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  1. I personally think the new writers are just as much to blame, and the reason we had those writers in the first place was because the veteran writers jumped ship.
  2. Most of the veteran writers have been in all of the first five seasons.
  3. Plus the fact that most of the writers in Season 5 are no longer in the show. They could've had a bit more commitment Had she still been at the helm, the later seasons would've been a lot better. Yes, but 6 and 8 would've been better if the people I mentioned were still around.
  4. Since Josh Haber was the story editor of the two seasons (6 and 8) that were considered to be objectively the worst, do you think he's the one who was responsible for the show declining in quality lately?
  5. Mainly because the films themselves were poorly made.
  6. So FiM is finally ending after 9 seasons. However, while G5 is airing, I think it'd be nice if G4 continued as a series of movies. A couple of films coming out each year each with different storylines. One film could be a political intrigue story, another could be a whodunit type story, and another could be about dark Twilight Sparkle.