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  1. MLP and the Kardashev Scale

    Hard to say. FiM falls back heavily on the "it's magic" cop-out in many instances to refrain from having to explain how some finer details work. I'm not sure why that sort of thing is annoying elsewhere, but somehow works for FiM. My theory is that, because FiM simply thrives on leaving some details unexplained, not bothering to explain magic phenomena just works where it wouldn't in another series. Fans will fill in said details with their headcanons and fanfics, and hold interesting discussions. Taking the above into consideration, it is possible that the "sun" and "moon" the princesses manipulate aren't actually space rocks. I never majored in astronomy, but it seems highly likely that if Earth's sun and moon were manipulated in the same way the consequences would be unimaginable. I'd love for someone who knows more than I do about astronomy to explain what would happen, but it probably wouldn't be good. Still, the moon was somewhere Luna could be banished to for 1000 years. On the other hand that doesn't mean it's necessarily a space rock. I think there is an argument that the sun and moon in Equestria are magic constructs that may or may not have pysical form, but we'll never know the answer to that.
  2. songs Whats You're Favorite Song From My Little Pony

    Hi, as this is mostly a show-related topic (with reference to movie songs as well), I've opted to move it to Show Discussion where it will possibly get more views.
  3. MLP and the Kardashev Scale

    I never knew about this scale until right now, so my clearly expert opinion that obviously doesn't need to be taken with a crate of salt as I read a few lines of a Wikipedia article, is that Equestria is a Type II civilization as Celestia and Luna have full control over the sun and moon and actually raise and lower them rather than simply letting physics do their thing like we do in the real world. They also hog the sun/moon cycle for Equestria, which isn't the entire planet. My headcanon is, that's why the rest of the planet consists largely of awful badlands and tundras, or at least what constitutes land mass. There's also a lot of water, and though the Hippogriffs built an extravagant city on a mountain-side, it's in an otherwise desolate area. Anyways, yeah, Celestia and Luna can do whatever they want with the sun/moon and while it's unproven I wouldn't be surprised if they can draw power directly from the celestial bodies they control. Actually, if being a Type II is contingent on the average pony being able to do that then Equestria would be a Type I as that's 99.99% Celestia and Luna. I don't know enough on this subject to draw a proper conclusion.
  4. Well, I don't have shares in Hasbro so mass appeal is irrelevant to me and I was actually afraid Hasbro and DHX were going to try too hard to appeal to a wider audience and not give fans enough to sink their teeth into. As it stands, it's...meh for this fan and meh as a general children's flick. As something to reach a wider, older audience, it's an abysmal failure, but I don't think that was in the cards anyways. As a Brony the season 7 finale appealed to me way more, but to be fair that treaded heavily on the assumption that by this point fans would already know about concepts like the Elements/Tree of Harmony, are familiar with Starswirl from past seasons and had seen the episodes for the other Pillars from the current season. Of course the movie had to be something even the uninitiated could follow, but that also meant it was never going to get very deep at all in the lore of the series. In all fairness I can't be too hard on the movie and I did enjoy it. I just think Hasbro was overreaching if they thought it could make fans out of non-fans, and they had to sacrifice some degree of service to the fans in their attempt to pull that off.
  5. Ponyville Mysteries series

    I'm finally getting back to reading this series and am now halfway through book two. My impression is still the same: this series is way better than a mystery series starring the CMCs alongside an OC, and is clearly marketed towards the younger audience, has any right to be. Then again, my impression of FiM in general has been fairly similar since I watched the first episode, so maybe I should just stop being surprised that anything FiM related can make for a fascinating story.
  6. Are most Bronies conservative?

    I see, so people just stop explaining their position because the other side just won't get it no matter how much effort they put in to explain themselves? Seems legit enough. Whatever the reason though, that doesn't lesson the fact that the right is often misrepresented to neutral parties who may actually be on board with some of their perspectives on things. Heck, I was even under the impression for a while that people on the right wanted notions of equality to revert back to those of the 1960s, because it legitimately seemed that way, and I could not for the life of me figure out why there was so much momentum behind that movement, even here where we're fans of a show that advocates for equality. That's what prompted me to look into it further. It turns out the far-left is really good at convincing the uninitiated that those on the other side are the bad guys. Though they make mountains out of molehills wherever they can, they're really good at selling their conclusions to anyone who will listen. I mean, the right does it too, but they failed miserably to convince me of equally ridiculous and untrue notions such as that the left supports communism. For whatever reason I bought the story the left sold me though, and I think it comes down to them having an easier time looking sympathetic. I'm still slightly left of center and stand by that, but I don't agree with everything the left spouts, especially now that I know the wool was pulled over my eyes for a while.
  7. Are most Bronies conservative?

    I'm center-left, but I'm actually not that far left from center and lean right on some subjects. It took me a while to figure this out as the vocal right likes to come across as jerks and/or ignorant in a lot of cases for reasons unknown, but some research revealed that they're generally quite reasonable in their perspective on some issues. For example, I'm adamant that climate change is a thing and there are a lot of scientific studies to back that up, but the right doesn't think introducing more and more carbon taxes is the solution and neither do I. I just wish more people on the right would come out and say that instead of trying to come across as thinking science is wrong. When judging certain industries for being "too SJW", the right isn't actually speaking out against those industries for having women and minorities work in them. They're speaking out against incentives that make it easier for anyone but white guys to occupy those positions. They would even support having a female president if they think that candidate is the right person for the job and not just to check that off of some arbitrary checklist, and yeah, fair enough. They just choose not to explain their position and are ok with the uninitiated thinking they're discriminatory jerks. Also, after listening to "anti-SJWs" talk for a while, I've come to accept them as being the same as the feminists and race activists they criticize. They're pushing back against issues that I think are very much real, but can take things too far at times and sometimes suck the joy out of the room and/or attach issues of identity to discussions where it isn't warranted. Sound familiar? So, I hope they can advance their cause, but now I think I understand what it feels like to be a female who doesn't identify with the feminist crowd, or a minority who doesn't identify with race activist groups, as anti-SJWs can't count this white guy among their ranks. Instead, I'll approach them like any other activist group and treat them as no better or worse in that regard. My philosophy is that activism is a tool that should only exist so long as there is need for it, and I think there is need for it here even if some cross the line (as the case often is with activists of all kinds).
  8. Wow, I didn't know that guy from Elf played Tirek. Neat. Also, what are those animes starring Tabitha? I'd love to see more stuff with her in it as she seems like an absolute pro of a voice actress. Nicole Oliver played Mei Lin from Cardcaptors, and I didn't know that until she came to the 2nd BronyCAN. Otherwise, Tara is pretty much the only VA whose other work I'm familiar with. She has had way too many roles to list. Well, it's possible to list them, it would just take a good while, and would probably fill up one of Twilight's scrolls. I'm a gamer, so aside from MLP I know her most as Harley Quinn in the Batman Arkham games and as Paz in the Metal Gear Solid franchise.
  9. So, my friend has been complaining for quite a few years that the calendars don't feature AJ much, if at all. Well, now it's my turn. My waifu is absent this year too. Yes, you heard right, no Rarity for 2018 either: WTF? Well, now my friend and I are in the same boat. I ended up having to order a movie calendar from a vendor in the UK, and it's not expected to arrive until January 18th-February 8th. I would have easily gone with the show calendar, but I'm thankful there's a second option for an actual proper product. This one features all of the Mane Six and there's even a Rarijack pic in March so I can ring in my birthday with best ship: The drawback is I'm not counting on there being a movie calendar in 2019. Well, that and I have to wait for this one to ship. Seriously though, someone ought to whack the calendar people over the head with a rolled-up newspaper. *whack* No, that is not how you design a calendar. You do not ignore people's waifus. *whack* Suffice to say, if things don't improve I won't be buying a 2019 calendar because I'm not impressed.
  10. Do You No Longer See Ponies as 'Ponies'?

    Well, I sometimes briefly forget I'm watching ponies, but then they do something pony-like or we get a horse-pun.
  11. Is there an order to read the comics ?

    I could give the sarcastic answer that's already been given, which is that there is an order: numerical, but I'm actually sensing that you're asking the actual reasonable question: where do the comics fit into the overall canon? My response is that it's self-explanatory when you're reading them. The first 12 issues and the Micro Series are pre-Twilicorn but issue 1 clearly takes place after the season 2 finale, so that gives you an idea as to where all those issues fit in. Beyond that, there will be signs in the comics themselves that you can use to gauge where they fit in, such as Twilight having her wings, then her castle instead of her library, then Starlight starting to appear, although it took her long enough. They're all individual stories and side stories at that, so it's not like you will be canon locked regardless, as long as you have a basic familiarity with the show and its progression. I would still recommend checking out the comics in order though. I think the comics are a great companion to the show and well worth checking out. Sure there are a few duds, but not every episode of the show is the greatest so my philosophy is c'est la vie. When the comics are at their best, I think they're up there with some of the best episodes. When they're at their worst, well...again, there are episodes I'm less fond of too, so I can cut them some slack...I mean the comics as a whole, not those particular issues/arcs as I'll rip into them.
  12. Is it possible for ponies to NEVER get their cutie marks?

    Well, it's probably safe to assume that any background ponies with no cutie mark are animation errors and are meant to be taken just as seriously as Alicorn cop from Rarity Takes Manehattan, but I do think it's possible. Princess Cadance and the Spring Heart Garden is an interesting read as it has a Grade 12 pony with no cutie mark in it. So, yeah, I think it's possible for ponies to not get their cutie mark in their pre-teens. Either way, the odds are far better of realizing one's destiny early on in Equestria than in real life. Neoliberalism is about as anti-destiny as world systems come, mind you, so I suppose that's to be expected.
  13. Is Sour Sweet the Leader of the Shadowbolts?

    Oh, yes, that's what I meant. Man, that character is so forgettable, even with the books making her more important than she actually is.
  14. Is Zephyr Fluttershy's younger brother in EQG?

    Most likely, although this is clearly the Zephyr nobody likes and not the one who has gone through his arc in the show. I guess that's not relevant to whether he's Fluttershy's brother in the show. I have to wonder though, as Fluttershy's in her teens in this series and is supposed to be the older one, how old would she and Zephyr have to be for him to look at least like an older looking 16 year old who looks like he's 20?
  15. Is Sour Sweet the Leader of the Shadowbolts?

    I'm assuming you mean of the group of girls she hangs out with, and not the leader of her school, but yes, I think Sour Sweet might be somewhat of a group leader, unless you read the Perdita Finn books. In the books it's Sunny Daze, aka that Crystal Prep girl everyone forgets exists and can never remember the name of, and is somehow less remembered than Indigo Zap despite Zap not even appearing in Dance Magic. No, I'm not actually kidding, she is a much bigger deal in the books, and is even the main antagonist in one of them.