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  1. Yeah, but it would've at least gave incentive to watch the rest of the credits.
  2. I guess that finally debunks the claim that Sprout was inspired by Trump.
  3. Fantasy, science fiction, or superhero?
  4. I'm sure you can still have some focus on lore. Can also have the main characters explore new places.
  5. Since the movie was basically about bringing friendship back together, how would you like about the show being closer to G3, but still keeping the spirit of G4? The episodes would mainly be about exploring the personalities, interests, and relationships of the main characters. The only kinds of antagonists being more akin to Trixie, Flim Flam brothers, and Iron Will, and not having any real villains. It still having writing quality that would appeal to fans of the previous show. It could still have two parter episodes with more of a plot, but only with medium stakes. Would you watch the G5 sho
  6. Would at least be an excuse to have people watch the end credits just to see one more scene. What I would've liked is have one where Sprout is shown doing community service as a punishment for his actions.
  7. He wasn't really a villain, just a misguided individual who didn't know better.
  8. Since Sunny's horn and wings are more of a magical hologram than actual parts, I wonder if she can activate them whenever she wants to. Think of it as a battle form, something like She-Ra. She can use it whenever she needs to fly or use magic. I think that would be a great thing for Sunny to have.
  9. Is anyone else reminded about Disney's Raya and the Last Dragon after watching MLP: ANG? Like Raya, it has minimal worldbuilding, a quest to rebalance the world's friendship, and a non-villain antagonist.
  10. Berrow is part of the screenplay writing team, not the story writing team, which includes Robert Cullen and a few others.
  11. Apparently Imalou said that the G5 writers never watched G4, so who knows.
  12. I found this on 4chan the other day. If this is true, then this is a huge problem for G5. The fact that it's being written by people that never even watched the original show tells me that there's going to be all kinds of continuity inconsistencies.
  13. It's like Hasbro has forgotten what made the music of MLP so great. Edit: Oh btw, this song is written by Jenna Andrews.
  14. You're not wrong there. I personally don't consider 2d superior to 3d, nor do I see 3d as a replacement to 2d.
  15. I prefer 2d for organic character animation, various effects (like water, fire, dust, explosions, lightning, etc), painted backgrounds, deep canvas style texturing, and other organic animation. I prefer 3d for robots, vehicles, machinery, props, large creatures, complex environments, action shots, CGI effects, references for 2d animation, etc.
  16. I guess they wanted to go with a mixture of G4's style and the gens before it.
  17. I just had a thought. I don't believe that the 2021 film and 2022 show isn't actually a G5, but is more akin to Beast Wars. BW served as a continuation of Transformers G1, while having no connection whatsoever to G2. Like in BW, the original shown is being mentioned as a point in history. Same universe, different time period. I'm fairly convinced that the real G5 will be in a separate universe like all the other MLP gens. What about you?
  18. The webcomic Dash Academy pretty much nailed it in their portrayal.
  19. This is why I have such a beef with bully characters. They're not even real characters unless they have some sort of development. Otherwise, they add nothing to the story whatsoever.
  20. Is it just me, or do I think RD's old rivals should've had more development? They appeared in pretty much only one episode (with the exception of a flashback) and were never seen again. I really wish we learned more about the feud between them and how it could've been resolved.
  21. I bet you'd watch a movie or show that talks about how bad socialism is. I swear, people like this only get mad when something has commentary for politics that they disagree with. It's always right wing anti-SJWs that try to make this kind of point. A show isn't bad because it's "political", it's bad because it's poorly written. It doesn't matter if it's political or not. If the writing is trash, then it's worth complaining about.
  22. It's pretty much MLP's version of Transformers Rescue Bots, targeted to a younger audience than the franchise's usual demographic, but shouldn't be anything offensive.
  23. I think the only real original race that was in the show was the draconeques and changelings. Other than that, every other race was based off of real life animals and myths. To me there could've been tons of ideas for races exclusively for the show. What do you think?
  24. Well it's not drawn in Flash, but Toon Boom Harmony. It was used to animate the movie, but was used for a different animation method.
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