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  1. vgmaster9

    What does MLP mean to you?

    To me, MLP as a whole (the show and the fandom) offers escapism like no other. How ponies are such an alternative to humans (and traditional anthro characters for that matter) with their flavored personalities, simple designs and expressiveness. There are unlimited possibilities for stories about them, from simple slice of life stories to epic adventures. Plus, the world of MLP is pretty much a blank canvas, so there are virtually limitless possibilities for worldbuilding, canon and fanon.
  2. vgmaster9

    Backing up Tumblr blogs

    The worst part about it is that this is a sign of what's yet to come. This won't be the only kind of thing to happen, cause in the coming years, other sites may follow suit. It wouldn't just take out portions of the fandom, but all fandoms. Fandom work has a right to exist, because it is a beacon of creativity and offers entertainment and escapism that no original media (whether it be novels, films, TV shows, anime, comic books, video games, etc) can provide. Plus that fan works aren't made by professional writers, filmmakers, or developers, but ordinary people who either go to school or work 9 to 5 jobs.
  3. vgmaster9

    A 3D My Little Pony Series Planned for 2030

    If you can afford it, you can use Houdini Indie for Vfx. For compositing, you can use Natron or the free version of Fusion. Instead of Zbrush, you can use Sculptris for character modeling, while using Blender for rigging and animation. For rendering, you can use Renderman.
  4. The fact that net neutrality is gone and Article 13 is on the verge of being passed doesn't help either. We are one step closer towards having a totally stripped down internet. On top of that, artistic creativity will be severely limited. I tell you, when the 2020s come along, the internet will be completely different, and in the worst possible way. This is why we need to push for a decentralized web now more than ever, so we can escape from the overregulation from governments and corporations.
  5. Yeah, but I'm sure a lot of the art you've seen on there was posted on Tumblr. Even if all MLP porn is banned there, at least it's still on Derpibooru.
  6. It's only a matter of time before people start finding and create alternatives. My prediction is that Tumblr will lose so much traffic that they won't be able to sustain themselves.
  7. This will really suck for the porn art communities, especially the clop community. I guess it's time to find alternatives.
  8. vgmaster9

    Should G5 have more male characters?

    I'd be fine with romance as long as there's good chemistry. I'd like to see G5 cover more genres besides SoL, Comedy, and Adventure like G4.
  9. What everyone else said. But hey, at least the fandom can give them new arcs themselves.
  10. vgmaster9

    Should G5 have more male characters?

    To me that's all that matters, and I'm perfectly fine with still having a female dominated cast.
  11. vgmaster9

    Changelings outside of Chrysalis

    Even then, I don't think ALL changeling hives have to be metamorphosed.
  12. vgmaster9

    Let's think about G6 for just one second

    Even then, it's been said that there's going to be a new cast. The ponies shown aren't even going to be the mane cast.
  13. G4 has mainly been a slice of life/comedy show with occasional adventure shows. G5 on the other hand, is expected to be more adventure focused, contrary to G4. If that's the case, what do you personally think a G6 would be like?
  14. Ok, so all the changelings who transformed were ruled under Chrysalis. Even, then, not all of them were instantly transformed. It begs the question, what other changeling queens or kings are out there that potentially have even bigger changelings kingdoms, and non that have been transformed like the ones under Chrysalis? It would show that not all changelings are as they are now and are still black with holes.
  15. vgmaster9

    Six New Elements?

    That'd be fine, I just don't want the Young 6 to end up replacing the Mane 6 as the Elements of Harmony bearers.