we finally get more episodes where Starlight interacts with more of the mane six on an individual basis besides just Twilight, but while we will be seeing more of her, she will likely showboat a lot less because she will just be another cast member. We won't need to clamour for more Starlight ex machina anymore than we would like to see any of the mane six other than Twilight singlehandedly save the day. It's a win-win. As it stands she's kind of on the fringe, but also takes the lead at times, and it's just this weird back and forth paradox. I just want the writers to find her place in the series and agree on it for a change. Is she the new mane character or is she a side character we can forget about from time to time, or is she something in between? The in between is what I'm hoping for in the near future.
  6. I can't remember the exact line, but I swear the word "pony" was worked into the dialogue between the bad guys about mid-way through the film. I believe it's around the time Spider-Man chases after the truck full of weapons. I'll have to wait for the home media release to listen to it again, but I swear there's a pony reference in there.
  7. Kind of...but not really. I guess it's on the fringe of mainstream. Popular media frequently makes reference to it, including the latest Spider-Man film, but...I don't think most people actually get those references. In fact, I think most people still think of G3 when they think of MLP. It's easily a mainstream thing for the target audience, but for adults...I'm going to say, no. That's not to say that the Brony fandom is small, at least not compared to plenty of other fandoms, but it's not nearly as big as the more mainstream ones. I guess this fandom is...medium sized. Enough to make a splash on the internet but not enough to set the world on fire.
  8. Well, Fluttershy wouldn't side with an anti-environmental political leader, nor would Twilight as based on her book knowledge she would know that science isn't a load of fiction, not to mention anyone who majors in the social sciences is probably liberal by yeah, those two would be liberal, especially since Twilight has effectively surpassed the equivalent to winning a Nobel Prize in her field. AJ might be liberal too as she would prefer a leader who would be fine with designating more land for agricultural purposes rather than allocating more to building condos. Pinkie probably wouldn't care. She doesn't seem to be politically minded, and is all about uplifting spirits regardless of what's going on. Rainbow probably wouldn't care either as long as she can be the best Wonderbolt she can be. She would only start to care if politics started affecting her organization, so I think she would rather politics just be kept out of the thing she loves most. Pinkie too. I think that's what I respect most about them. Rarity is the only one who I think would be firmly conservative, and that's because her business is large enough that she would undoubtedly benefit from the conservative mantra of keeping taxes low and allowing businesses to line their pockets so that they continue to enact policies that benefit business chains. As demonstrated in the comics, she tends to side with Filthy Rich on major political schisms.
  9. Well, my brief experience wasn't so positive. There just aren't enough girls in my region who also signed up for an account on that service. I don't think it's a bad idea for a dating site, but "liking FiM" is a very specific parameter, as is actually signing up for that site as I'm sure plenty of Pegasisters meet their mates in other ways. I've heard somewhere that on average, people who sign up for dating sites are roughly 60% male, and that may be even higher with our fandom. I signed up for a Christian Mingle account after that, as it's apparently roughly 56% female, and even then I've had difficulty finding someone who lives close enough to me, so maybe online dating in general is just way harder than it sounds.
  10. I hear stories upon stories of people who say they've had bad experiences with people in the fandom, and I'm sorry to hear that, but my experience has been the exact opposite. Everyone I've met in the fandom, either in real life (mostly at BronyCAN), or on the forums has been warm and welcoming, and unlike a lot of other fandoms I don't get so much of a whiff of elitism, which is great! I don't want to be respected because I've posted a lot here, or have become a mod in the last year or so. I want to be respected because I'm a fan just like the rest of you and we're all here to discuss the same thing, and that's exactly what I've felt. I'm actually kind of sad that the con I attend every year is ending. Some people are saying cold things like "another one bites the dust, good riddance", or unfortunate things like "I've had a bad experience at cons so I don't care that it's ending", but my experience with BronyCAN has been all positive. In my first year attending I was even in line with someone who went around to all the cons he could and got all the signatures he could, and I was just a new fan, and neither he or anyone else made me feel unwelcome. Regardless of what the future holds for the fandom, I intend on staying right here on this forum, which is where I can interact with the Brony community throughout the year, and no one has made me feel unwelcome here either. I've heard there was a horrible spat going on among the staff not too long ago, but I chose to stay out of it as my main concern was this forum staying up and continuing to be a great place to discuss Ponies. Maybe I'm just naturally resistant to getting pulled into drama, but once that blew over, and even while it was going on, things seemed to be just fine on the forum. Maybe this fandom isn't perfect, but none are, and I can tell you I'd rather have a lengthy discussion with Bronies than with gamers in this day and age...
  11. No! I love BronyCAN! I was going to have to miss it this year because I applied to volunteer at a kid's camp, but I didn't get in, so I guess I'm free for BronyCAN this year, and now that I know it's the last year I'm even more glad I get to go. To be honest, if it wasn't within driving distance I wouldn't be attending any Brony Con and I'm really fortunate to have one close enough. I'm not dedicated enough to get on a plane or travel south of the border, so I guess this will be my last Pony con... I didn't think the fandom was actually shrinking that rapidly. Maybe there just aren't enough dedicated fans in our region anymore. I'll make sure to attend this year.
  12. Actually, one of the reasons why I was ok with letting myself fall down the rabbit hole and join this fandom is that the show is consistent with my Christian values, and so is the fandom to an extent. I do think you're making a bit of a mountain out of a molehill though. The days of the MLP fandom surprising everyone by how big it became are over...and now it's just another fandom like so many out there, but that's not so bad. There's still a fandom here, afterall, and a pretty sizeable one at that. It doesn't have to be the current fad to be worth being a part of. Yeah, merch like the Funko figures have been discontinued, but there's still a lot of official and fan merch to be had, especially if you go to a con. If that's not possible where you live, Pony merch lives and breathes on the internet, so I'm sure you can still find stuff you would like to have. It's also worth noting that there's a movie coming up which could help boost the fandom a bit, and we have an 8th season confirmed, so there's still plenty of show to enjoy going forward. As far as I know, the comics and G.M. Berrow and Perdita Finn books are still going strong, and we just got another excellent companion book in the form of The Elements of Harmony Guidbook Vol. II. Heck, the spinoff media is going wild over the film with artbooks, prequels and adaptations galore. MLP is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, so don't fret. Would a company that's planning on pulling the plug on a show spend an inordinate sum of money to fund an in-universe film and even spring for celebrity guest stars like Sia?
  13. Yeah...I'm going to lock this one...
  14. I thought I was the only one who knew about that. Brohoof. I actually happen to own it. As a bit of a B-canon buff though, I have to admit that even I take that manga with a grain of salt as intriguing as it is at times. I decided to create the classification of C-canon for content from other regions with the addendum that if you happen to live in whatever region certain official content is from then that material can be treated as B canon, for that region. For everyone else though I think it's best if foreign material take a backseat to even the B-canon stuff released in the West. That said, I do think that's a great character moment for Rarity and it's something I would like to see done in the show, or the comics or even a G.M. Berrow book. I think her thing is she just doesn't want to ruin her perfect mane or any outfit she might wear. By the way, the Japanese word for mane is tategami. The character she portrays in the Hearths Warming Eve play however, just might have aquaphobia and/or many other phobias, and that's one of multiple reasons why Princess Platinum would be aggravating to work for. As for Rarity, I like to think she's pretty fearless and is willing to do what she needs to if the life of a friend is on the line. I think if any character would have aquaphobia it would be Twilight as she's pretty indoorsy and not from a region with large bodies of water. Rainbow seems to like splashing in Ponyville's pond and Fluttershy regularly sticks her head underwater to somehow talk to fish and frogs (yeah, figure that one out), and is pretty outdoorsy in general.
  15. Well, I'm just your friendly neighbourhood moderator for the MLP forums...and I also coincidentally happen to be on the autism spectrum. The whole Brony phenomenon in general is fascinating, and is probably part of why I have chosen to be a part of it, but I couldn't tell you what the connection might be between Bronydom and AS. I mean, I have a BA of Sociology and I am currently a Behaviour Interventionist who works with kids on the spectrum, and I still can't provide much in the way of helpful insight on the matter, though that just makes the whole phenomenon that much more fascinating. Oh, and I don't know why there seems to be a trend of linking the fandom with autism and making jokes about it. I don't get why that's supposed to be funny, and I don't particularly care for it.