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  1. I really like this episode. I think it's a good moral, and is handled pretty well here. I mean, there's a reason why business hours are a thing. There's just the glaring plot hole of how Starlight wouldn't have thought of that sooner. Oh well, it's still a good episode.
  2. I'm a little behind of the episode, but I saw it, and it's good. I'm glad we got an episode just starring villains. They're all getting reformed in the end, aren't they?
  3. Hmmm...last week I really liked that the show provided a good moral and tied it in really well with the rest of the episode. After the dumpster fire that is mid-season 8's harmful morals that was a breath of fresh air. This week's episode has a good moral too, but the way it's presented is kind of cringe. I mean, it was obvious all along what the moral would be, and this has to be the millionth time that Rainbow has had to learn that not all ponies are like her. I'm glad Quibble returned for his episode, and was that his daughter doing the voice for Wind Sprint? That's adorable. I just wish the plot wasn't so contrived though. Oh well, at least this episode doesn't teach us something harmful like if your friend is literally putting the lives of others in danger it's probably your fault if you didn't make them feel included.
  4. This was probably a good episode for this week as I was freaking out due to sleeping in and forgetting all about the livestream due to watching Avengers Endgame late last night and not getting home until 2AM. In any case I found a couple postings of the episode and switched between them as one was of a guy livestreaming and it lagged while he was talking, and I also missed the occasional line while he talked over it, while in the other one the audio wasn't quite synced up at times and it was glaringly obvious. I like nothing short of perfection when it comes to watching a FiM episode, and I don't like interruptions either (like my friend texting me asking how Endgame is). In any case I watched the episode and think it's alright. I mean, it's pretty standard fare for a Twilight freakout episode and I do find them entertaining to an extent. It doesn't up the ante like I would kind of expect from a final season episode, but maybe I shouldn't go into episodes expecting that. Besides, perhaps giving us throwbacks to classic episode formats isn't such a bad thing as in this case we got classic Twilight and that's kind of nostalgic. I think being a little more critical of the previous episode not quite being the epic I was expecting is a bit more warranted as it is the 200th episode, but I enjoyed that one too and think it's alright so maybe the problem is just me. Now I kind of hope we do get more classic-style episodes with the other mane six ponies as that would be kind of nice.
  5. Awesome! I really enjoyed the episode and had no problem with the livestream! The only minor criticisms I have other than that I'm not sure if this is quite what I would expect from a 200th episode, are that Zephyr actually doesn't strike me as any more useless than the average royal guard (seriously, that's a job for him), the brick walls clearly aren't mortared properly if Rarity of all ponies can take it apart (and are a hazard given that there is now no fire escape), and if magic is nullified in the castle, how will Celestia and Luna handle the sun/moon cycle? Do they have to go outside to do it now?
  6. Solid episode. I'll have to rewatch it when I'm able to though, as apparently Texans can't look outside to find out something as obvious as whether there's a thunderstorm brewing, and need TV shows interrupted to tell people that's what's happening...:(
  7. Eh...after seeing this I choose to believe the flimsy premise that Sombra the pony and Sombra the Umbrum ceased to be the same being when the former was pulled from a sphere of dark mass by undefined magic, but it is contrived, and it's understandable if someone would choose to just disregard that particular comic arc, especially given that it is a mixed bag anyways. I was going to wait and see if the premier debunked even that flimsy thread, but it's still there. In any case, I really enjoyed this season premier, and love that a bunch of villains have teamed up. Actually, this is something I've been wanting to see for quite a few years now. I envisioned it as Chryssy busting Tirek out of Tartarus, but I didn't consider a new villain stepping in. That actually applies even to Cozy Glow from last season's finale, but you know what, I like what we actually ended up getting. TBH I also didn't consider it as a plot thread for an entire season either, and more of just a season finale type thing. I like that all these villains are lurking in the background all season, and that could lend itself really well to a mid-season finale in addition to the series finale (which may make me a little misty-eyed). Oh, and the fact that Sombra won for a time, and the deus ex friendship felt a little less forced than usual are all positives for me.
  8. I would assume that can only possibly happen after the show ends, and if the comics keep going. Princess Amore returning would mean that Cadance doesn't need to watch the Crystal Empire anymore, afterall. That would definitely clash with the show's canon.
  9. Oh, this debate where the alt-left gets offended if there aren't enough women and minorities in a given piece of fictional media and push for more diversity, and the alt-right gets offended if a piece of fictional media has the audacity to put anyone who isn't straight, white and male in a leading role, and/or in a role that portrays him/her as remotely capable and useful to the narrative? Yeah, I wish both sides would just get dragged off by people in white suits. Remember when we could talk about any kind of media we wanted without annoying identity politics entering into the equation? I miss those days.
  10. To each their own, but I suppose it is plausible to have an alternate universe that's very much like the universe in the show but with some slight differences. Actually, after the season 5 finale I firmly believe that to be true, especially given that the human world is a thing, and the comics have dabbled plenty in the notion of alternate universes. So yes, while I personally like to think of the comics other spinoff media as more or less canon to the show, there's actually a great deal of plausibility to what you choose to believe, and the beauty of this franchise is that it leaves plenty of room for headcanons. Actually, I might mull over your perspective further. It's quite intriguing. After skimming my comics, I think I might have something but it's clumsy and takes leaps in logic. At least it's better than the nothing I had. I'm essentially proposing that Sombra split into two Sombras at the end of The Siege of the Crystal Empire. It's...not great, but it's something. It relies heavily on the fact that Sombra was really only brought back through magic ex machina that really wasn't explained at all, and that the Sombra brought back appears to be a legit unicorn. He could have been transfigured, but it seems like his body was dispersed, and his consciousness was about to be. So, perhaps he was given an entirely new body. He and Radiant Hope ran off to reassemble Princess Amore, effectively writing them out of the series. But, what happened to all the dark magic that his old form used to consist of? Perhaps Sombra's consciousness split into two, and one half went along with his old body, that being his dark side.'s quite a leap, and I guess I'll have to wait and see how well that holds up after seeing the episode(s).
  11. Hey guys, long time no see. There is actually a rational explanation for the show and Legends of Magic retconning the backstory of the Dazzlings. As Starswirl wanted to keep it on the down low that he and six other prominent ponies occasionally congregated as the Pillars of Equestria, he wrote a version of events that depicts him as the sole individual responsible for the defeat of the Dazzlings and their subsequent banishment in the human world. That would explain why the Pillars aren't mentioned in the book the Mane Six read in Rainbow Rocks before Twilight went back to the human world. Stygian's version of events is what really happened. So, that makes this return of Sombra the first major conflict between the show and comics that will be difficult to explain. It's a pity as in spite of the flaws, I actually really like the comic's depiction of Sombra, which they only got away with as he was a one-off villain who died in the show canon. I'm also fairly fond of Radiant Hope. In any case, I'll have a good time analyzing both that and the show to see if it's at all possible to come off with a rational explanation for this discrepancy...because I kind of enjoy over-analyzing the show and its spinoff material. I'd also love if Jeremy Whitley wrote a follow-up comic that bridges the seemingly insurmountable rift before us, or if he so much as posted an analysis of his own on Twitter.
  12. I wasn't going to say it, but good thing you did. The world would be a better place if he would just stop talking. On the other hand he would also probably just Tweet more. Maybe a trip to the stream of silence and shutting down his Twitter account for good measure would be in order.
  13. Personally, I don't think the new series would have to bend over backwards. This show reached a larger audience even while staying true to its intended target audience. I fail to see why any future MLP series should need to compromise what it's all about just to try and reach a broader audience. FiM reached broader appeal than past shows not because it had a different audience in mind, but because someone decided that they should put actual effort into the series and not just take a dump in a bag and slap the word "princess" on it. Good storytelling is possible no matter who the story is intended for, and appeal outside of said demographic is far more likely if it's good than if it's not.
  14. Hi, as this topic isn't about the show per-se, it has been moved to Sugarcube Corner.
  15. I don't personally think so. If it became a show about shipping, in jokes and memes, there might be cause to believe the series has abandoned its target audience, or if it took the path some fans seemed to want for reasons unknown where it became literal Pony Fallout. Sure, there are times when it's evident that the writing staff are acutely aware that many of its fans are adults, and I see that even more often in the spinoff media, especially the comics. However, I think it still walks the fine line between appealing to adults and appealing to a younger audience. There are certain things this show will never do, in spite of it pushing the envelope in terms of what we ever believed was possible for a little girl's show. At the end of the day, it will remain a cheerful, upbeat, slice of life series with the occasional epic premier or finale, and lately the former have become more slice of lifey too.