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  1. That can be a five parter instead. Also, a theatrical film can be released every year. Episodes like Return of Harmony, A Canterlot Wedding, The Crystal Empire, and Twilight's Kingdom can be films. What I'd do in the beginning of FiM season 2 is introduce Shining Armor and Cadence as they visit Twilight to announce their wedding.
  2. If I did a reboot, it wouldn't consist of one, but two separate shows. The first show would be just like the one we have, an episodic, slice of life oriented series meant to build the characters. The second show would be a serialized, adventure oriented series where the characters face villains. The latter show would have a self contained plot in each season.
  3. In your opinion, what do you think the setting of G5 should be? Should it be one specific type of setting? Should include other elements of different setting types? I personally think it could be mostly medieval based, with some hints of steampunk in it.
  4. If the movie was instead a trilogy of films, here's how I think it could've gone down. The first movie would be the same, until Storm King gets his magic staff. In here, he actually gives Tempest Shadow her horn, and she is thrilled of it. Twilight tries to convince Tempest not to keep serving Storm King and that there's still some good in her, but she ends up getting turned into stone. As a result, Twilight's friends end up getting captured by Storm King's forces and Canterlot is completely taken. The film would end with the new allies (Capper, Celaeno, and Skystar) forming an alliance and working to take down Storm King's forces and free the princesses and Twilight's friends. In the second film,the plot would be about the new characters, along with Starlight Glimmer, fighting against Storm King. During the film, we find out that Storm King has his own master, one who is the reason why Storm King has his kingdom (though his name is not yet revealed until the end of the film. Later in the film, Twilight's friends become freed. In the climactic battle, Storm King is defeated, Tempest Shadow becomes redeemed (on top of losing the horn Storm King gave her), and the princesses are released from their stone prison. In the epilogue, Tempest Shadow is put on trial. When Tempest is allowed to speak she says she'll accept any punishment given to her. Afterwardl, she also informs the princesses that Equestria is still under the threat of attack from Lord Kharne so they can prepare, thus postponing the Friendship Festival. Right before the film ends, we see Kharne plotting to take over Equestria himself. The third and final film would be about Equestria banding together to stopping Lord Kharne from taking over. At one point in the film, Kharne corrupts Twilight, and her friends have to fight to bring her back to normal. In the final battle, Kharne is defeated for once and for all, and Equestria is victorious. Ultimately, Tempest would also die in the third act of the film after her fight with Kharne. Before she dies, we see her whispering something to Twilight, but we don't hear it. During the Friendship Festival, Twilight talks to Grubber, who's sad that Tempest is gone. She tells him that Tempest's real name is Fizzlepop Berrytwist, which is what she told her before she died.
  5. Instead of having Pony Life, I think it would've been better if we had a one-off serial series animated with Toon Boom Harmony, just like how Rainbow Road Trip was done. The things it could have are a well rounded story mixing comedy, drama, action, adventure, and darker and more emotional themes, a cinematic musical score, and compelling villains. Overall, the series could have a slightly more mature tone, but still being appealing to all audiences. Like each season of the show (except S3), it can have 26 episodes, giving plenty of room for the story. Think that would've been good?
  6. Well fortunately this news has just come out.
  8. But even then, not enough bronies know about it. Even the videos hardly have any views.
  9. Not only did I hear that Megan McCarthy left Hasbro to work on a Netflix series, but now Emily Thompson will be in charge of MLP. Here's her LinkedIn. What do you think this will mean for G5?
  10. I think it would be great for pegasi who lost a wing or both.
  11. Let's imagine if the show was TV-Y7 or TV-G rated, and the highest the show could possibly go would be TV-PG. What kind of content do you think the show could get away with in each rating? What could we see in a PG rating as opposed to a G or Y7 rating, and vice versa?
  12. Try going back in time when Children of the Night just came out, and just imagine how people's reactions would be when you tell them that Duo Cartoonist's channel will be gone in 2020.
  13. If you search for Duo Cartoonist on Youtube, you'll notice that their channel is gone. I'm surprised that this hasn't been reported yet.
  14. Yeah I'd like every season to have a serialized structure with each one having its own self contained plot. Each season can introduce new characters and villains.
  15. Question I want to ask is, why isn't this getting more publicity? This is something on the scale of Hazbin Hotel, yet nobody's talking about it.
  16. A while back, the FTC sued Youtube $174 million for violating COPPA, then they made an agreement that creators are now liable for legal penalties regarding COPPA.
  17. Spread the word. The only real way to possibly stop this is leaving comments on the FTC page. This is beyond ridiculous.
  18. Full colored pic. As for the people saying this probably isn't G5, keep in mind that the movie and show will just be made to promote whatever toy like they represent, and this may very well be that line. Hope I'm wrong.
  19. What do you think? Do you think this will heavily affect Pony creators on Youtube?
  20. If i made a software company, i would create a suite where each program has the best features of similar software and more. What would make this suite stand out is the integration and the ability to collaborate. Each software would work very well with third party software, and each would support all the most widely used file types. This suite would exist for three reasons: 1. Existing software often have striking limitations. 2. Many of them have either weak or no compatibility. 3. Using all different software for certain tasks to get around their limitations is inconvenient and time consuming. The suite would have a scriptwriting software, a storyboarding/animatic software, a 2d animation software, a raster graphics software, a 3d graphics software, a compositing/VFX software, an NLE, a scorewriter, and a DAW. The scriptwriting software would compete with Final Draft, Fade In, Celtx, Movie Magic Screenwriter, and WriterDuet. The storyboarding software would compete with Storyboard Pro, Toonz Story Planner, TVPaint, Photoshop, and Storyboarder. The 2d animation software would compete with Animate/Flash, Toon Boom Harmony, TVPaint, Opentoonz, Moho, and the upcoming Animation Paper. For illustration, the raster graphics software would compete with Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Corel Painter, Artrage, Krita, and Sketchbook Pro. For editing, it would compete with Photoshop, GIMP, Photoline, and Affinity Photo. The 3d graphics software would compete with Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, Cinema 4d, Houdini, Modo, and Lightware 3d. The compositing software would compete with After Effects, Hitfilm, Nuke, Fusion, Flame, Natron, and Toon Boom's and Opentoonz's compositing and VFX tools. The NLE would compete with Media Composer, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Vegas Pro, Davinci Resolve, Lightworks, and Hitfilm. It would compete with Davinci Resolve for color grading. The scorewriter would compete with Sibelius, Finale, Dorico, and Musescore. The DAW would compete with Pro Tools, Nuendo, Cubase, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Reaper, Sonar, Digital Performer, Studio One, Samplitube, Reason, and Audition. Best thing about it is that the entire bundle would cost only $60, and with no subscription fee. It would be the perfect package who Pony animation creators.
  21. It's not just McCarthy, it's also the lack of other writers like Larson and Rogers. Had they not given up on the show we would've see a lot more quality episodes.
  22. Why did they even buy it in the first place? Also, why didn't Pornhub buy it? Someone said that Verizon turned them down because of CP issues that they've had, but I want to know if that's true.