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Everything posted by GammaDove

  1. Guess who's back? Back again! Gamma's back! Till the end!

    1. CaptainDoubloon


      woot! Welcome back!

  2. I've realized that I've gone absolutely mad, and have accepted my lack of sanity as my new reality

  3. I apologize for not being on a lot, I just don't want to be on here spreading my sadness

    1. Sky Knight

      Sky Knight

      It's alright, welcome back Dove.

  4. Name: Casey Age: 17 Gender: Male Country: USA Likes: I like to read, write, draw, sing, dance, cook, run, swim, take naps, play with my dog, trading cards games, comics recentlty, and watch Netflix Dislikes: rude people, country music, superman, people with no humor, many other things Hobbies: Similar to likes Other Info:I apologize in advance due to my intensity.
  5. I have something on my mind, but I can't put it into words, is there a term for that?

    1. ThatOneComrade


      The idiom you're looking for is "tip of my tongue"

    2. GammaDove


      No, because that would be more on the lines that you can put it into words, but you can't remember the words

  6. I need to practice my drawing, does anyone have any tips or ideas where to start?

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    2. ThatOneComrade


      Have you ever heard of a slow, painful death? Those make death pretty difficult.

    3. GammaDove


      The dying part is easy, it's just the part up to it

    4. HeartFeltPuma23


      There are countless tutorials on the web, youtube especially, I recommend Sycra and Draw with Jazza, those artists aren't specialised in manga style but their tutorials are universal to every technique, just pick up a subject and search for a video, that is very helpful, doing your own stuff also is, basically, draw.

  7. I feel like I should update my about me page, but I don't know where to start

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    2. ThatOneComrade


      For your innocence's sake, Google Images is not your friend. Safesearch is.

    3. GammaDove


      My innocence died long ago, I'll just take my chances

    4. ThatOneComrade


      Godspeed to ye.

  8. I just want to say that I love your motto

    1. Ihei


      Isn't it great- owob

    2. Ihei


      very inspiring //nodnod

    3. GammaDove


      It's a way to live life

  9. I recently got out of what will probably be my shortest relationship

  10. Yesterday kind of ended on a sour note, but today I shall easy gross amounts of pie and feel better

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    2. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      Bulma: No, Krillin just got here!

      Vegeta: Oh god, they're breeding!



      Random Harry Potter crossover fanfic:


      Harry: Where's the soap?

      Girl: We don't have any of that, we have cleansing powder!

      Harry: The hell is cleansing powder?

      Girl: It's that stuff that looks kinda like sugar!

      Harry: Oh that sounds awesome! ....Bleck! This tastes nothing like what you just said!

    3. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      lol, the fact someone took that reference and swapped it in a fanfic was pretty hilarious, just thought I'd share it. :3

    4. GammaDove


      It was from zoolander

  11. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys, they're really getting me through a bad time.

  12. I kind of disappeared ever since the season started

    1. VinylWubs


      but your back

    2. GammaDove


      Yeah, it's so strange...

    3. CaptainDoubloon


      Happy Birthday!

  13. I like to draw, but I suck at it, I've only made like for okay drawings

    1. HeartFeltPuma23


      Just keep practicing, that's how you get better.

  14. Tokyo Ghoul is a good show, even if I've only watched six episodes

  15. Hello everybody, I have returned.

  16. I feel like I'm doomed to loneliness because I can't find people near me to talk to me during the period of time I really am me.

    1. Retro*Derpy


      Man, I totally relate.

    2. GammaDove


      If I could enjoy talking about myself outside off my midnight to three in the morning then I could show people my deep and honest side

  17. I'm so stressed about this one girl.

  18. I'm not sure, his passion for pop tarts is too great.
  19. I'm not sure if my crush is looking for a friend or something more.

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    2. KatieBelle


      I'm getting a sense of "fear of rejection" here. From what I can tell (sneaking out on a school trip to see each other, much?) it's highly unlikely that she DOESN'T like you.

    3. KatieBelle


      All of this coming from a female, mind you.

    4. GammaDove


      I don't know, the locking me in the bathroom part came off as a tad odd.

  20. I don't really have one specific thing that makes it worth living, it's kind of that crazy group of things that makes this stew we call life worth it.
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