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  1. That depends though. Not everyone's going to be into ultraviolent stuff like Rambo or The Raid.
  2. Which of these genres do you think have the most appeal and popularity by the general audience? Personally, I'm going to go with action/adventure. All of the most popular franchises fall into action/adventure, many of which are fantasy, science fiction, and superhero. Action/adventure to me has the most complex story structures, and you can put any of the other genres in them (granted, you can do the same with the other genres, but they have a more specific plot structure).
  3. I still personally like the idea of him making his own interpretation of the Mane 6. Maybe it could be a joint project with him and someone like Genndy.
  4. When I saw the leaks, it looked like the altered Mane 6 designs were being to be for specials made by Boulder Media. Since we got a second of footage for Rainbow Road Trip, it looks like that's not the case, and that the altered Mane 6 is going to indeed be for G5. How do you feel about that? Are you fine with an alternate Mane 6 for G5, or do you think it should have a brand new main cast?
  5. While G5 is airing, would be nice there being a G4.5 about the children of the Mane 6, particularly Kilala's next gen characters.
  6. I'd be down for him turning it into a young-adult franchise, or at least making it create a Disney grade appeal..
  7. After seeing Alita: Battle Angel, I just thought of something. Wouldn't it be cool if James Cameron became G5's Lauren Faust and created the show's characters and world? The guy is well known for creating very memorable female lead characters. Just imagine what a main cast designed by him would be like, chances are that they'd be even more compelling than the G4 Mane 6. Would be also cool if he wrote the upcoming prequel film.
  8. Technically, G4 was a reboot of G1-G3, so it's not like it's going to have the exact same setting. Sure, the characters may be just l slightly different in comparison to previous gens (for example, Sunburst was actually an earth pony in G1). There's been lots of talk that G5's world will have a cosmology inspired by Norse mythology.
  9. You can thank all the veteran writers jumping ship early. If we still had them then the past few seasons would've been way better, but instead here we are.
  10. I've always wondered of what the name of the species of Captain Celaeno and her crew. A lot of people could just call them parrots, but I think I'd prefer to call them harpies. I believe there are more bird types for harpies than just parrots. What do you guys think?
  11. Here's another article post.
  12. And it just got worse.
  13. I had another thought. Remember Mighty Morphin Power Rangers back in the 90s? Back then it was extremely popular. There are still new Power Rangers shows coming out, but none of them have anywhere near the same amount of popularity as the first series. I'm hopeful that MLP won't suffer the same fate, but who knows.
  14. Way I see it, G5 will bring in new fans before they even got into MLP prior.
  15. Don't count on it. This is going to be set in a different universe after all.
  16. Yeah, but some of them look way to cartoony to be used.
  17. I've seen them, and there is no established final design yet.
  18. Honestly, I agree with everyone here. I think G5, like every other show in the franchise, should have a female dominated cast. At the time I posted this thread I was interested in the idea for having male characters that would have more use in the cast. But yeah, now I realize that having more male characters just because is not a very practical idea, especially in a franchise like MLP.
  19. This is exactly what I'm talking about.
  20. While I agree that it should spawn even more media than G4 has done, I think it would be better if it was set in its own universe and not in Equestria. Also, as much as I'd love the show to be hand drawn animated, I think it would still be fine being animated with puppets, just on Toon Boom this time instead of Flash. Everything else I agree with.
  21. I honestly wouldn't mind a G4.5 along with G5. G4.5 could be about the children of the Mane 6 (among other characters. I'd prefer Kilala's next gen characters being used) and G5 taking place in its own universe. G4.5 can still be done in Flash while G5 can be done in Toon Boom (with the prequel movie being 3d).
  22. We all know the current show created the Brony fandom. Question is, what would G5 need to do to keep fans interested in the franchise? Also, what would generations after need to do to still keep fans invested? Hopefully Hasbro has realized that the MLP franchise has finally found its identity, same for GI Joe with A Real American Hero. Granted, each show doesn't have to have the same setting and main cast, it can still be different, yet equally interesting for the audience.
  23. I'd think it'd be the stupidest thing ever. Also, it's more than likely the characters would be humans instead of ponies on Earth. Kinda like a live action version of Equestria Girls.
  24. Chances are, G5 will be in a different universe entirely and not take place in Equestria.
  25. There are various fandoms like for Star Wars, Star Trek, Rick & Morty, Overwatch, Harry Potter, Dragon Ball, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Marvel, DC, etc. Question is, why is it that Bronies are forced to have their own sections of different sites like message board threads and Youtube channels? Why can't the fandom have the same acceptance as all other big franchises?