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  1. Given that Alicorns are more powerful than Unicorns magically, and it's safe to assume that the only reason why they don't outfly Pegasus Ponies with ease is because Pegasus Ponies generally fly a lot while Alicorns don't (natural ability doesn't replace regular practice), it's also probably safe to assume they outshine Earth Ponies in a similar capacity. Since Earth Ponies are known for having insane natural strength, an Alicorn probably has more. Of course, Alicorns probably use their physical prowess even less than their wings, so they probably wouldn't be as strong as an Earth Pony who uses their muscles all the time, but would still be crazy strong., I wouldn't wrestle with Princess Celestia. There's also a comic where she wins an arm wrestle with Big Mac, and he can pull a house off of its foundation. thanks.
  2. Well, yes and no. I mean, I like Equestria Girls too, but I don't know if that counts since I wouldn't be into that if not for the Mane series. I didn't get into MLP because I was looking for a series starring ponies. I just found a lot of things about I think appealing. On the other hand, ponies are perfect for also having unicorns and pegasus ponies, and all the lore surrounding the three races, as well as just much of the show's premise in general. It just kind of works. I don't know if Hasbro would have made a show about another type of animal that would be quite like this one. Also, if I did end up watching whatever show it was that starred a different animal I would probably still have random thoughts, but probably not the same ones, such as "are there unicorn necromancers?", and "why do pegasus ponies have stairs?"
  3. I voted for Starswirl as he has the most history in this series and it's great to finally meet him. I really like Mistmane's story, and she shares an element with Rarity, so I cast a vote for her. If I have to choose a favourite though, I really like the southern belle aesthetic and voice of Mage Meadowbrook. She's definitely not what I expected when she was mentioned back in season 5, but I think she's still intriguing. I have to wonder how she had items enchanted if she's not a unicorn, but I guess unicorns can be commissioned for that sort of thing. Well, that or potion making or using enchanted materials when crafting items.
  4. This thread belongs in the board for the 2017 movie. I will notify the mods for this section immediately (as I alas, do not have mod privileges for this section). Anyways, as aBowlofFruit said, to my understanding the main reason Starlight isn't in the movie is that it was in production since season 5. Starlight and Trixie's brief cameos were added in to avoid backlash over them not being acknowledged at all, but most of the movie was most likely finished by that point so it wasn't possible to add them into the main plot.
  5. Hi, as this board is for show discussion only, this has been moved to the appropriate board. That's both lit and extortion. I think it's neat that a comic is being acknowledged, but $20 for a character in the Gameloft game? They really need to learn what micro transactions are worth. Entire games often cost less than that.
  6. Well, I actually relate way more to my second favourite character, Fluttershy, and my third favourite (as depicted in my avatar), Pinkie Pie, than I can with my first, who is Rarity. It depends on the context but I can be a bubbly and upbeat individual in some settings, but I think my personal arc reflects that of Fluttershy where I went from completely lacking confidence to being more like season 7 Fluttershy...for the most part. There are still situations where I do regress into being season 1/2 Fluttershy but they are thankfully fewer and further in between than they used to be. No, I love Rarity for her appearance and accent, and her comic relief, but most of all, because she has traits that I respect and would look for in a potential mate, not to mention that I wish I had more of. I don't care about at all, but Rarity is a character who had a dream and worked to achieve it through hard work and perseverance. She knows what gives her life meaning, and she gives her all to it, not to mention she's generous, courageous and just has a general integrity to her that is not immediately apparent given her appearance and mannerisms. I respect that. Being in a past relationship has taught me that what I'm looking for is a woman with backbone, and Rarity certainly has that. Backbone doesn't necessarily mean being able to perform exceptional feats like Rainbow Dash, nor having to discard traits that are labeled as more feminine. I actually like a woman with a feminine side too, and appreciate elegance and grace. Rarity has that too. I can probably thank growing up with a sister and watching animated films, especially of the Disney variety depicting women in elegant ballgowns. All that means is that I became attracted to a kind of classic fantasy lady who doesn't exist in the current age, if she ever did to begin with. But yeah, I guess I like a woman who's both elegant and sure of herself, and Rarity is definitely that.
  7. As has been established, the actual characters in the show do, but in most merch they're only on one side. As has also been established though, there is merch where it is on both sides, like the Olyfactory plushies.
  8. Nope. One of my good friends is a friend I've had since high school. Granted, I don't see anyone else from high school anymore unless I just happen to run into them, which given where I live just never happens...except that time my friend and I went to see Rainbow Rocks and didn't exactly want to run into any high school classmates. Anyways, I went to my 10 year reunion and think they're all nice people, but I just don't have that kind of bond with them anymore that I had back in high school. I'll accept their Facebook friend requests but I do that with everyone. I don't actually use Facebook anyways so it's really just a social gesture on my part. Still, even though I've made new friends since, I am eternally greatful for the friend I made in high school. I don't think willfully burning that bridge is a great idea. Most bridges built with high school classmates will indeed naturally decay with time, but you could be burning one that could have held strong against all odds. In short, what you're describing is Moondancer type stuff. Even if you don't end up being good friends with anyone from high school, and your personal arc looks more like Twilight's where your lifetime friends will be people you meet after high school, you could also be ignoring the Minuettes, Twinkleshines and Lemon Hearts in your life, which is still a reasonably good type of friendship to have even if you only happen to see them once in a blue moon.
  9. Spoiler

    I'm not actually entirely sure about the nuances of how pony pronouns are supposed to be used, as even the show is inconsistent with it but I have my theories. That the movie spinoff material uses creature pronouns as the PC terms for various species confounds things even further, but it seems that creature (anycreature, somecreature, everycreature) is used to refer to species that aren't ponies. Granted, the term clearly originates outside of Equestria and we haven't heard it used inside of Equestria so perhaps it's a regional term to refer to all sentient lifeforms in a particular area, which just happens to be featured in the movie. But, for the usage of pony (anypony, somepony, everypony), it seems reasonable to assume that it only applies to ponies. One of Gilda's lines in The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone reveals at least the possibility of griffon pronouns, so it's also reasonable to assume there are species specific pronouns. As pony society generally consists entirely of ponies and no other races with few exceptions, we can infer that these terms are not intended to be racist, although it is questionable that the Mane Six and others use them in the presence of Spike. The problem with using pony pronouns in all situations is obvious: it just isn't very versatile when it comes to interspecies relations. The pronouns we recognize as humans on the other hand, are. They may be the de facto PC pronouns as creature may in fact be region specific. Tempest does use "anybody" in her song, closely followed by "in this or any other land", so she's singing as someone who is well-traveled and is clearly using it as a blanket term to apply to relations with absolutely any species. In that context I think she is being grammatically correct.
  10. Yes, as Prospekt pointed out, it has been moved to Sugarcube Corner, which gets about the same traffic, and you will most definitely be able to view your replies.
  11. Spoiler

    I'm seriously doubting that will turn out to be more than just an Easter egg, and I'll be surprised if it's ever brought up again.
  12. Hi as this particular board is dedicated to the show, I have taken the liberty of moving this thread to the appropriate section.
  13. I first saw these episodes a couple weeks ago, and then rewatched them last night, but I wanted to wait until they officially aired to comment on them. I actually think the season7 finale is better than the much more hyped up theatrical movie. Having the pillars return and learning they were the ones who essentially planted the Tree of Harmony blows my mind, and I look forward to seeing how these characters fit into season 8.
  14. I'm not sure what potential discussion value this topic brings but you accidentally made two threads so I'll take the opportunity to merge them.
  15. Yes, they're B canon, which means they're canon to a point. If the show contradicts anything in them, it renders whatever it is non-canon, but until then they're canon. In the vast majority of cases though, the show has only 100% contradicted minor stuff like a background gag. There are a few cases that seem to invalidate entire issues, but even if you have to grasp at straws there are usually straws to grasp in arguing that things may not be as cut and dry as they seem. For example, the backstory of the sirens in a particular issue might have been invalidated by a few seconds of show footage, but I actually think only a few panels at the end are invalidated, and maybe not as much as it might appear.