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  1. Just had another idea. On top of there being the rebooted version of FiM, there could also be a separate show alongside it, being inspired by the Guardians of Harmony toy line. GoH would basically be about high stakes adventures, while FiM would be about character building. Each season in GoH would have its own contained plot and villains, similar to the show 24's serialized structure. FiM's two-parters would still be more plot driven than the regular episodes (while still developing the relationships of the characters), but nothing world changing like GoH's seasons would be. Stories like Prin
  2. Let's say after the show ends, a "by bronies, for bronies" version of FiM would be made, starting the show from scratch. What kinds of things do you think such a show should have? Me personally, while it would still keep the slice of life aspect, it could have more adventure stuff than the actual show. It could also do away with any kid's show tropes and act a bit more mature with its themes. There could be more Celestia and Luna episodes, as well as Equestria being explored more. Villains like Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis, and King Sombra could have a lot more dept, as well as more
  3. This show has done a lot during its nine year run. Still, it's had its flaws throughout its existence. What different things do you think would've made the show better? Me personally, I think the show's world has been a bit too cutesy, and that some of the stories had been a tad bit too childish. Maybe there could've been some better creature designs (the Bugbear was absolutely ridiculous), and many of the songs could've been something other than pop music.
  4. Hmm, sounds like a more accurate comparison. Same goes for GI Joe: A Real American Hero.
  5. Back when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came out back in the 90s, everyone went nuts over it. But after later Power Rangers shows came out, it became less and less popular by every passing year. Point is, it feels like that future MLP generations will have less fans than the last. Even though they'd have a dedicated (but niche) fandom, all the big creators in this fandom we know and love would more than likely have moved on to other fandoms and future fandoms won't have anywhere near as much creators. The thought of such a thing depresses me, but seems very likely, at least to me. What about yo
  6. Granted, so far I've like episodes 1-2 and 4, and thought 3 was ok (if not random). But recently I've seen Moliminous's reviews of the episodes, and I think he makes good points. All it did was make me think of the state of the show's writing quality. It's not often that people in the fandom acknowledge the flaws of the episodes and would just blindly praise it. It also makes me think that the episodes this season really are mediocre and we just don't realize it. What are your thoughts?
  7. Well I do know why McCarthy and Rogers got out. McCarthy moved to a higher position in Hasbro and Rogers went to work for Disney. Still, that could've happened just a few years later. It was just so sudden for it to happen right when the show was doing so well.
  8. It didn't have to be this way though, the next few seasons after 5 still could've had the veteran writers. Megan McCarthy, M.A. Larson, Amy Keating Rogers, Natasha Levinger. Instead they get replaced by inferior writers, which is what got the show to where it is.
  9. I personally think the new writers are just as much to blame, and the reason we had those writers in the first place was because the veteran writers jumped ship.
  10. Most of the veteran writers have been in all of the first five seasons.
  11. Plus the fact that most of the writers in Season 5 are no longer in the show. They could've had a bit more commitment Had she still been at the helm, the later seasons would've been a lot better. Yes, but 6 and 8 would've been better if the people I mentioned were still around.
  12. Since Josh Haber was the story editor of the two seasons (6 and 8) that were considered to be objectively the worst, do you think he's the one who was responsible for the show declining in quality lately?
  13. Mainly because the films themselves were poorly made.
  14. So FiM is finally ending after 9 seasons. However, while G5 is airing, I think it'd be nice if G4 continued as a series of movies. A couple of films coming out each year each with different storylines. One film could be a political intrigue story, another could be a whodunit type story, and another could be about dark Twilight Sparkle.
  15. Well one thing is certain, had the original show stuff still been around by now, the last few seasons would've been a whole lot better. The fact that they left and got replaced by less talented staff killed the rest of the show's potential. Ever since, quality episodes have been few and far in between.
  16. Why not? If each generation was in the same world with slightly different tweaks then it'd get boring. It's nice for each gen to be new and fresh.
  17. Quite nice really. 7/10
  18. vgmaster9

    General Media Which genre has the most appeal?

    Not to mention tons of fantasy and sci fi films. Not really. Horror relies and fear and shock, while thriller relies on suspense and twists-and-turns.
  19. vgmaster9

    General Media Which genre has the most appeal?

    That depends though. Not everyone's going to be into ultraviolent stuff like Rambo or The Raid.
  20. Which of these genres do you think have the most appeal and popularity by the general audience? Personally, I'm going to go with action/adventure. All of the most popular franchises fall into action/adventure, many of which are fantasy, science fiction, and superhero. Action/adventure to me has the most complex story structures, and you can put any of the other genres in them (granted, you can do the same with the other genres, but they have a more specific plot structure).
  21. I still personally like the idea of him making his own interpretation of the Mane 6. Maybe it could be a joint project with him and someone like Genndy.
  22. When I saw the leaks, it looked like the altered Mane 6 designs were being to be for specials made by Boulder Media. Since we got a second of footage for Rainbow Road Trip, it looks like that's not the case, and that the altered Mane 6 is going to indeed be for G5. How do you feel about that? Are you fine with an alternate Mane 6 for G5, or do you think it should have a brand new main cast?
  23. While G5 is airing, would be nice there being a G4.5 about the children of the Mane 6, particularly Kilala's next gen characters.
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