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  1. I wasn't going to say it, but good thing you did. The world would be a better place if he would just stop talking. On the other hand he would also probably just Tweet more. Maybe a trip to the stream of silence and shutting down his Twitter account for good measure would be in order.
  2. Personally, I don't think the new series would have to bend over backwards. This show reached a larger audience even while staying true to its intended target audience. I fail to see why any future MLP series should need to compromise what it's all about just to try and reach a broader audience. FiM reached broader appeal than past shows not because it had a different audience in mind, but because someone decided that they should put actual effort into the series and not just take a dump in a bag and slap the word "princess" on it. Good storytelling is possible no matter who the story is intended for, and appeal outside of said demographic is far more likely if it's good than if it's not.
  3. AlbaTross

    Which character would you choose as your lawyer?

    Hi, as this topic isn't about the show per-se, it has been moved to Sugarcube Corner.
  4. AlbaTross

    Do you think the show has too many fan serives?

    I don't personally think so. If it became a show about shipping, in jokes and memes, there might be cause to believe the series has abandoned its target audience, or if it took the path some fans seemed to want for reasons unknown where it became literal Pony Fallout. Sure, there are times when it's evident that the writing staff are acutely aware that many of its fans are adults, and I see that even more often in the spinoff media, especially the comics. However, I think it still walks the fine line between appealing to adults and appealing to a younger audience. There are certain things this show will never do, in spite of it pushing the envelope in terms of what we ever believed was possible for a little girl's show. At the end of the day, it will remain a cheerful, upbeat, slice of life series with the occasional epic premier or finale, and lately the former have become more slice of lifey too.
  5. AlbaTross

    Do the past generations of MLP deserve all the hate?

    Hi, as this discussion is about past generations, it has been moved to the appropriate board.
  6. AlbaTross

    Early Seasons vs. Newer Seasons?

    Well, the show has jumped the shark so many times it isn't the show it was when it started, and I don't really care anymore. It's only been this season where I've really seen a huge decline in overall quality, and even then, episodes 21-23 of season 8 are somewhat of a return to form, or so I believe. Sure, there have been some terrible episodes in seasons 6 and 7 too, but this season it's just been so rampant. That said, I'm going to have to go with the newer seasons if those are our only choices. On a related note, I don't think it's sufficient to just divide the show between pre-Twilicorn and post-Twilicorn seasons anymore. The current show is not the same as it was in season 4 either, or in season 5. Season 6 and 7 kind of remained consistent with one another, but they're a departure from previous seasons too, and this recent school development sets season 8 apart once again. Maybe you could lump seasons 4 and 5 together in spite of their differences, but it's certainly not as simple anymore as having the season 3 finale being the only acknowledged point of change.
  7. AlbaTross

    How would your world be if MLP never existed?

    Hmmm...tough question. I'd say, my life would still be as it is, but yeah, there would be something missing.
  8. AlbaTross

    Applejack, the least popular?

    I doubt her popularity is the highest of the mane six, but she's not unpopular. Besides, while I bleed Rarity, my favourite ship is Rarijack, which is 50% Applejack.
  9. AlbaTross

    Why is the Brony Fandom dying?

    Of course they do. Heaven has anything you could possibly want and more. That's why it's called Heaven. Personally, I think it will be so awesome that esoteric earthly things will be an afterthought to us at most before too long, but out of our choosing to set such things aside, not because it isn't available to us. Besides, it shouldn't be called Heaven if Saturday binge gaming on a Monday isn't at all a thing. And yes, it shouldn't be void of Ponies either.
  10. AlbaTross

    Why is the Brony Fandom dying?

    I've seen fandoms that are far more "dead" than this one. Call me when this forum has only a few posts a day or less. The Brony fandom isn't as strong as it was, but it's far more alive than a lot of other fandoms out there. Sure, you could easily list some that are stronger, but for a series well past its fad phase, it's doing quite well.
  11. AlbaTross

    What would EqG be like if it became more "feminist"?

    It would look like the Arden Hayes books. Read the description on the back of the book for Rainbow Dash Brings the Blitz. As a bit of a spoiler, that book ends up being every bit the story it sounds like it's going to be, until the last six or seven chapters when it tries to deviate from being one big trope, only to inadvertently cause the book to climax too early. That said, it still contains as much feminism as you think it's going to, and then some. In contrast it's worth noting that EQG and FiM in general is actually surprisingly void of blatant feminist writing. I've come across more feminist-flavoured cringe from Marvel than I have from FiM. Note, I'm SJW as heck, but when an entire story is a feminist PSA, or at least that particular element is an elephant in the room throughout, I tend to get less enjoyment out of a particular work. I'm all for portraying capable female characters, and in fact, I prefer when female characters are portrayed in that light, but there's a difference between that and making it the moral of the story. A hero or group of heroes can be female, and that's cool. Their strength doesn't have to come from the fact that they're female, and they don't have to show up an antagonist or supporting character who's a blatant misogynist. A character in general is more relatable to everyone if their identity isn't the source of their strength, or the thing that's at odds with someone who's portrayed as a jerk, if not downright evil. The Mane Six work as characters because it's their personalities that take centre stage, not their gender.
  12. AlbaTross

    The Worst Season Of The Entire Series?

    I'm going to have to go with the current season. Up until now, even if recent seasons have drawn criticism, I still felt the magic of the show, which shone through in the occasional solid episode (even if great episodes have been increasingly sparse). The current season has gotten a few lols out of me, such as with goth Fluttershy, but I'm really feeling like for the most part the show is going through the motions now, and is just lacking the heart it once had. Maybe my opinion will change, as the season isn't over yet, but so far I think season 8 has been the worst in its execution.
  13. AlbaTross

    Adult MLP show.

    Hi, as this discussion is about a hypothetical new show and not the one we currently watch, it has been moved to Sugarcube Corner.
  14. So, it's headcanon time. Not since Twilight's Kingdom do I recall any moments in the show that offer a significant insight into how Pony magic in Equestria works. I'm talking of course about the fact that in Yakkity Sax, Pinkie lost her coat colour, and just walking past flowers and balloons caused them to die and pop. I think it's reasonable to infer that what she experienced was a release in magic. Note, I don't think the episode is all that great or well-written, but that particular scene intrigued me. Tirek's draining of Pony magic revealed that all ponies have magic in them, and non-Unicorns simply have passive magic, which they can still sometimes tap into, just not in the same way. The events of this recently leaked episode lead me to believe that things like Ponies' unnatural coat colours come from magic too, and it's possible for deep depression to cause magic to drain out of them. Actually, Pinkie must have a lot of magic inside her if a release of it caused all that damage to her surroundings. I suppose there is plenty of evidence that she's pretty magical for an Earth Pony, so maybe that isn't so surprising. Also, magic either returned to her or was replaced when her mood lifted at the end of the episode. Perhaps magic in Ponies is fluid. I had an image of a pool of magic within each Pony that varies in size and just happens to be circulated more passively in Ponies who don't have a conduit to tap directly into it at will, but maybe it's not quite that simple. In any case, I'm intrigued. What are your thoughts?
  15. AlbaTross

    Spoiler Season 8 Waiting Thread (Spoilers) Heck yeah!