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  8. Hi this is my first Fan Fiction i have written hope you enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------it was a hot summer afternoon in ponyville, every pony was just having a normal day. Until a new pony arrived to town, her name was Duo, a young pegasi pony who moved from manehatten because of family trouble. When she got there most ponies were already home getting ready to sleep. Very little others were still wondering around. one of them was pinkie pie as she strolled around the town, she saw the new pony didn't say hi or anything, just simply thinking at where she was going to stay. Pinkie ran with excitement to Duo and introduced her self "Hi!! Welcome to ponyville, come let me show you around". Pinkie brought Duo to many places like: Sugercube corner, sweet apple acres, and ended it off with twilights new house. Pinkie was already starting to plan a party just like she did with twilight when she got to town. Duo said with a calm voice "Thanks for showing me around I guess i should go to my new cottage.Pinkie said with that happy Smile"oki doki loki!" Duo went silently to her cottage without talking to anypony. she made it to her cottage after passing the everfreef orest where she heard strange ghost like voices babbling around in nonsense, and saw carvings which said"Go to the castle...." and the rest was never written, she was left with a big "whaaaaaa" in here face after that, but ignored that and simply unpacked her stuff and whent to bed in her cottage.Duo had different dreams as she normally had, they were visions of the castle of two sister. she also saw a hooded pony saying simple com here at 4:00. she woke up and barely had soome sleep because of that dream. next day she passed the everfree forest again, this time it was less gloomy than it was yesterday. Something that scared her was that the carvings where no longer there. She went to ponyville to get some fresh food for her. know one really paid attention to Duo. she also didn't want to talk to anyone since last night. She went to twilight since she had many books to see if she could find something about the castle of two sisters. Duo asked twilight if she had any books about the castle. She happily went to help her and find the books. Duo spent hours studying while twilight told the tale about the castle. It was going to be 4:00 soon she felt like she should go to the castle, but let didn't anyone know about it. Duo simply walked out the door and said" Thank you twilight, see you tomorrow". twilight glaceed back happily and waved goodbye. Duo made it to the castle only minutes away from being 4:00. she walked over the old bridge as she heard the wooden planks sound. She made it inside she thought the place was really a mess since twilight and the others passed here not long ago. she started to look around, something that got here eye was that a dark robe just like the one in her dream was there on the floor. She walked through many hallways confused and scared. A open hole in the roof showed that it was getting dark. she rapidly walked to the main door, but she knew this place looked familiar she opened her mouth, scared and said"Im going in circles!, theres no way to get out!! Im Lost IM Lost IM LOST!!!".she was panicking but she decided to take some deep breaths and kept wondering. Duo fell in many booby traps in the castle like walls turning and passages openings. she found a very hidden passage while walking. a huge hallway that looked that stretched for miles, walking and walking, until she stepped on a pressure plate which triggered sleeping darts to start shooting. She started run faster as she could, every time one kept close she felt the wind pass close to her mane. she reached the end not a scratch on her. She saw a journal on a table. She walked to it and it read "the Journal of Two Sisters" she thought for a minute and said "So this could be Princess celestia and Luna journal but why down here, and why so protected?" She opened the book and saw that all the pages were torn out! She felt in her leg as if she was injected with something. She saw that it was a sleeping dart. As she lost consciousness she saw a black hooded pony walking up to Duo and then she fell asleep.As she woke up her head felt dizzy and saw as she hanged from the roof, every thing was upside down she couldn't quite get the look of the place but as she looked around she was right underneath a wide hole that stretched long for miles. The hooded pony didn't say allot his only real words were "thank you for visiting". Duo felt the chills from those words in here back. She said screaming and crying,"WHERE AM I!!" He said with a calm voice"in the castle" the hooded pony left the room, there was a tiny peak hole to the outside which looked like it was day. Duo regained consciousness and saw that the rooms were scribbled with words and strange symbols. she saw many darts on a table reading: Poison, Sleepy, and Crazy darts. She felt as scared as she could be ever in here life. But she remembered that most fools don't tie ropes correctly and i see that he was one of those fools, but then i thought if i untie my self i could fall to my death.She kept thinking and saw that bottle was at the edge of the hole, she used the wings to create wind that pulled to her. she manage to drop the bottle down the hole, instead of glass breaking she heard water splashing, she thought if this really dosent work i still have chances to live.she started to make wind and struggle as to see if she could swing in the rope, she manged it and untied the knot and jumped to the edge of the hole. she tried to lift here self up but it was no good she had little strength left. Duo Heard a door open she peaked and saw the hooded pony, she jumped of a scare and started to fly away from him. Frist, in here mind she forgot that she was pegasi and felt stupid for a moment. The hooded pony went running straight to here tossing poison darts, he missed all shots and Duo went flying to him as he had no defence and kicked the hooded pony in to the hole. she heard no screaming or nothing out of him just the splash of water, she opened the door and found a staircase that led outside. She went running to ponyville with scared face, everypony looking at her worried, she simply said with a scared voice "Whatever you do dont go to the castle of two sisters". THANKS FOR READING
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    How did you find MLP Forums?: How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Hey Im Exil im pretty new to the fandom and im here stay! I also kindy suck at photoshop but I still use it