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  1. On one hand, gas prices are fantastic right now, and my college may end up making that course I'm planning to take in the summer an online class instead of making me go all the way to the main campus. On the other, my buzz is being killed left and right. I can't sit in restaurants or cafes, and I can't even go to a movie with friends. My friends and I have decided to cancel our usual soirees, so even that's out. On the plus side, I guess there will be a lot of time to catch up on binge gaming and pony comics now. I guess I won't be so busy with life that I don't have time for much else. I am still able to work, but I have less of it currently. Otherwise, I guess I'll revert back to my old indoorsy habits.
  2. Well, since that $70CAD Celestial Solstice CCG set I got for free from a Cardapalooza panel four or five years ago doesn't count as merch I actually bought, I'm going to have to go with that $65 MLP-themed tarot card set I bought at the Vanhoover Pony Expo (the successor to BronyCAN that I only just heard about on Thursday and doesn't seem to have a thread here for some reason). Anyways, I have a set of 74 tarot cards now that is four cards shy of being a full set, due to it lacking an equivalent to the lowest value face cards of each suit of the minor arcana. But, the artwork is nice and it's pretty neat. I tend to spend a lot on merch at cons, but more as a culmination of all the items I buy than as a result of over-spending on one item. I just had to have that tarot card set though. Apparently it's ok for a Christian to engage in a pagan ritual such as reading tarot cards so long as I don't believe in any of it.
  3. Ummm...what? Book burning? What kind of drug makes one even consider something like that, because I sure as heck don't want to take it. Also, burning books after they've already bought doesn't mean the money spent on them will be refunded. JK Rowling has her money. Just saying. Destroying already purchased products has to be the dumbest form of protest I've ever heard of (and this is far from the only example I've seen of people considering or actually doing it). Maybe try reading up on how capitalism works? As for me, JK Rowling hasn't done anything that offends me, and even if she did, I don't bring politics into my enjoyment (or lack thereof) of media. I love the Harry Potter series, and the author can say whatever the heck she wants. That won't change the work. She says she thinks Dumbledore is gay, but...has that actually been confirmed in the books? At all? If not, then who cares what she says? It could be part of the reason why he never settled down, and reading it that way...doesn't change how I feel about the character. But, it's also not stated in the books as far as I know, so if you don't want to read that into it...don't. I'm probably far closer to the death of the author end of the spectrum when it comes to how I consume media, so maybe it comes down to personal philosophy, but even if I didn't approach media that way I'd still firmly believe that people these days really need to chill with politics. Also, if you decide you're no longer a fan of a particular work, why not sell it or give it away or something? That's far less wasteful.
  4. There's still spinoff media to be enjoyed. The new EQG Holiday Special is pretty good all things considered, and the comics are supposed to be running a "season 10" starting in April, and the mainline comics will continue up until then. It's unknown if "season 10" will mark the end of the comics too, but it's assumed that those will be coming monthly and if there are 26 of them that will be another two years and two months of comics. Sure, aside from the comics that have a monthly schedule, spinoff media has slowed to a trickle of what it used to be and there are a couple mini-series in the chapter books that will likely never get finished (as the chapter books seem to have ceased entirely), but apparently the manga will still keep going with its sporadic releases too. There are also a few additional GNs left to release in the comics outside of the normal volumes so although I'm sure that's it for comics outside of the main line, that is something to look forward to. All this is also assuming you haven't read absolutely everything released up to this point (in which case there's a plethora of spinoff media for you to check out), and also ignoring what are clearly children's books that do have upcoming releases as well. Of course, even without all of the above and just going off of the show, FiM fans are really lucky and you're fortunate if you've never been part of a fandom that has had to work with a lot less. Fandoms can and do continue well after the works they're based on have ended...but they tend to be the internet equivalent of ghost towns where there is only the occasional post. That said, sometimes fandoms have only one season of 26 episodes or even less than that to work with and it's remarkable how well they're able to carry on. What I'm saying is...count your blessings and also don't despair as I'm sure this fandom will carry on in some capacity regardless even if it's not the size it was before. Moreover, it sounds like Bronies are being taken into account with G5 which I'm hoping won't suck, and in the interim there's that supposed CG movie in the pipeline with no release date. There's also one planned for 2021 that may or may not be the same film pushed back, but we'll see.
  5. *Sniff* I'm sad it's over, but the end of the era, much like the end of a chapter of my life, is not the end of everything. I'm thankful I came across this series, and it taught me so much about friendship. Truth be told it's hard to say if I would have ended up where I am now if I hadn't come across this series. Things are different for me now, and are continuing to change, but here's hoping this is just the start of a more awesome era. I am hoping there will be an Elements of Harmony Volume III too for the lessons from the last three seasons. Heck, I would legit buy a "Friendship Tome" that's literally just a book of the lessons printed in the Elements of Harmony Guidebooks that span every episode from all 9 seasons. Hopefully the comics keep coming for a while (that Season 10 announcement has me stoked), and although the books seem to be slowing down I hope that's not the last we've seen of them either. I'll see you all around and hopefully the future is bright (and G5 doesn't suck).
  6. I call BS on this episode. Ahuizotl probably has some magic in him that can trick the effects of the Truth Talisman. There's no way half the things he was doing was just to "protect some artifacts so he can keep his day job". And now Equestria is doomed because Daring Do won't try to stop him! Oh well, it's the last season, and Equestria was doomed anyways as it's still on a collision course with the human world unbeknownst to the Mane Seven and Spike of both worlds. I guess there's a fool's hope in both circumstances that the relevant hero(s) will realize the truth before it's too late, but plot armor only lasts until the series ends, so...yeah, Equestria is doomed!
  7. I really like this episode. I think it's a good moral, and is handled pretty well here. I mean, there's a reason why business hours are a thing. There's just the glaring plot hole of how Starlight wouldn't have thought of that sooner. Oh well, it's still a good episode.
  8. I'm a little behind of the episode, but I saw it, and it's good. I'm glad we got an episode just starring villains. They're all getting reformed in the end, aren't they?
  9. Hmmm...last week I really liked that the show provided a good moral and tied it in really well with the rest of the episode. After the dumpster fire that is mid-season 8's harmful morals that was a breath of fresh air. This week's episode has a good moral too, but the way it's presented is kind of cringe. I mean, it was obvious all along what the moral would be, and this has to be the millionth time that Rainbow has had to learn that not all ponies are like her. I'm glad Quibble returned for his episode, and was that his daughter doing the voice for Wind Sprint? That's adorable. I just wish the plot wasn't so contrived though. Oh well, at least this episode doesn't teach us something harmful like if your friend is literally putting the lives of others in danger it's probably your fault if you didn't make them feel included.
  10. This was probably a good episode for this week as I was freaking out due to sleeping in and forgetting all about the livestream due to watching Avengers Endgame late last night and not getting home until 2AM. In any case I found a couple postings of the episode and switched between them as one was of a guy livestreaming and it lagged while he was talking, and I also missed the occasional line while he talked over it, while in the other one the audio wasn't quite synced up at times and it was glaringly obvious. I like nothing short of perfection when it comes to watching a FiM episode, and I don't like interruptions either (like my friend texting me asking how Endgame is). In any case I watched the episode and think it's alright. I mean, it's pretty standard fare for a Twilight freakout episode and I do find them entertaining to an extent. It doesn't up the ante like I would kind of expect from a final season episode, but maybe I shouldn't go into episodes expecting that. Besides, perhaps giving us throwbacks to classic episode formats isn't such a bad thing as in this case we got classic Twilight and that's kind of nostalgic. I think being a little more critical of the previous episode not quite being the epic I was expecting is a bit more warranted as it is the 200th episode, but I enjoyed that one too and think it's alright so maybe the problem is just me. Now I kind of hope we do get more classic-style episodes with the other mane six ponies as that would be kind of nice.
  11. Awesome! I really enjoyed the episode and had no problem with the livestream! The only minor criticisms I have other than that I'm not sure if this is quite what I would expect from a 200th episode, are that Zephyr actually doesn't strike me as any more useless than the average royal guard (seriously, that's a job for him), the brick walls clearly aren't mortared properly if Rarity of all ponies can take it apart (and are a hazard given that there is now no fire escape), and if magic is nullified in the castle, how will Celestia and Luna handle the sun/moon cycle? Do they have to go outside to do it now?
  12. Solid episode. I'll have to rewatch it when I'm able to though, as apparently Texans can't look outside to find out something as obvious as whether there's a thunderstorm brewing, and need TV shows interrupted to tell people that's what's happening...:(
  13. Eh...after seeing this I choose to believe the flimsy premise that Sombra the pony and Sombra the Umbrum ceased to be the same being when the former was pulled from a sphere of dark mass by undefined magic, but it is contrived, and it's understandable if someone would choose to just disregard that particular comic arc, especially given that it is a mixed bag anyways. I was going to wait and see if the premier debunked even that flimsy thread, but it's still there. In any case, I really enjoyed this season premier, and love that a bunch of villains have teamed up. Actually, this is something I've been wanting to see for quite a few years now. I envisioned it as Chryssy busting Tirek out of Tartarus, but I didn't consider a new villain stepping in. That actually applies even to Cozy Glow from last season's finale, but you know what, I like what we actually ended up getting. TBH I also didn't consider it as a plot thread for an entire season either, and more of just a season finale type thing. I like that all these villains are lurking in the background all season, and that could lend itself really well to a mid-season finale in addition to the series finale (which may make me a little misty-eyed). Oh, and the fact that Sombra won for a time, and the deus ex friendship felt a little less forced than usual are all positives for me.
  14. I would assume that can only possibly happen after the show ends, and if the comics keep going. Princess Amore returning would mean that Cadance doesn't need to watch the Crystal Empire anymore, afterall. That would definitely clash with the show's canon.
  15. Oh, this debate where the alt-left gets offended if there aren't enough women and minorities in a given piece of fictional media and push for more diversity, and the alt-right gets offended if a piece of fictional media has the audacity to put anyone who isn't straight, white and male in a leading role, and/or in a role that portrays him/her as remotely capable and useful to the narrative? Yeah, I wish both sides would just get dragged off by people in white suits. Remember when we could talk about any kind of media we wanted without annoying identity politics entering into the equation? I miss those days.