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  1. Ummm...background pony composition would revert back to the way it was in season 1.
  2. AlbaTross

    Season 7 DVD FINALLY relasing this October!

    This is great news! I'll definitely check it out when it releases!
  3. AlbaTross

    My Little Pony and Carebear crossover theory

    Hey, as this topic goes beyond the scope of just FiM it has been moved to Sugarcube Corner.
  4. I always chalked that up to oversight on the show's part. I assumed that the library would be open and heck, Twilight didn't lock her door even back then, but maybe it wasn't quite like a regular library. Like, maybe ponies could talk to Twilight if they wanted to borrow a book, and ask if she had something on a particular subject, rather than just walking into her home uninvited.
  5. Hi, as this discussion goes beyond the scope of the show, it has been moved to Sugarcube Corner.
  6. AlbaTross

    Spoiler Spikezilla...(spoilers)

    That's what I was thinking, although it was also accompanied by a deepening of Spike's voice and a more mature appearance, both of which are things commonly associated with puberty and beyond. I think the writers kind of backed the series into a corner here as that particular event was witten back when the lore surrounding dragons wasn't anywhere close to where it's at now. Smolder mentioned that event is "something different" but didn't mention how it was different. It's possible that they are two different puberty events, one of which Spike resisted, but I don't know. The molt seems more akin to what is commonly seen with 13 year olds, given that Spike got zits and started to smell, and then ultimately experienced a change in his body which in this case culminated in the growth of wings. If your theory is correct then maybe most dragons are more equipped to survive the molt in spite of predators lurking everywhere as the average dragon could be massive too. I mean, dinosaurs were massive which helped a lot against bird predators (who were also dinosaurs, but whatever). That still doesn't explain why there are dragons like Garble, Ember and Smolder who are bigger than Spike but proportionately only to the extent that individuals in their mid teens or older often are in comparison to a small child. It seems unlikely that the disparity between, say, Ember and her dad in terms of size will ever be explained, so we can argue about that for an eternity, along with whether what Spike experienced in season 2 was indeed purely about size.
  7. AlbaTross

    The Molt Down explains so much about alicorns

    This headcanon is hilarious but I'm pretty sure Starswirl taught the sisters the Royal Canterlot Voice. Perhaps he was a Phoenix breeder though. Also, it's unknown how long Celestia has had Philomena so maybe Phoenix-caused ear infections were commonplace in the Castle of the Two Sisters, so maybe that's it. I'm sure Celestia has since developed an immunity to it or she would have lost her hearing permanently due to frequent infections ages ago.
  8. AlbaTross

    Reasonable ships

    Well, Friends Forever #20 brings two characters together, who as it turns out are both ancient beings whose nature seems to be at odds with what is considered just and good, and who were banished/turned to stone for a millennium for past deeds, which they are still kind of dealing with as they can never quite shake it, and though they both have changed, neither can quite shake the fear that they will relapse into the monster they used to be and hurt those around them, so they deal with it by keeping most others at an arm's length and they even have walls built between them and those they do allow themselves to get close to. Ok, that's actually the analysis I came up with on the similarities of both characters after reading that comic. There is however a story about Luna getting to know Discord and in turn reflecting that she does indeed share some of the same insecurities he does. I also really like that they both discover that while chaos is the opposite of order and darkness is the opposite of light neither is actually the opposite of good. Suffice to say, I ship them.
  9. Written words in lack tone due to not being audible, but yeah, the internet is a pretty nonsensical place. I would say that it, Japan and the White House as it is currently should be compared to determine which is the most nonsensical, but I just don't think it's possible to come up with a definitive answer on that, no matter how hard we science.
  10. AlbaTross

    Reasonable ships

    Actually, there's a comic that established legit chemistry between Discord and Luna. Discord giving Celestia flowers that one time didn't do it for me, but actually taking time to establish stuff in common between Discord and Luna not only surprised me, it actually made me wish they shared some screen time in the show. I think I'll stick with the classic FlutterCord ship but I think LunaCord is a solid alternative. Maybe DisLestia too, but I think I need more on screen chemistry between them, or perhaps a comic with the two of them. Heck, Discord and Trixie shared more screen time together in the show and that kind of worked. My main ship has always been RariJack because I really like the opposites attract thing they have, plus they've had a ton of chemistry over multiple episodes, movies and comics. They're also both hard workers in the blue collar sphere who appreciate the value in a hard day's work even if one likes getting dirty and one doesn't. They also respect each other's differences for the most part. Actually, I like all the cliched ships to varying extents, including FlutterDash, AppleDash, Lyra/Bon Bon (who are the closest thing to a legit same sex couple in this series) and Vinyl/Octavia.
  11. You're assuming my post was meant to be taken seriously. I don't know how Japan does it, but creativity is something they have in spades. EB is pretty eccentric by the standards of media that actually leaves Japan. Trust me, the real out there stuff will never make its way out of Japan in any official capacity, possibly because Western minds can't handle it. Some of the small sampling I took home in my suitcase baffles me to no end. Heck, it's a wonder Japanese children aren't scarred for life based on what I've seen in Children's manga.
  12. I think the technical term is Japanese games, and they're an entire race that can somehow pull off Lewis Carrol type stuff without having to be high. That actually applies to all of their fictional media, not just games. I brought back a few manga magazines from Japan and though I can't read them...yet...they certainly contain stuff you wouldn't believe if I were to tell you about them. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if the entire fiction industry in Japan had a trade secret drug that only people who work in that particular realm know about. That would explain a lot. Either that or there are just certain compounds in the blood of Japanese people that produce a drug-like high without having to be high. Then again, how were games like Ecco the Dolphin or the recently released Forgotten Anne made in spite of not being created by Japanese people? In any case, I agree that it's a crime when certain games don't sell as much as they deserve to...
  13. I've been holding out on buying a Switch until I could purchase this and other classic titles on it, but based on a recent announcement, Nintendo would rather just sit on their legacy of great games than capitalize on it. This E3 will determine whether I should get a Switch at some point or pass on it altogether. Maybe I'll go the emulation route until Nintendo decides they no longer hate money.
  14. AlbaTross

    Luna's bullying you in your dreams. What do you do?

    If Luna is appearing in my dreams I know she's not real. If I were in Equestria and this happened I still wouldn't believe I was dealing with the real Luna, but if it got bad enough I might try to contact the Princesses to resolve the issue, and failing that, I might hit up Auntie Eclipse to put a sleep charm on my pillow.
  15. AlbaTross

    What Is Your Opinion On Religious Diversity?

    As someone of faith, even if it's the super-white modern Christian variety, I'm all for religious freedom. Freedom of belief and freedom of expression are things I support. I draw the line when people murder one another or commit terrorist acts due to their beliefs, but if they stay within the law then I'm cool with whatever. If someone wants to sport the Papa Smurf look, that's their choice and it's not hurting anyone or anything. In short, my stance is fairly simple: criminal acts of any kind aren't cool, but otherwise like with any other form of freedom, religious freedom is something I agree with.